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Guess Why I Spoiled Her A Lot

Guess Why I Spoiled Her A Lot



"My dear sister, I have taken everything from you, your husband, your wealth..." "Now I want, your life..." After saying that, the woman pulled off Amelie's oxygen mask. "NO!!!" Amelie screamed and suddenly opened her eyes, only to find that she was lying beneath a handsome man. "No? You have to be mine tonight." The huge impact down there caused Amelie severe pain, but when she saw her husband John Reynolds who was torturing her now, she was completely stunned. What happened, weren't they divorced? Wasn't she in a car accident and about to die? Why? Was she dreaming? No, it was not a dream! The pain was too real! So she was reborn?
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The clack of footsteps in the empty corridor was followed by a squeak as the door of a ward was opened. A pair of red high heels was revealed.

The visitor walked through the door and looked at the woman on the bed, her entire body covered in gauze. "How miserable you are!" She tutted. The visiting woman did nothing to hide the glee in her eyes.

Amelie Berry lay motionless in bed and could only look at the woman, who was her best friend, Iris Porter. When the accident happened, they had been talking on the phone. The next second, she was hit by a huge truck when she turned around. Amelie grunted in distress.

"You're trying to talk!" Iris looked into Amelie's eyes and suddenly burst out laughing. She leaned over and whispered in Amelie's ear, "Who would ever have thought you'd end up like this, Amelie?"

Amelie looked incredulously at her once best friend. Iris' eyes used to shine so brightly when she smiled at her, but those same eyes were filled with resentment and hatred as she glared at Amelie. Amelie wanted to speak out, but her vocal cords had been severely damaged, and she couldn't make a sound.

Amelie clenched her fists, her eyes full of confusion and agitation.

Why? Why was Iris saying such things to her?

Iris' heart was filled with joy as she watched Amelie struggle. "Do you really think I treat you as such a great friend? You're a real fool, Amelie."

When Iris saw that Amelie was trying to get up, she reached out to press a hand hard into Amelie's wound. Amelie's whole body trembled in pain, and soon there was blood spreading on her face. "The only reason I got close to you was because of Oscar. You don't know, do you? I got together with him a long time ago."


Amelie's eyes widened.

"Your car crash wasn't an accident either!" Iris poked Amelie's bandaged face. "Oscar and I were nearby at the same moment you were knocked into the air by the truck. Bang! You don't even know how exciting it was when I saw you being hit."

No, it was impossible! Amelie didn't believe a word Iris said.

She glared at Iris in fury. She wanted to push Iris away, but Iris's face remained smiling smugly.

"Do you really think that Oscar loves you? You were just a pitiful child adopted by the Berry family. The Berry family only wanted you as good karma on behalf of Oscar. Do you really think you could have married him? Stop dreaming.

"I thought you would just die after getting hit, but who would have thought you'd be so tough?" Iris said with a ferocious look. "But it doesn't matter. You will go to hell soon."

What was she going to do?

"Actually, Amelie, you can still be a little useful. Look at this." Iris took out a piece of A4 paper from her bag and waved it in front of Amelie's face.

Amelie was unimaginably hurt when she read the words there. It was a document for the donation of a uterus. On the bottom was Oscar's own signature.

Amelie's eyes widened further, and she tried her best to shove Iris away. Iris staggered a few steps back, and a murderous look appeared in her eyes. She grabbed Amelie's neck and said, "Amelie, you should be glad that you still have some value. Once your womb is mine and I have Oscar's baby, I will be sure to visit your grave to thank you."

What a bitch. What a demonic bitch.

Amelie struggled violently as her eyes took on a hint of hatred.

She wouldn't give Iris her uterus. She definitely wouldn't!

"Struggle all you want. Once I inject you with this, you will be brain-dead. Then, you won't be in so much pain anymore."

"By the way, there's something else I want to tell you before you die. The child I miscarried two years ago was one I had with Oscar. Hahaha! You have no idea how overjoyed I was when you waited on me hand and foot for a whole month."

