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After Breakup, I, Trillionaire

After Breakup, I, Trillionaire



On the eve of the wedding, his girlfriend suddenly asked for an additional 300,000 yuan in betrothal gifts just to buy her brother a house. After realizing that his girlfriend is a gold digger obsessed with vanity, Yang Fan decisively chose to break up. However, he unexpectedly obtained a magical system, and overnight, he became a billionaire!
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"Agree to marry, but we need to buy two houses!"

Yang Fan could have never imagined that his fiancée would demand they buy two houses just three days before their wedding.

"Xiaowei, haven't we already discussed this? Buying a house outright has no burden, a four-bedroom, one-living-room house is enough for our family. There's no need to buy two."

In the sales department, dressed casually, sharply featured and handsome, Yang Fan patiently explained.

The money to buy this single house has already emptied their family savings.

His parents firmly chose to pay the full amount, hoping to help him and Liu Wei live comfortably after marriage.

He did not understand why Liu Wei suddenly had a change of heart.

"We must buy two houses, and they both must be registered under my name. I'm not asking your opinion, if you have any objections, we can only break up!"

Liu Wei decisively said, then sat down on the sofa, stretching her neck, showing no room for negotiation.

"Xiaowei..." Yang Fan tried to reason.

"Don't call me!" Liu Wei turned her head away, refusing to listen.

"Mom... Dad..."

Knowing his fiancee's temperament, Yang Fan had no choice but to seek help from his future in-laws.

However, Liu Wei’s parents, Father Liu and Mother Liu, were just sitting on the sofa drinking tea at this moment.

Liu Jinquan spoke nonchalantly, "Yang Fan, it's just a matter of buying another house. In the future, having two properties will only make your lives better."

Upon hearing this, Yang Fan was filled with rage.

He and Liu Wei had already arranged the wedding, and Liu Wei had received the betrothal gifts. They had agreed upon the house purchase well in advance.

Now, at this last minute, they're supposed to buy two properties? Did they assume his family came into wealth through windfall?

"Liu Wei, how about this? This year, you guys can live in the house we just purchased. After you have a baby, we'll fully finance another one. Don't worry, we have our own house in the countryside. We won't bother you guys in the future. How does that sound?"

Yang Fan's parents, Wu Caie, and Yang Juncheng were also upset by Liu Wei's sudden change of heart.

But for the sake of their son, they kept their opinions to themselves.

"No, it won't work. We need both properties. Plus, the bride price has to be increased to three hundred thousand, or else your son can remain a bachelor for life!"

Liu Wei showed no respect to Yang Fan's parents, totally disregarding the feelings they shared over the past three years.

Her words were incredibly hurtful.


As the elder, even if Yang Juncheng was livid, he could not lash out at Liu Wei. He could only step forward to negotiate with Liu Jinquan.

However, just as Yang Juncheng began to speak, Liu Wei's mother immediately retorted, "Don't! The marriage between your son and my daughter is not even confirmed. Don't make premature claims. It could tarnish Liu Wei's reputation."

Her voice was raised intentionally so that those around could hear.

The countenances of Yang Juncheng and Wu Caie hardened, turning bitter.

Their son was nearing thirty, and finally met a woman he liked. Over the past three years, the old couple had been nothing but accommodating to Liu Wei.

But now, the Liu family turned around and started treating them unfairly on purpose, creating unnecessary difficulties. It was truly outrageous!

Yang Fan knew his parents very well. If it weren't for their worry about him not being able to find a bride, they'd never let themselves be pushed around like that.

He felt sorry for his parents and blamed himself.

"Hey, Yang Fan, what's going on with your family? Isn't it just two houses and three hundred thousand yuan for a bridal price? You're not poor, so why are you dragging your feet? Can you do it or not?"

Liu Wei's younger brother, Liu Ran, was getting impatient and was cursing and ranting.

Yang Fan was on the verge of exploding with anger.

His sense of reason kept him from letting his anger take over, he turned to Liu Wei: "I want to know, why do you suddenly want to increase the bridal gifts, and insist on buying two houses?"

Liu Wei was displeased with Yang Fan's attitude; her face turned cold.

"Fine, if you want to know, I'll tell you. Xiao Ran is seeing someone, they have everything they could possibly want, and my family is very satisfied with them.

They want a bridal price of three hundred thousand yuan and a wedding house, and I don't want my parents to work too hard, so of course, as the elder sister, I intend to pay for the bridal price and the wedding house.

