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The Pampered Wife Is Bossy After Rebirth

The Pampered Wife Is Bossy After Rebirth



Yun Miao, a top surgeon in the industry, became a public enemy after an accidental time-travel. The original owner of this body, Shen Anran, pestered the Crown Prince before she got married. After she got married to an unwanted man, she hung herself on the wedding night... Her family had severed ties with her. Her cousin had tried to kill her. Even her disabled husband, Ye Mohan, had been thinking about how to divorce her all day! She sighed. "It's okay. Now that I've been reborn with your body, I won't repeat your tragedy!" After some hard work, she made her family dote on her like a treasure and the Crown Prince even proposed to her in person! Upon hearing the news, her disabled husband got up and pressed her against the bed. "You can only belong to me for the rest of your life!"
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I couldn't... breath...

Yun Miao opened her eyes in shock after feeling as if she was being strangled and greedily breathed in as she sat up.

"She... she didn't die? The princess is still alive!"

She heard a surprised and frightened voice beside her.

Yun Miao frowned. What princess were they talking about? She was obviously a surgeon!


She raised her head and took in her surroundings.

She noticed that she was on a wooden bed with an embroidered curtain and a group of servants dressed in traditional clothes was beside her. They were bowing their heads, and she could see a man in a wheelchair.

A chilly expression matched his ostentatious attire and an air of superiority.

What was going on?

Did she just travel back in time?!

"Since you've woken up, there's no need for us to hold a funeral," Ye Mohan stated coldly, his tone mocking. "I won't force you because you don't have feelings for me. I'll ask my father to annul our marriage so you can quit attempting suicide."

After that, he turned the wheelchair and prepared to leave.


Yun Miao's heart was full of doubts, but she realized that her voice had gone completely hoarse when she tried to speak.

She sounded like a zombie.

She was shocked by her own voice and she coughed to clear her throat.

At this moment, Ye Mohan had brought his servants to the door.

"You! Wait a second!" Yun Miao was so anxious that she wanted to get out of bed to chase after him. "What the hell is going on..."

Her body, however, was so frail that she fell forward as soon as her feet reached the earth.

Ye Mohan stopped the wheelchair when he heard the noise and looked back at her calmly. "Please take care of yourself, Miss Shen. If you kill yourself, you won't be able to see the prince anymore."

He didn't really care about her, but he just didn't want her corpse to dirty his manor.

After that, he left without looking back.

When Yun Miao fell to the ground, she felt a sharp ache in her head and was overwhelmed by the memories that were flooding through her mind.

She had really time-traveled!

Shen Anran was the original owner of her body, and the cold and arrogant guy who had just left in a wheelchair was her new husband. He was King Xuanyang, also known as Ye Mohan.

Today was their wedding night, but Shen Anran had chosen to hang herself in their bridal chambers!

With a bitter smile, she stroked her neck and realized why she couldn't breathe when she awoke.

It was really a joke.

"Shen Anran" had been weak and sick since she was a child. The doctors said that she would not live for long, so her family especially doted on her.

In the end, they spoiled her so much and gave her everything she ever wanted. She even dared to pursue her cousin's husband, the current Crown Prince!

She publicized her affection for him because she wanted to marry him. Not only that, she pursued and confessed her love to him repeatedly to an unacceptable extent.

The Crown Prince was only loyal to his wife and he didn't even spare a glance at her.

However, "Shen Anran" still didn't give up and she actually climbed into the his bed!

Without any doubts, she was thrown out.

After this incident, she had become the laughing stock of everyone in Jincern City and her family could not bear to tolerate her anymore. Her biological parents had even threatened to cut off all ties with her!

The Empress and the Prime Minister were both members of the Shen family, so both of them couldn't afford to lose their pride like this. In the end, the Empress planned to marry her to King Xuanyang, who was known to be simple-minded and mysterious.

The real Shen Anran, of course, did not like this crippled prince, so she hung herself out of anger!

After that, Yun Miao found herself in Shen Anran's body.


Yun miao fell into silence for a while after she understood the whole situation.

Not only did she inexplicably time-travel, but she was now in the body of someone so insufferable. Wasn't the fates deliberately trying to harm her?