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Royal Rogue

Royal Rogue



[Book 2 in the Royal Series] Arianna's and Cameron's love never stops growing. Word gets out that the pair are the Royal Wolves and they take on the duty which comes with being so. They have a short period of peace before it is interrupted. They knew that there was still darkness out in the world, waiting to catch up to them. It was always in the back of their minds, never leaving. What comes will only be a test. Will they be prepared for when they meet the Royal Rogue?
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[Cameron's POV]

I watch my beautiful mate as she sleeps. Her head was against my chest and my arms were around her waist. Arianna is absolutely stunning and my wolf purrs in agreement. We had completed the mating process about a month ago. It was certainly a night to remember.

Currently we were at a pack in America, The Blue Moon Pack. We had officially announced that we were the Royal Wolves around six months ago. Of course there were many who didn't believe us, but most did. We have been travelling ever since to different packs. We check to see if all the pack members are treated well and as they should be. There should be no omegas as they were banned many decades ago. We sort out any issues and give aid to any pack in need.

Today, we will be checking The Blue Moon Pack. We had only arrived late last night and we were immediately given a room. As of right now, it was seven in the morning. I patiently wait for Arianna to wake because we always wake up at the same time, due to the dreams we share. After a minute or so, her beautiful chocolate eyes flutter open and stare up into mine.

I smile down at her. "Morning princess."

She groggily returns my smile, looking absolutely adorable. She could be drenched in mud for all I care. I knew for a fact that I would still think she's beautiful. Her smiles are worth anything. "Morning." She mumbles into my bare chest. I rub circles into her hip with my thumb and say, "we have to get up now."

She groans. "What time is it?" She asks, using one of her hands to rub her eyes, showing some of her stomach. My eyes immediately go to the exposed area, but I tear my gaze away, knowing it was not the time to let my hormones run loose.

I clear my throat. "Seven." I sheepishly say. I knew how much she hated getting up early. I wouldn't consider seven early, but according to my precious mate, 'seven starts with s and so does sleep. Therefore, at seven you should be asleep.' She uses that for six o'clock as well. Arianna groans and snuggles closer into my chest, grumbling about how early it is. My wolf purrs in content, but as much I wanted to stay like this forever, we had to get up.

"Come on, princess. We have things to do." I say. I loved calling her princess because in a way, she was my princess. Technically she was a queen, but I preferred to call her princess. I feel her smile against my chest.

I love when he calls me princess. I hear her think.

You are my princess. I say through the mate bond.


I feel her breath on my chest as she sighs. She lifts her head up and looks at me. "I have to get up, don't I?" She asks. I smile and nod. Arianna reluctantly sits up and I shamelessly stare at her. I stare at the Mark she had gotten from me on her lower back. It was similar to normal werewolves marks, the only difference is that hers were more bolder and the swirls formed a crown. I had the same mark but it was near my neck. When she catches me looking, she gives me a blank look. I just grin in response. "If I have to get up, so do you." She says, giving me a pointed look. I sit up besides her and wrap my arms around her waist, resting my head on her shoulder. "After we've finished getting ready, we can go eat some breakfast." I say. I also knew about her love for food. My princess's face lights up and she rushes into the joined bathroom. I chuckle as I stare at the door my mate just went through.

How did I get so lucky?

[Arianna' POV]

I take a shower, washing my hair with the provided shampoo and conditioner. I then wash my body with a strawberry body wash. I could tell this stuff was expensive. The Blue Moon Pack had bought it for us, which I thought was sweet. I get out of the shower, grabbing the also provided pink fluffy towel. I wipe myself dry and then proceed to wrap it around me, securing it at the top so it doesn't fall. I open the bathroom door to find Cameron sitting on an already made bed. His head snaps up to look at me and his eyes start glowing a bright amber, showing lust and letting me know that his wolf was out.

"Now now now, Cameron. Why don't you go get ready? We don't want to be late, now do we?" I say teasingly. I knew I was just egging him on. I walk past him to get clothes from my suitcase and he growls. I turn around to face him, but gasp when I see him right behind me.

Oh boy.

He pushes me back into the wall, caging me with his arms, and slams his lips onto mine. Doing all this gently. I respond immediately, my wolf coming out a bit. We kiss for a few seconds longer before I pull away, causing him to growl. I ignore the growl and rest my forehead against his, breathing heavily. Cameron closes his eyes, taking a deep breath. When he opens them again, they were back to his beautiful hazel ones.

"You have no idea what you do to me." He says, his voice deeper than usual. I give him a small smile and final peck before pulling away. I take a step away from him, but stop when his hand takes a hold of my wrist. I raise an eyebrow and say, "Cameron, you need to go have a shower. We can't be late. We have a duty as the Royal Wolves." He groans, raising my hand until it's at his lips. He gives my knuckles a kiss, saying, "just five more minutes." I roll my eyes. "You are not a child, Cameron." I say, giving him a pointed look. He sighs dramatically, letting go of my hand. "Anything for you, princess." He says with a grin. I shake my head with a chuckle as I watch his retreating form, staring at the mark I gave him.

What would I do without you?

Cameron answers my thoughts. I do not want to find out.


Cameron and I make our way to the Pack House. We had been staying in one of the guest houses. The layout of The Blue Moon Pack's land is one of my favourites. It was similar to our Pack back home. Gabriel's, Cameron's fathers Pack. The Pack lived in a forest. The Pack House was gigantic, housing the Alpha, Beta and Gamma, along with their families. There were a couple other families living there as well. The rest lived in houses surrounding the Pack House, similar to the house we were in. The Alpha had briefly explained all this last night. As we walk past houses, many people peek through their windows or if they were outside, they would stop what they were doing and stare at us. They would never meet our eyes though, out of respect.

