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Reborn: That General Craves For Me

Reborn: That General Craves For Me



Mu Yunxi was a medical genius of the twenty-three century, but she became the ancient Princess Qin because of an accident. The original owner of this body was a brutal princess who was not loved by her husband. She was mocked and bullied by others... As a top medical genius, it seemed that it was God's blessing that she brought the newly developed six-dimensional medical kit with her when she traveled through time! It stored all kinds of modern scientific research materials and medicines! Love or not didn't matter! She only wanted to become the miracle doctor of this world! But, why did her husband Dong Fangqi, also the incredible King Qin, who had always looked down on her, come to her suddenly and ask her to forgive him? Want to win her heart back? Hmm... Since he was so bad to her before, let's upgrade the difficulty!
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Mu Yunxi opened her eyes.

Vapors rose around her as she soaked in the hot spring, leaning against the wall. Her posture was quite alluring.


Someone slapped her hard on the cheek. "Weren't you so eager to consummate our marriage, Mu Yunxi? I'll fulfill your wish right now!" Behind her came a cold, haughty growl.

Consummate marriage?

Before Mu Yunxi could understand what was going on, a sharp pain lanced through her body.

She tried turning around to resist out of instinct.

However, she was grabbed by the neck with a strong hand. "Don't you dare look at me. I don't want to see how filthy you are!" The man hissed.

His black hair was dripping with water, eyes full of arrogance and hate. "There, I've fulfilled your wish. From now on, you better think twice before messing with me!"

As he spoke, the man mercilessly pushed her out of the hot spring.

Mu Yunxi was shocked. She remembered being chased and jumping into the sea to escape. did she survive? And now she had just been-

Then, a memory that did not belong to her surfaced.

It reminded her that she was in Beichu. She was queen consort to the current Qin Emperor Dong Fangqi, having fallen in love with him when she was young. She had plotted against him during the Lantern Festival banquet at the imperial palace, making rumors that he had 'tainted' her.

After much strife, she had now become his queen consort.

Unfortunately, after spending so much effort to marry him, he never once cared about her.

They had been married for half a year and still hadn't consummated it.

Yesterday, at the Empress Dowager's court, her cousin had knocked her down deliberately, revealing her chastity belt. She ended up being the joke of every concubine present.

The Empress Dowager then ordered an imperial edict to request consummation of the marriage, to get a great-great grandchild one day.

After Prince Fangqi was forced to accept the imperial edict and then secretly drugged, he hated her even more. Unwilling to give up, Mu Yunxi had broken his private hot springs bath.

She had wanted to seduce Dong Fangqi, but he ended up drowning her in the water!

Mu Yunxi looked at her reflection in the water. It was her exact face!

Then she saw Dong Fangqi get out of the pool, dressed in a purple robe.

He kicked away Mu Yunxi's dress and turned to walk out.

Then came the command to his servants. "Don't treat her as a queen consort in the future. Lock her up in Purple Moon Court."

Mu Yunxi pounded her head which was still dizzy with lack of oxygen. She lost her balance and fell into the hot spring pool.

Then came the faint but panicked voices of her maids. "The queen consort has fallen..."

When Mu Yunxi woke up again, she found herself lying in bed in an old-fashioned room, a fading wedding portrait still on the wall.

Aunt Lou came inside when she heard her wake.

"My Lady, if you really want to die, just jump into the deep lake in the backyard of the Emperor's mansion. The hot spring won't drown people..."

Mu Yunxi slowly turned her head. The woman in the palace attire in front of her must have thought that she had fallen into the water on purpose.

"Where am I...?"

"My Lady, did you knock your head when you fell? Don't you remember your own court?" Aunt Lou snorted and walked out with a disgusted look.

Mu Yunxi got up and walked to a nearby table with difficulty. She washed her face with the bowl of water sitting there before falling back in a chair. Only then did she completely sober up.

She was a medicine genius in the twenty-third century, having two masters in the National Academy of Sciences and was a core member of the ninth scientific research team. When her research results were obtained, she was coveted by international evil forces who had assassins sent her way. In the end, the research base was destroyed and all the members of her team were killed. In order to protect the research, she had swallowed their newly developed biological chip and jumped into the deep sea with an AI-powered medkit...