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Seducing The Alpha

Seducing The Alpha



Taken from home, Elena is forced to live among werewolves in exchange for her father’s debt. She starts a new life in a different world, unaware of the mysteries around her. As she gradually grasps the truth, she learns that the only way to escape is to seduce the Alpha and make him fall in love with her. Little did she know he was her mate.
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"Please give me time."

Alpha Jaxon could feel his anger rising as he looked at the old man begging before him. He wasn't a fan of mercy and he would certainly not tolerate an agreement that was left unfulfilled. No matter what happens, the act of begging for something unjust and unforgivable just gave him plain disrespect.

"Time?" he growled, disgusted. The old man in front of him flinched back in horror. "I'm not known to be patient, Mr. Jones. I will not tolerate this failure in your part."

"I promise I will fix this. If you can just give me a few days—"

"Don't promise something you can't keep," Alpha Jaxon bit back. This human had the audacity to ask for more time when it had been years since he hadn't paid him back. Despite his anger, he tried to remain calm and serious. Deep down, he knew he was about to lose his anger. He wanted to rip this old man into pieces. Rip his head off and get this over and done with.

The huge amount of money the human owed him was somewhere lost and forgotten. His time was over and he wasn't even halfway into paying his full debt. Alpha Jaxon honestly didn't care anymore, he was making that lot of money almost every month. But he had rules that must be followed. Everyone knew he could be a generous Alpha who lends good money to those who needed it. The rule was simple — return the money in time. In this case, giving more time would be inexcusable and unforgivable.

He would never go back on his words.

"Please," the old man continued to beg, almost bursting to tears.

Weak, he thought, and his wolf growled in anger. This was the kind of behavior he didn't and would never tolerate. He wasted his time to come here and watch this old man begging on his knees. He didn't want to see anymore of this nonsense.

He wasn't the kind of Alpha to be merciful. Everyone knew that. The old man should've known better. Old men like him disgusted the Alpha as much as salt disgusted worms. The human knew what he's getting himself into and he deserves what he gets. Everyone called the Alpha an evil beast behind his back and he agreed. He didn't get this far because he was kind or honorable. No, his pack chose him because he was ruthless and unbeatable.

In the real world, the strongest always wins.

"How would you like to die, Mr. Jones?" Alpha Jaxon asked, getting to the point. He stood tall, looking down at the old man with his hands clenched.

He looked up at the Alpha, shivering in fear. "I would like to die peacefully, Alpha Jaxon, in my sleeping bed when I'm older."

"You are older," he said, stating the obvious.

"I don't have much, but I will pay you more than I owe."

Alpha Jaxon almost laughed. This man must be insane. The Alpha didn't have time for senseless words and empty promises. Old men died quickly and forget their earthly promises. In this case, he was pretty sure the old man would die before he could even pay his debt. Soon, the debt would pass on to his children.

Alpha Jaxon honestly shouldn't even be wasting his time here, waiting for the old man to pay for all of it. The money didn't matter anymore and he had lost his patience. Still, there was one thing left to do. He nod to his Beta who was standing by his side and was always there to obey his orders and kept track of my doings. Once he saw the Alpha's nod, the Beta quickly understood what it meant with nothing else but an eye contact. He proceeded to grab the old man by his shirt, throwing him on the floor before the Alpha.

He was just about to get rid of him when something else suddenly caught his attention. He frowned in confusion, sniffing the air. A different scent flooded his nostrils. It's unique and sweet, attracting his inner wolf. He hadn't smelled anything like it his whole life.

Instinctively, he turned his head and followed the trail of the scent with his own eyes. At the top of the staircase, he could see a pretty girl standing. Her sky blue eyes caught his and she froze on her steps. Her long brown hair cascaded down her shoulders in curls. She's wearing a blue dress, which drew out her frame, and her little feet were stuck in doll shoes.

His wolf growled inside him, begging to come out. A certain word was spoken in his head in certainty and he could feel himself getting ready to pounce.