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My Hero, Back With Sweet Love

My Hero, Back With Sweet Love



Nickolas Richard was supposed to be one of the most successful businessmen. However, since he was drugged by his rival five years ago, he was sent to prison as a criminal. During those days, he was asked to join a mysterious army and his whole life was changed. He became the God of War and all his enemies were scared of him! Five years later when he went back, his fiancee was now engaged with another man, who looked down upon Nickolas. Nickolas didn't care cause he got the more important thing to do, which was revenge!
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In Esrimond, Brihorwen.

Next to a private plane with a special symbol, a tall man stared in the direction of the city with an intense gaze. 

"Sir! Regarding the matter you assigned me before, I have already found clues. If all goes well, there will be an outcome tonight." A glamorous woman dressed in military uniform suddenly appeared behind the young man and respectfully saluted.

The beautiful lady was Keira Butler, the young man's subordinate. 

Upon hearing that, he was a little shocked and turned his head.

Keira was wearing several layers of clothes, but the curves of her sexy figure were hard to conceal. Her whole body was exuding temptation.

However, the man only glanced at her briefly. "Okay."

After five years, he was back!

Now, it was time to avenge all the pain he went through and repay the debts he owed.

His name was Nickolas Richard. Five years ago, he had been a famous young entrepreneur in Esrimond. But the day before his company would become publicly listed, he was framed by his business partner, Amelie Briggs. Then he was put in prison for r*pe.

At that time, he had been in a state of confusion and could not defend himself. By the time he regained consciousness, he had already been found guilty.

However, just a month after he had been imprisoned, a strange person suddenly appeared and brought him into a mysterious army.

From that moment on, his five-year military career had begun!

Over the past five years, he had attained numerous impressive achievements in war, causing all the enemies to fear him. Therefore, he was known as the God of War, quite valuable for the country.

Because of this, he couldn't leave his post for five years. If it weren't for the unrest that had happened last month, he wouldn't have had the chance to return to Esrimond.

Now that he was back, he would not return empty-handed!

"Sir? What are you going to do next?" Kiera asked respectfully as she looked at Nickolas. Even though he hadn't said a word, she could feel this man's powerful aura.

Nickolas snapped out of his trance. There was finally a slight change in his determined expression. "Don't call me sir when we're outside! My name is Zeus!"

"Yes, Zeus!" Kiera responded immediately.

"I'm going to see the Richard family," Nickolas said in a low voice, and a person appeared in his mind.

Before he took revenge, he had something more important to do.


Outside a dilapidated residential area, Nickolas stood there with a solemn gaze for a long time.

He was an orphan. He had been adopted by the Richard family when he was a child. His adoptive father, Luke Richard, treated him like his own child.

Luke had said more than once that he would let Nickolas marry his biological daughter, Araceli, when he grew up.

He still remembered Araceli's face clearly. She had a small oval face, big eyes, and a mole on her collarbone.

If he had not been framed and thrown into prison then, they probably would have gotten married by now.

Thinking of this, Nickolas could not help but smile bitterly.

But now, everything had changed.

Many people were no longer the past ones.

Nickolas shook his head. He got rid of the distracting thoughts and walked into the residential area.

He hadn't returned home for five years, but he still clearly remembered the road home.

When he arrived at the door, a warm smile appeared on his face, which was seldom seen in the past five years. He then knocked gently on the door.

"Who is it?"

After a while, the door opened. A middle-aged woman stood in front of Nickolas with a bright smile.

But the smile on her face froze the moment she saw Nickolas.

"Are... Are you Nickolas?"

A look of disbelief appeared on the woman's face.

"Mom!" Nickolas choked out.

"Humph! I cannot afford to be known as a r*pist's mother," the middle-aged woman said, snorting coldly.

Ever since Nickolas had gone to prison, the Richard family had received a lot of criticism.

They had not been able to rid their shame for many years.

"Lena, who is it? Don't just stand at the door, invite him in."

While they were talking, a gray-haired man with a tobacco pipe walked over.

When he saw Nickolas, he trembled in shock.

"Dad, don't smoke so much," Nickolas said. Looking at Luke's haggard appearance, he felt guilty.

"Nickolas?" Luke couldn't believe it. He pinched his leg hard. When he felt real pain, he teared up immediately. "Nickolas! You're finally back. Where were you all these years?"

