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Super Soldier of Unparalleled Beauty

Super Soldier of Unparalleled Beauty



The strongest special forces king of China, causing enemies at home and abroad to lose courage upon hearing his name, was known as the 'Nightmare Soldier God'. However, he was ultimately expelled from the army, resentfully traveled overseas, and in order to repay the kindness of his foster mother, this invincible Soldier God returned to the city becoming a personal bodyguard of a superstar. He swept away the injustices of the floral city with unyielding fearlessness and unwavering success, all while laughing and chatting.
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On the train from the Western Regions to Zhonghai City, a young man, dressed oddly and with a rugged face, about twenty-two or three years old, leaned lightly against the window. He looked at the increasingly approaching platform through the window, a glimmer of reminiscence flashing in his profound, captivating eyes.

"Soldiers must obey orders, 'Dragon Soul Special Forces' is the most elite special forces unit in China. As the captain, you must set an example, why would you do such a thing?”

"As a soldier, if I stand by and watch the enemy insult my country without fighting back, what's the point in me being a soldier?”

"You… really... This is how it's handled from above, you're dismissed from the army forever, never to be drafted... Chen Tian... I hope you understand!”

Three years ago, a scene from the command center of the Dragon Soul Special Forces kept revolving in Chen Tian's mind. It was a shameful agony and profound helplessness.

Three years later, as a missionary in a small Vatican State, Chen Tian finally returned to his long-lost homeland - China.

Once hailed as the "war deity" of China, an entity that terrified opponents from all countries, who would cower in fear at sight of him. He was known on battlefields as the most terrifying "Nightmare". However, he was discharged from the military, even forced to rescind his citizenship, and became a missionary in the smallest country in the world. Needless to say, this is a huge irony and joke.

"If those hypocrites knew I was back, their expressions would certainly be worth seeing!" Sitting on the train returning home, Chen Tian's mouth curved in disdain, seemingly recalling those ugly and hypocritical faces.

"I haven't seen mom in a long time!" As Chen Tian thought of the surrogate mother who had adopted him, his face instantly changed and an unusual warmth was revealed in his cold eyes.

"Xia Jingxuan?"

Chen Tian withdrew his gaze from the outside of the window and looked at the pictures on his mobile phone. At the sight of a stunningly beautiful woman with a hint of stubbornness, his eyes flashed with an unusual glint.

In Zhonghai city in July, the temperature is unbearably high. Under the scorching sun, all pedestrians on the street are drenched in sweat.

Despite the extreme heat, it didn't impact the crowd at the Central Square who were silently enduring sunburn from the poisonous sun, all expectantly watching the stage of the news press conference.

The bustling crowd of men and women, their faces all filled with frenzy and excitement. Some even screamed the name of the goddess in every man's heart in Zhonghai City - Xia Jingxuan.

"Xia Jingxuan! I love you!"

"They're not even here yet, what are you yelling for? Are you sick?"

"I am sick, lovesick. Can you cure it?"

"Damn! You're nuts... Xia Jingxuan... I love you too!" His yell was much louder.

"Xia Jingxuan..."

From there, a shouting match began, gradually pushing the atmosphere at the venue to its climax.

Xia Jingxuan, a big star of the Central Sea City, virtually the goddess in the heart of every man. With her stunning looks and exquisite acting, she has become an influential figure in both the film and television industries of Central Sea City.

Today is the press conference for the commencement of Xia Jingxuan's new film, and such a public event has naturally attracted countless fans.

Apart from the passionate fans, at the closest location to the stage, a genuine leather seat has been specially set up. On it sits a young man with flowing hair, wearing a plaid short sleeve shirt and white casual pants.

Behind the young man, there are six beefy bodyguards dressed neatly.

One bodyguard is holding a huge black umbrella for the young man, another one is holding a bouquet of roses, and the third one continuously waters some wilted petals under the scorching sun with a watering can.

The young man leans lazily on the chair, with one leg over the other, toying with the keys to a Rolls-Royce on his fingers. His attitude seems very casual.

However, his contemptuous glance reveals his disdain for everyone.

"A bunch of losers!" With a smirk at the corner of his mouth, the young man mocks everyone openly.

Many people recognized the cocky young man - he's Song Yang, the eldest son of Song Entertainment. His father, Song Yuan Cheng, is the main sponsor behind Xia Jingxuan's upcoming movie "Star Soldier".

In the distance, leaning against a billboard, a 'stylishly' dressed young man smokes a poorly made roll-up. As he exhales smoke, his stubble embellishes his rugged face somewhat with melancholy. Yet, a piercing coldness can be seen in his bright eyes.

If one observes closely, they will notice that not a single bead of sweat appears on this man's face or body, despite basking in such scorching heat. If you come close enough, you might even feel a chill emanating from him.

"Three years, huh! Zhonghai has changed immensely!"

With a crookedly lit cigarette hanging from his mouth and hands casually plunged in his pockets, Chen Tian certainly drew attention. His worn-out sunglasses perched precariously on his nose, seeming like they would tumble off any moment. Coupled with his unconventional attire, his entire appearance seemed outlandish, contrasting starkly against the surroundings.

"If it weren't for my mom forcing me to be this Xia Jingxuan's bodyguard, I'd be reluctant to come back. What on earth is mom trying to do..."

Insisting that he come back without revealing the real reason, his mom's demand had left Chen Tian curious and profoundly helpless.

Perhaps, in this world, only Wang Yuqiu, or 'Mama Wang,' could manage to control this iron-blooded soldier Chen Tian so effectively. After all, Mama Wang held the softest spot in his heart.

"Xia Jingxuan... the stunning superstar, huh? Interesting..."

Immersed in his thoughts, two attractive young girls passed by him.

"Look at this guy, he dresses so oddly. Is he a missionary?"

"Hehe, quite fashionable, though."

"Well... he is quite handsome."

The two girls, dressed in mini skirts that showed off their long, fair legs, passed by Chen Tian, letting off a light fragrance. They giggled and pointed at him, their eyes sparkling with infatuated little stars, while occasionally throwing flirty glances back at him.

However, upon hearing the word 'missionary,' Chen Tian's face twitched involuntarily. Damn it! If it weren't for the disguise as a missionary, he probably wouldn't have been able to return.

Suddenly, a shadow darted out from the roadside, making a beeline for the two girls. With a swift motion, he grabbed their backpacks and began to sprint off.


"Thief... bag snatcher!"

"Hurry... catch the thief!"

The two young girls who had finally reacted were stunned. The purse snatcher was extremely quick, almost in the blink of an eye, he had slipped into the crowd and disappeared into the distance.

Before the nearby pedestrians managed to react, the bag snatcher was about to vanish. Even if they wanted to chase, it was virtually impossible.

"Help... Help us catch the thief!"

The young girls' pleas were addressed to the crowd, but sadly, no one paid them any attention. Apart from the cold bystanders, some chose to ignore the situation entirely.

Chen Tian glanced disdainfully in the direction the thief had run off, his brows furrowed. He said to himself indistinctly, "The law and order in the city haven't improved much, it's still so chaotic."

In the next moment, a short, barely perceptible sound of a gas explosion resonated through the air.