Here's what I have to say on this matter: two houses — our house can be a bit smaller, but my brother's house must be over one hundred and fifty square meters, and not a penny less than three hundred thousand yuan for the bridal price.

To top it off, your parents will have to pay back the loan for the house; we will not be involved. After the wedding, the house can only be occupied by us and my family. That's my bottom line; you either accept it or we call the whole thing off."

Liu Wei spoke as if what she said was only fair and the right thing to do.

Yang Fan could literally feel his anger skyrocketing, it was as if his eyes were spewing fire.

Turns out he had been mistaken all along, Liu Wei was a total brother-obsessed fanatic!

She had played her part well for three years, stabbing him in the back when he least expected it!

His entire family had been deceived by her!

"So your younger brother is getting married, and you don't want your parents to worry, so you'd have Yang Fan's parents pay for your brother's house and dowry? After buying the house, have Yang Fan's parents repay the mortgage, and they aren't even allowed to live there?

Liu Wei, can you even listen to yourself right now?"

Unable to hold it in any longer, Zhou Lei, a good friend of Yang Fan who accompanied them to see the house, blew up on the spot.

"What part of what I said is inhumane? My terms are reasonable and fair. Many sisters from my hometown get married this way. Yang Fan, you can reject my conditions, there are plenty of men who want to marry me. If you aren't in love with me, just say so, so I don't waste my time!"

Liu Wei looked at Zhou Lei with contempt, she didn't take him seriously at all.

She did not care about Yang Fan's feelings either.

Not agreeing to her terms equates to not loving her, she wasn't just being unreasonable, she was pressuring Yang Fan.

At this time, Liu Ran also scoffed, "Yang Fan, my sister happens to be the dream girl of countless men, you're reaching high even being with her, and you can't even show a bit of sincerity? Let me tell you, if you want to be with my sister, obediently have your parents pull out the money, or there's no chance for this marriage!"

Liu Ran's statement somehow made Yang Fan's family's hard-earned money seem like windfall, as if Yang Fan would suffer a massive loss if he didn't marry his sister.

Zhou Lei's veins bulged on his forehead, his fists clenched so tightly they were making cracking sounds.

Considering the romantic relationship between Liu Wei and Yang Fan, he held back his urge to physically assault, but his frustration was mounting.

Yang Jun Cheng and Wu Cai E shared a look, their faces reflecting a certain difficulty.

"Xiaofan, we have some savings, and I can borrow a bit from relatives. We should be able to afford two apartments for you."

Wu Caie still cared deeply for her son. She didn't mind suffering and toiling for herself as long as her son was well off.

"We can't. We still need that money to keep ourselves afloat."

Yang Fan disagreed.

"Brother Yang, I have 200,000 yuan. I'll transfer it to you. You can use it for the time being, and later I'll ask friends for more."

Zhou Lei pulled out his phone to make the transfer.

"Leizi, I can't take the money you use for your business."

Yang Fan stopped Zhou Lei.

"Xiaofan, if we lose the money we can always earn more, don't let pride get in your way."

"Brother Yang, I haven't chosen a project yet, so the money is just sitting there anyway. Your wedding is more important."

His parents and brother all tried to persuade Yang Fan.

However, the Liu family of three sat on the couch, some sipping tea, some playing on their phones, as if this situation was none of their concern.


The Ultimate Support System has been activated!

The system has been bound."

Suddenly, a voice popped up in Yang Fan's mind.

"Detected the host's mood, the host has two options:

Option one: Abandon Liu Wei, discipline the Liu family, reward of five million cash.

Option two: Abandon your dignity, take away all assets of your parents and brothers, meet the conditions of Liu Wei, become a faithful minion to Liu Wei, the system will automatically hide.

Please make your choice within ten seconds!"

Damn, has the great Pangu God bestowed his grace upon me?

This is the almighty system.

Yang Fan's eyes widened.

With this golden touch, why would he need to make a choice?

"Parents, older brother, this isn't about money at all, it's about principles!"

Yang Fan absolutely refused Liu Wei's conditions.

Especially after witnessing Liu Wei's disregard for their relationship, he realized that Liu Wei never loved him.

His gaze became icy cold, as if he had changed into a different person.

"Liu Wei, listen to me, I won't give you a single cent or hand over the house. You, with your heartless obsession about your younger brother, are not worthy to be my wife. From this moment on, we no longer have any connections! Return the betrothal gifts before nightfall, otherwise we'll settle it in court!"