At that time, the entire Esrimond firmly believed that Nickolas was a r*pist. Only Luke refused to believe it.

No one knew a son better than his father. Luke had watched Nickolas grow up. He trusted his son.

However, while he was trying to reverse Nickolas's case, he had stopped hearing from Nickolas in prison.

He couldn't find Nickolas anywhere...

"Dad, it's a long story," Nickolas said.

Luke's eyes turned red. He said emotionally, "It's okay. We have plenty of time! As long as you're back!"

"Why are you blocking the door? Hurry up and let Nickolas in!" he continued.

Luke pushed Lena aside and pulled Nickolas into the house.

"Don't you know what day it is? You old man, how can you let this r*p..." Lena quickly paused and corrected herself, "Nickolas, now that you have been released from prison, you have free time. Why don't you come back tomorrow?"

For a moment, Nickolas's leg froze in mid-air.

"What are you talking about?" Luke scolded Lena as he pulled Nickolas inside. "Nickolas, come in."

Lena looked unhappy, but after a moment of hesitance, she made way. When Nickolas entered the home, he found that there were a lot of people inside.

Most of them were familiar faces.

In addition, there was also a handsome, rich young man who was chatting with the relatives of the Richard family.

"Sean, we entrust Araceli to you," an aunt said.

"Araceli is spoiled. If she behaves stubbornly in the future, you have to be patient with her," another said.

"If she tries to give you attitude, you can tell us. We will help you to teach her a lesson!" 

Several aunts were talking enthusiastically.

"Auntie, I'm not that mischievous!" the woman standing next to the young man retorted cheekily. She had an amazing figure and wore her hair in a ponytail.

"That's right, Araceli is very sensible. I also promise that I will treat Araceli like a princess in the future. I won't let her suffer even a little!" 

The young man said that with a gentlemanly smile on his face, but his eyes revealed his annoyance at these aunts.

"Haha, we worry too much. Araceli is marrying into a rich family, she will live a blessed life!" the youngest aunt said, her eyes full of envy.

At that moment, Luke pulled Nickolas over.

When Araceli saw that there was another person behind Luke, she asked curiously, "Dad, who's here?"

When she saw the person's appearance clearly, her smiling eyes immediately turned cold.

She couldn't help but want to hide.

"Araceli, long time no see," Nickolas said with a faint smile.

Araceli suppressed the panic in her heart. She was not overjoyed by the reunion at all. Instead, she questioned him, "When did you get released?"

Her change in demeanor made the atmosphere in the room turn cold.

Nickolas's smile froze.

It was human nature to be heartless. After five years, everything had changed. He should have expected this.

"This is Nickolas, isn't it? You're back?"

When the aunts saw the situation, they felt awkward.

When Nickolas first established Sunlightning Inc. and became a famous young entrepreneur in Esrimond, these aunts were extremely respectful to him.

But now, these people only spoke such a sentence to him and then just kept silent.

The youngest aunt began to reprimand him without restraint. "Nickolas, how dare you come back? You've humiliated the Richard family! Did you come back to give us more trouble?"

Another person said, "That's right. You must have known that Araceli and Sean are about to get married, that's why you came back to butt in."

After hearing this, Lena became even more strained. "Nickolas, Luke was just joking back then when he said you could marry Araceli. I hope you don't take it seriously. I beg you, please forgive the Richard family, okay? I hope you won't be mad at me for saying this..."

"Enough!" Just as Lena was about to say something more, Luke suddenly roared. "Nickolas is finally back. What are you trying to do? Let me tell you, I, Luke Richard, am a man of my word..."

At that moment, Araceli quickly stood up and said, "Dad!"

She knew her father's bad temper. Based on his personality, he would definitely ask her to marry Nickolas.

Although Araceli had wanted to marry Nickolas back then, the situation was different now. She could never marry a r*pist!

"Nickolas, let's talk." Araceli looked at Nickolas and walked to the balcony.

Nickolas followed behind calmly.

Even if he deliberately tried to hide his military background, once he was in motion, one would still be able to find that he was different from ordinary people. His stride was light and strong, and the distance between each step he took was uniform and precise.

However, no one except Sean Johnston noticed Nickolas' distinction. But he did not overthink it. He just glared at the backs of the two people with a vicious look in his eyes.