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Reborn: Eva's Revenge

Reborn: Eva's Revenge



Eva Ratliff was a renowned assassin, known for her mercilessness and exceptional skills. In order to save her younger brother, she sacrificed her life in a fiery inferno, only to be reborn as a shy, rural high school girl. Bullying classmates? Biased teachers? A condescending fiancé? A powerful corporation applying pressure? These might have been problems for the original inhabitant of her body, but they pose no threat to Eva! As she set off to teach those bullies who was really in charge, a noble and handsome man appeared out of nowhere. He protected her regardless of her actions, without complaints or regrets. "Why?" She asked. "You saved my grandfather's life. I offer mine in return. Is that strange?" He replied, grinning.
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"Who'd have thought? An assassin, once swallowed by fire, gets a second chance in the little hamlet of Addersfield, brought back to life in the body of a girl who died out of the blue from heart disease."

Upstairs in her cozy family cottage, Eva Ratliff took a good look at herself in the mirror.

The girl staring back was all of eighteen. With brown hair flowing down to her waist, delicate eyes, and pale skins, she was a real looker.

"And it looks like I ain't the only one getting a second shot at life...”

Eva shut her eyes and when she opened them again, a few lines of text popped up before her.

Objective: Nail 30 trial missions.

Reward: Bring "Morgan Ratliff" back to life.

Note: Skills from past life maintained, original host's heart disease zapped.

...Mission customization underway...

"Feels like I'm picking up a quest in some online game."

A flash of confusion crossed Eva's eyes, soon drowned out by a wave of pain and regret.

Morgan was her kid brother.

She had planned to ditch the organization with Morgan, but he drugged her halfway and went back to the organization all by himself to buy her time, against her wishes.

When she came to, she had crossed the ocean and successfully slipped out of the organization's grip.

But her brother was brutally tortured and killed by those monsters!

Eva's fists clenched so hard that her nails dug into her palms.

"If it means saving Morgan, I'll take on 30 missions or even 300. I'll do whatever it takes!"

"Eva, dinner's ready," a friendly voice called from downstairs.

Heading down the stairs, Eva found her mom Joslyn whipping up dinner and her dad Cameron pitching in.

Joslyn was a middle-aged woman whose face bore the weathered signs of years of farm work. Cameron Ratliff was a couple of years older, his skin bronzed from his work on the farm.

"Be straight with me, Eva. Are the kids at school giving you a hard time?" Cameron asked.

Since she started high school, their bubbly little girl had become more withdrawn, but she always denied that anything was wrong.

"No," Eva lied, shaking her head.

The original host had indeed been bullied at school.

But she planned to deal with those bullies herself.

Joslyn then asked, "What about Mr. Gibson? How's he treating you? Have the Gibsons mentioned when they'll throw your engagement party?"

A glint flashed in Eva's eyes.

Mr. Gibson referred to the only son of the wealthy Gibson Corp, who was also her fiance.

Given the Ratliff family's status, it was only due to the friendship between the two families' patriarchs that they were connected to the Gibsons.

The two heads, both from Caelkirk Village, were as thick as thieves, and they had promised to unite their families through marriage.

Due to certain circumstances, the engagement was put off until it fell upon Eva and the young Gibson.

However, as the Gibson family's business took off, they went from a humble village family to the high society of Bredwardine.

Going by the typical drama plotlines, they should've forgotten this marriage arrangement.

But Frederick Gibson, the patriarch, highly valued the principle of honesty in business.

Not only did he not neglect the Ratliff family, but he also regularly sent gifts to the Ratliffs in the countryside.

When he heard that Eva's grades were below par, he even generously arranged for Eva to attend the best private aristocratic school in Bredwardine - Redwater Academy.

He justified it by saying that his grandson was also at the same school, so the two could get to know each other better.

Unfortunately, the young Gibson did not inherit his grandfather's good character.

The original host had been bullied at school for three years, but this man had never lifted a finger to help.

Furthermore, with his grandfather's death earlier in the year, the engagement party was still up in the air.

