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His Ugly Mate

His Ugly Mate



When I was ten years old, he torched my home and transformed me into the most hideous she-wolf the kingdom had ever seen. After ten years, he chose me to be his mate; however, he never stopped embarrassing me throughout the day and night on account of the way I looked! After his father gave him the throne, he evicted me from his house and severed our mating bond. He came back to reclaim me as his mate after I'd found someone I loved and undergone an excessive amount of cosmetic surgery in an effort to transform my appearance from hideous to attractive. Someone disliked me when I was ugly, and someone liked me because I was ugly, but both were possessive and self-centered. And there I was, Rosy Franco, the Beta's daughter, caught in the crossfire of this icy conflict between the two Alphas. TWO KINGDOMS, one war, and The prize was me!
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Alpha Kane

"Hey, all of you, make your way over here... Let's start fires all over the place." While playing with my friends using arrows and fire, I couldn't help but laugh. It was the best game we had ever played.

Indeed, each of us was fifteen at the time. However, we were considered to be part of the royal family of the blue moon pack, and I was considered to be the next in line for the Alpha position after my father.

My best friend yelled at me, "No, don't wait, Kane!" as he tried to stop me from doing something.

But dammit! I just released the arrow, and it just dropped in the Beta's house at this very moment with the signal, "run guys, run, or they will catch us." I informed them, and without delay, I got up and started to run.

One of my closest friends approached me with a concerned question: "Kane, what if the Beta wasn't there, and he couldn't have time or any help to stop the fire?!!"

But I didn't give much thought to whether or not I should return because there was no way to turn back.

And it is imperative that no one else find out about what happened, or else my father will kill me.

Even when it came to other members of the royal family and me, he was very strict.

"Do not talk about today's incident ever again; forget about it completely... Is that clear? Or else my father will put us behind bars...." I commanded while also elaborating on the implications for them.

And yes, all five of us, the five closest friends, completely forgot about that. It was a secret between us.

After ten years had passed, all that we were aware of concerning the fire incident was the fact that Beta had permanently lost that house because it was destroyed in the fire and that his daughter had been Injured. That was something that everyone was aware of.

I didn't inquire because I didn't want to know what took place, and I didn't ask.

I am now twenty-four years old, and in a few months, I will be twenty-five, at which point I will be the ruler of the blue moon pack.

My father hauled me aside in the middle of our sparring session and said in an authoritative tone, "Now, follow my every command, Kane. It is imperative that we speak."

Immediately after that, I said, "Wait for me, guys...," and we continued. After I waved to my friends, all they did was laugh and nod in response.

My father strolled into his office and beckoned for me to follow him inside, telling me to "lock the door behind you and come here."

It sounded so strange as if he had discovered that I had done something wrong and was letting me know about it.

I was able to finally get it out. "Yes, your highness, may I ask what it is? Has something not quite right taken place?"

He frowned and raised his brows "yes! In order for me to give you the throne, you must be mated."

My eyes widened, but I couldn't contain my excitement as I immediately agreed, "okay, when will I pick my mate, then?"

He crisscrossed his arms over his chest and said, "you should pay for the mistakes you've made in the past, so..." He lingered in his words as they floated through the air.

After that, he abruptly cut off his previous words, "I have chosen a mate for you. Don't fret about it, okay? All that is required of you is to become her mate."

"But shouldn't I go see her and introduce myself before we talk? And what about the mistake I made in the past? I don't understand!" I made a comment about being curious.

"That's all there is to it! It's not too late to get ready for tonight's mating party; just go." I was almost speechless when he made a motion toward me and then walked away.