"Enough!" Amelie screamed in her head.

"That's not all I'm here to say. If it weren't for you, Amelie, I would have gotten with Oscar a long time ago. It was all because of you that I lost my child. It's your fault that I can't be a mother anymore. Now, you'll pay for it with your life!"

Iris held up the syringe she had prepared in advance and stabbed it into Amelie's neck, her face a mask of viciousness.

A beeping noise filled the air.


"We're in trouble. The patient's heart rate is irregular, and her blood pressure is dropping."

"Where is this place?" Amelie wondered.

She felt like she was floating in the air. She saw a group of doctors and nurses bustling in an operating room. She had a bad feeling as she drifted. When she saw that the face of the woman on the operating table was exactly the same as hers, she couldn't help but cry out in surprise.

"No, don't! Don't take away my uterus!"

Amelie rushed desperately to the chief surgeon but simply passed right through his body.

She looked at herself in disbelief; her face becoming paler and paler.

Was she dead? But then who was the person on the bed?

She touched her face with trembling hands and looked at the pale-faced woman on the operating table. She couldn't help but gulp.

It was a face that looked exactly like hers, but it was not hers. Because she had been paralysed in the car accident, and her face had been badly mutilated. And Iris had even injected her with something that made her brain-dead.

Amelie just couldn't figure out what was going on. Right then, she felt a strong force pulling her to the side. A white light flashed in her mind, and then she lost consciousness.

Two days later.

"Ah!" The woman lying on the bed suddenly opened her eyes. In an instant, a flow of memories that did not belong to her flooded in. Amelie frowned and reached up to hold her head.

When she looked to her right out of the corner of her eye, a sharp gaze swept over her. Amelie could only feel a cold chill passing through her, as if there was a sharp blade tracing across her back. She turned her head and was met with a pair of sharp and fathomless eyes.

Amelie was stunned. There was no expression in those dark eyes, only indifference.

"Jasmine, you're really something!"

The man got up and walked over, grabbing Amelie's chin.

She looked at the man in a daze. He had a greatly displeased expression on his face but was so handsome that even the woman standing beside him was eclipsed. The man's thin lips were pressed together, and his cold eyes were full of disdain and ridicule for her.

Amelie's heart was trembling in her chest as she sensed that this man was dangerous. The cold sensation that ran from the soles of her feet to the top of her head made it impossible for her to ignore the feeling of danger.

Several fragments of memory suddenly flashed through Amelie's mind. Her eyes suddenly widened, and she looked at the man in disbelief.

"John Reynolds?"

Amelie's hoarse voice made the man frown, and he seemed to be a little impatient. His grip on her tightened slightly as he said, "What kind of trick are you playing for this time, huh?"


Amelie's mind was still blank. She didn't know how to react.

"Jumping off a building last time, and jumping into a lake this time. Since you're so eager to die, why not just die altogether, hmm?" The disdainful gaze of John met with Amelie's trembling heart, and it seemed like he was already tired of her tricks.

Amelie didn't know what to say.

She obviously didn't know John Reynolds, so why was she here? And why would John call her... Jasmine?

And why did she feel such pain in her heart?

Amelie's eyes were misty as she looked at John in confusion. When John sensed her looking, he squinted in disgust and casually shook her off.

Amelie tilted her head and saw that there was a mirror on the bedside table. She took it and looked at her face. At that moment, her eyes widened, and she stared incredulously at the person in the reflection.

It was her own face. Hers. What was John Reynolds going on about?

"Jasmine, what the hell are you doing?"

When John saw that Amelie was actually ignoring him, he immediately ripped the mirror away from her and picked her up from the bed. "Since you're not dead, then let's get you out of the hospital immediately."

Amelie's face turned pale. She grabbed John's arm with her right hand as she trembled. She looked at John expectantly and asked, "John, who am I?"