"There's no rush," Cameron reassured his wife.

"City folks have high standards. Mr. Gibson might not fancy our daughter, and our daughter doesn't have to marry into the Gibson family. Everything should be based on her wishes."

"That's right," Joslyn agreed, nodding, "Eva, if you don't want to, even if the Gibson family offers us a hundred million, we won't take it!"

Eva quietly ate her meal, not uttering a word.

This kind of parental love was alien to her.

After dinner, Joslyn came to Eva's room and meticulously checked the items her daughter needed for school, fearing she might have forgotten something.

It wasn't until Eva fell asleep from exhaustion that she quietly turned off the lights and left.

However, as soon as she left, Eva's eyes snapped open. Her eyes glowed in the darkness.

"There's a whiff of blood and gunpowder in the air."

As an assassin, she was trained to be alert at all times. It was a survival instinct.

She was certain there was a gunfight on the hill behind her house, so she played possum to get rid of Joslyn.

"Addersfield ain't like other places, they're strict about guns. Except for the government, most folks who own guns are bad news."

"So what's going down on the back hill?"

"An underworld chase? A gang shootout?"

"Regardless, it could spell trouble for Joslyn and Cameron. They're too close for comfort."

A ruthless look flashed in Eva's eyes. She climbed out the window and, nimble as a night leopard, made a beeline for the back hill.

Her skills as an international assassin from her past life were still intact. Soon, she found an old man in a bush with a tree branch sticking out of his thigh.

He was biting his teeth hard, drenched in cold sweat, and trying his best not to make a sound.

The old man was decked out in a military green uniform, and the badge on his shoulder made Eva's pupils contract slightly.

She recognized the badge. It belonged to Aaron Carter, one of the founding fathers of Addersfield.

In his heyday, Mr. Carter had led three hundred soldiers to miraculously defeat an invading army of one hundred thousand on the border, defending the integrity of the country with their blood. Since then, he had become a household name.

Even Eva had a lot of respect for him.

Now here comes the question:

Who had the gall to hunt down the military commander of Addersfield within the territory of Addersfield?

"I found you, Mr. Carter."

A man with mutton-chop whiskers rounded the corner.

He had a silenced assault rifle in his hand, aiming his gun at Aaron's heart.

"I'm sorry, but as you folks say here, 'Take the money, do the dirty work.'"

Aaron was panting heavily, his hawk-like eyes fixed on the man.

His heart was filled with a sense of desolation.

To think that after a lifetime of military service, he would die in such a pathetic way.


The sound of crushed leaves abruptly rang out.

The killer and Aaron both looked to the left, where a young eighteen-year-old girl had appeared from behind a tree.

The girl was decked out in a pink nightgown printed with little white rabbits, her long hair loose, and she was very pretty.

It was just that her eyes looked a bit too calm.

"Run!" Aaron grabbed the killer's leg and told the girl to run.

Protecting the people of Addersfield was his sworn duty!

The girl must've been a villager who happened to pass by and didn't realize the danger she was in!

"Shit!" The killer kicked Aaron away and immediately aimed his gun at the girl, his finger on the trigger.

His bosses had said that the mission had to remain a secret!

Maybe the killer was too intimidating, because the girl bent her knees slightly and crouched down a bit.

Seeing this, he sneered.

She must be scared!

But the very next second.

The girl suddenly sprang up like a jack-in-the-box, dashed out, took the foreigner down with a spinning kick, snatched the gun from the foreigner's hand, and pointed it at the foreigner and pulled the trigger!


The gun went off, and the bullet hit the forehead in an instant!

Under the moonlight, the girl stood sideways, holding the rifle in one hand. Her brown hair was dancing wildly in the wind, her eyes full of murderous intent. Cold as the god of death!


Aaron stammered for the first time in his life!

This girl in a cute nightgown had just disarmed an assassin with her bare hands and even killed the assassin?

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed it was true!

"Who are you!" Aaron asked, his voice shaky.