In no time, we arrive at the Pack House and Cameron knocks on the door. Shortly after, Alpha Jones opens the door. He smiles as he sees us and opens the door further, bowing his head slightly in respect. His wolf knows when in the presence of a Royal. That's how word got out.

"Good morning your highness's." He says politely, stepping aside so we can enter.

I offer him a smile. "Good morning. Please call me Arianna." I say. I hated it when people called me your highness or my queen. The only one who could call me something like that is Cameron as he calls me princess. Cameron on the other hand, didn't mind being called all this.

Alpha Jones nods. "Of course, your hi- I mean Arianna." He says, correcting himself. I smile and Cameron clears his throat, sticking his hand out. "Cameron is fine." He says as Alpha Jones shakes his hand. Alpha Jones nods and takes a step back. Cameron wraps an arm around my waist and I smile up at him.

"I'll show you around."


The whole day was spent walking around the Pack land. We got to meet so many people today. Cameron and I approve of how the Pack is run and so we will be leaving tomorrow. Right now, we were walking back to the guesthouse we were currently staying at.

"You tired?" Cameron asks from besides me, looking at me worriedly.

I grin. "Nah, I'm fine."

"Are you sure? I can carry you if you want." He says, raising an eyebrow.

I laugh and roll my eyes. "You know I am absolutely fine. The only reason you want to carry me is so that you can hold me." I say, looking at him pointedly.

He smirks. "So what if I want to hold you? Can't I hold my mate?" He says and before I can respond, he picks me up bridal style. I wasn't surprised, he's done this type of things many times before. I blink and I give Cameron a blank look. "What?" He asks, trying to hold back his grin. I just shake my head. I burry my face into his neck and breath in his scent.

Might as well enjoy it.

Cameron chuckles, hearing my thoughts. We make it to the guest house in no time and Cameron opens the door, closing it behind him. We walk down the hall and I gasp, my eyes looking at a vase that looked so much alike to one that held horrible memories.


We enter and I find out that it's a bedroom. I turn to face Melvin, wanting to know what we were doing there. He's locking the door with a key which he puts in his back pocket once he's done locking it. He faces me and gives me a sadistic smile. And that's when I start panicking.

I'm in a room.

That's locked.

With a man that I was sure is evil.

He starts walking towards me, his evil grin still intact. I step backwards until I hit the bed.


I frantically look around me trying to look for a weapon. I find a vase. The only problem is that it's on the other side of the room. Melvin is only one feet away and he lunges. We are both on the bed, with him on top and me struggling underneath. He pins my arms over my head with one hand and the other was trying to get the zipper undone of my jeans. I do the only thing I can think of. I bring my knee up and thrust it into his 'man parts'. He groans and rolls off of me. I quickly jump up and get the vase. I turn around and see the he is still hunched over. I bring the vase on top of his head and throw it with all my might. He instantly falls limp. I sigh a huge sigh of relief. I quickly get the keys from his pocket and open the lock. It had taken me so many tries due to how shaky my hands were. My whole body was shaking. I throw the door open and I run to the entrance which I had seen before. I jerk the door open and I am hit with the night air.

Flashback Over

I gasp, getting out of my trance. I was still in Cameron's arms. The only difference was that I was sweating, I was sitting on his lap, we were in the room, sitting on the bed and Cameron was holding me tighter. He growls and stuffs his head into my neck, inhaling my scent to calm him down. You never told me he did that.

I take a deep breath, wrapping my arms around his neck and he continues talking to me through the bond. Why didn't you tell me?

Because I knew you would be mad.

Mad is not the word I would use, princess.

I hate it when you're either angry or upset.

He growls. I'm going to find him and kill him.

I sigh. This is exactly why I didn't tell you.

I do-

He's interrupted by a phone ringing. My phone to be exact. I try to get out of Cameron's arms, but he only held on tighter. "Cameron, let me go." I say, pushing his arms. He ignores me and snuggles more into my neck. "Mate mine." He growls. I groan in frustration. "Please, Cameron. It could be important." I plead. Cameron looks at me and I give him my best puppy dog face. He stares at me for a few seconds before sighing in defeat. I grin as I watch him retrieve my phone. "Thank you." I say and smile at him, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

It was Anastasia who was calling. Goddess, I missed my twin. I answer the call. "Hello?"

"Hey Arianna. How is the Royal duty going?" She asks. Obviously my twin was not going to call me anything like your highness or queen. Only when she's teasing.

I sigh. "The same." I answer and it was. Over these months, my life has become a routine. Cameron stuffs his face back into my neck and I absentmindedly run my fingers through his soft hair.

"Well, when do you think you can come home?" She asks.

I think about it. "Hmm, not sure. Why?"

"I'm pregnant." She blurts out.

My eyes widen and Cameron lifts his head up and looks at me in surprise, no doubt listening to the conversation. "You're what?" I ask.

"I am pregnant." She says more slowly.

"When did this happen?" I ask.

"I found out a couple days ago." Anastasia admits.

"So what does Isaac think about all this?" I ask, referring to her mate.

"He was ecstatic when I told him." She says with enthusiasm.

I nod, even though she can't see me. "That's good. We'll leave tomorrow." I decide. I then look at Cameron and he nods his head, agreeing with me. I smile in thanks.

"Okay. I'll see you soon. Bye." Anastasia says.