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Your Kiss Is My Antidote

Your Kiss Is My Antidote



After losing all her family in a conspiracy, Su Mengmeng is saved by a strange man while she is running for her life. The man named Su Ronghan, he's the most powerful and rich hot man. From then on, he became Su Mengmeng's step-brother. And Su Mengmeng has a crush on him. He gives his best to Su Mengmeng, and he protects her, takes care of her, and spoils her, but in fact he also hides a secret that he has feelings for Su Mengmeng. On that night, Su Mengmeng slept with Su Ronghan to save him, but she decided to hide it. Meanwhile, Su Ronghan has been looking for the woman he slept with. Will he find out that the woman is actually his stepsister?
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A gunshot broke the silence inside and outside the room. The 12-year-old Su Mengmeng opened her eyes wide in horror and did not know what to do.

"Mengmeng, be good and hide in the closet. No matter what happens, don't make a sound, understand?" Mrs. Su said in a panic. She pulled open the wardrobe and stuffed Su Mengmeng in.

"Mom..." Su Mengmeng tugged at Mrs. Su's sleeve and pleaded, "I'm afraid. Don't leave me behind!"

"Good girl. It's okay" With tears in her eyes, Mrs. Su pulled her hand down. The moment the door of the wardrobe was closed, Su Mengmeng heard a loud gunshot again, followed by her mother's painful cry.

Her heart skipped a beat. Ignoring her mother's warning, she pushed the door open with her little hand. The creaking sound of the door being opened made the tall man with a gun look at her.

She couldn't see the man's appearance clearly. She only felt that his aura was very scary.

However, she saw her mother lying beside the man's feet. Her head was shot and blood was flowing all over the ground. She was already out of breath.

"Mom..." Tears welled up in Su Mengmeng's eyes.

"Mengmeng... Go!" Grandpa's voice brought her back to reality.

She looked up. Before she could see her grandfather clearly, she heard another gunshot. Her grandfather was shot in the head and died. Before he died, he was still grabbing the leg of the man with a gun, trying to buy her time to escape.


In the face of the death of her two relatives, Su Mengmeng, who was only 12 years old, only had grief and painful tears all over the sky. She stumbled out of the closet, wanting to get close to her mother and grandfather.

But before she could take two steps, the hot spearhead, which had not yet dissipated, was aimed at her forehead.

"Little girl." The man with a gun curled his lips into a cruel smile, "You're courting death!"

Before he could pull the trigger, his gun was kicked out of his hand.

"Who?" The man looked up in surprise.

A cold barrel was aimed at his temple.

"No one told you..." The cold voice was noble and ruthless, "Don't point a gun at a kid?"

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a gunshot, and the man fell to the ground.

Su Mengmeng's eyes were full of tears. Looking at the tall man who saved her, she was stunned. At that time, she did not know that this man would be her support for the rest of her life.


In the blink of an eye, Su Mengmeng had been taken back to the Royal Garden Bay by Su Ronghan for eight years.

It was only later that she found out that the person who saved her was the Seventh Master of Jiang City, Su Ronghan.

He set up his own international group at the age of 18, and developed the group after that. Now he was already a top god.

In addition to his own strength, his family was even stronger.

It was said that the financial resources of Su Ronghan's family were comparable to that of Europe.

However, everyone only knew about them. After all, this was an ancient family. No one dared to investigate their specific information unless they wanted to die.

Even though Su Mengmeng, who had been favored by Su Ronghan for eight years, had never asked about his family affairs.

Over the years, she only needed to train herself from all sides, hoping to find the person who killed her mother and grandfather and avenge them one day!

After so many years of self-restraint, Su Mengmeng had developed the habit of getting up early. On this day, she got up on time and heard the alarm of the Royal Garden Bay.

Something happened to Su Ronghan!

She had no time to deal with herself and rushed out.

"Miss!" Su Ronghan's family doctor, Dr. Zhao, looked worried when he saw her, "Something wrong. Master Seven is ill!"

There was a rare disease on Su Ronghan's body that would cause him to have a splitting headache and lose his mind. He had yet to find a cure for this disease, so he could only relieve it with the effects of the drug.

"Go get the medicine!" Su Mengmeng ordered.

Dr. Zhao said worriedly, "Master Seven has been taking medicine for many years and has developed immunity in his body. Now these medicines are useless to him."

Su Mengmeng said, "What should we do? You're a doctor. Give us a solution!"

Dr. Zhao stammered, "There's one... way, but... I don't know..."

At this critical moment, Su Mengmeng couldn't stand him being so blunt, "If you have a way, just say it!"

"Last time when Master Seven was sick, he accidentally kissed you and then returned to normal." Dr. Zhao quickly told his guess, "I think, for Master Seven, you may be his medicine."

Su Mengmeng was stunned.

That unexpected kiss...

She forced herself not to think about it.

But if that was really useful to Su Ronghan, she would give it a try even if there was only a small possibility!

"I got it." She said as she headed straight for Su Ronghan's room.

When she pushed open the door, it was already a mess inside.

The man stood in the room and almost blended into the darkness. But his mighty aura was still very clear.

She took a deep breath, stepped forward, and closed the door.

The sound of the door being locked made the man look up at her.

The man had lost his mind and could not recognize the person in front of him. He only felt that someone had invaded his territory. He rushed over with killing intent, which was extremely aggressive.

He raised his hand to grab Su Mengmeng's slender neck and pressed her against the wall.

"Master... Master Seven, it's me." Su Mengmeng found it hard to breathe and was very nervous.

Her hands were trembling and her palms were cold. The moment he raised his hand to touch the back of Su Ronghan's hand, his hand paused and his strength surprisingly weakened by more than half.

Su Mengmeng took a deep breath. When she looked up at him again, she had the courage to rush up to hold his neck and kiss his thin lips.

Her sweet lips, soft body, and unique body fragrance made Su Ronghan feel intoxicated. He couldn't help but wrap his arms around her slender waist and pull her to bed.

At the moment when her clothes were all taken off, Su Mengmeng was a little scared.

It wasn't that she was afraid of Su Ronghan, but rather, she was afraid of something that she had never experienced before.

However, when she thought of the other party was Su Ronghan, she felt at ease.

The warm kiss fell on her body, like rain, as if it wanted to melt her into the sea.

Her thoughts rose and fell, but it didn't stop until he grabbed her hand and connected them with his unique dominance. That hot feeling made Su Mengmeng fall in love with him completely...