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Can't Let You Go, Mate

Can't Let You Go, Mate



Life was easy and happy until she met her mate. There is a ritual in the Crismon red pack that Once you find your mate you have to mark and accept them willingly but Once the head alpha finds his mate, his Luna, he can't reject her. Otherwise, the rejected mate has to bear the consequences. She never thought her mate would reject her and let her live in hell. Arvan Black, the head alpha of the Crismon red pack is very dominant and a big bad wolf. Even Lycans are afraid of him. He is a true blood alpha. He expects his mate to be a powerful alpha or beta female. He never thought about a weak omega would be his mate. It crushed his ego and his respect. He thought she won't be able to satisfy his needs and protect the whole pack with him. Rose Lee, the mate of the head alpha. She knew how to struggle but never thought she had to survive her mate's rejection. She promised herself that she will never forgive the alpha who rejected her mercilessly. BUT little did they know FATE HAD ANOTHER PLAN FOR THEM!
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Rose P.O.V

"Rose, wake up. It's your university time." I heard mom shout from downstairs. I opened my eyes and checked my phone. "Uppss I'm late again," I said and started to hurry. I went to the bathroom and did my morning routine. I dressed up with a simple black hoodie and blue jeans. I went downstairs and heard, " Honey, come and have your breakfast." Mom said.

"No mom, I'm already late. I can't miss any classes, you know." I replied while hugging her and went outside when I saw that my best friend Alice was waiting for me in her car.

"Come on, let's go, we don't have time for greetings." She said when I got in the car.

I laughed and relaxed, slowly closing my eyes and taking a rest in my seat.

This was my life. My mom and my best friend were the only families I had. My dad passed away during the war of werewolves. He was a gamma, a fighter wolf. But here I was, an omega. I knew I was not so strong but I could protect myself from danger and that was enough for me.

"We are here," Alice said. I opened my eyes and got out of the car. Alice parked her car and we went for our first lecture.

Crismon high was a very famous university in our pack. Actually, our pack was very big. More than a thousand families lived here. Like other packs, we don't need to live together in one house called a pack house. We lived in our houses but when something was urgent, our family's heads went to the main pack house for official meetings. After my father's death, nobody from my family went to the meetings nor could we meet the head alpha.

"Ms. Lee and Ms. Park, you are both late again! If you come late one more day, I will cut your marks. Remember this." Mrs. Stefen snarled.

"Sorry, miss, we won't be late again," Alice said, and we headed to our seats.

When we sat in our seats, I heard some whispering, "Don't you know? Alpha Arvan is back to Crismon high."

Another girl said, "Where did he go?"

"I heard he was injured in the war last year. So he had to drop out. But he has recovered now. Imagine watching him daily, just like a dream. He is so handsome."

"Not only handsome but also dangerous. He is the head alpha, you fool." Alice replied to that girl loudly. Everyone heard her and then turned their attention back to the class.

"Alpha Arvan? You know him?" I asked Alice.

"Of course, Rossy. Everyone knows him even out of all packs everybody knows him. I saw him one time when I went to the pack house with my dad." Alice replied.

"Oh. I never met the head alpha. I saw his father when my dad was alive." Suddenly, I was feeling sad thinking about my dad.

"It's ok Rossy. Uncle is always with us in our hearts." She said and patted my back. I nodded and watched the board where Mrs. Stefen was writing something.

After the class, Alice and I went to the cafe to have our lunch when the girls were screaming and the boys were looking scared to death.

Then I saw a group of handsome boys passing by and didn't pay attention to the screaming girls.

A boy with black hair, a tattooed hand, and one eyebrow piercing got my attention. The danger was screaming from him. He was very handsome but with a devilish aura.

How could a girl scream upon seeing him when he looked so dangerous?

The group of boys was about to go to their table when that boy stopped. He was frowning and searching for something with his eyes. He looked around for some time.

Then he turned his head and looked at me and narrowed his eyes. I gasped. I was so shocked when he suddenly looked into my eyes. It looked like he could see my soul. He looked very angry. Then he turned around and went to the table with his friends.

Everyone was looking at me. Some girls were giving me disgusting looks. I was confused.

"Do you know him?" Alice asked.

"No, who is he?" I asked confusingly.

"He is the head alpha we talked about in the class, Rossy. Our head alpha." She said while ordering sandwiches for us.

"But he is too young to be a head alpha. I mean maybe he is our senior. But head alpha?? Isn't it too early for him? How old is he?" I asked while looking at him. He was talking with his friends.

"He is 24 years old. He is young but he is a Trueblood. His energy and power are much more than any other head alpha of other packs. So that's why his father decided to give him his responsibility early." Alice explained.

"Oh, a Trueblood? Very powerful then." I told her.

"Yeah, but we don't have any Luna yet."

"He didn't find his mate?" I was shocked because he was much older to find his mate.

"I know you were not here for 5 years. Rossy, you came back last year when you heard about uncle. But you know that our pack was not the same as before. We don't have our Luna yet. Yes, Alpha Arvan is powerful, but he also needs his mate to strengthen his power more." Alice said.

Alice was right. I went overseas five years ago. I planned to live there but I never thought that my dad would leave us so soon. So I came back for my mother. This one year was very hard for us. I always stayed with my mother and nothing got my attention.

But suddenly this alpha got my attention. I didn't know why.

Whatever, I should not think much about anyone. I had nothing to do with anything.

But One thing I couldn't understand, why did he look at me like that?