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Revenge of the Empress

Revenge of the Empress



Su Zhi hates Mo Jinghan, the princess. Although he was handsome and gentle, she doesn't like him. Since she was forced to marry Mo Jinghan, she refused to sleep with him. However, Mo Jinghan made her pregnant while she was poisoned. But Su Zhi didn't know that sleeping with Mo Jinghan is the only way to save her life. Mo did this to save her. As revenge, she caused Mo Jinghan's entire family to be exterminated, including their son, who was hacked into pieces at the age of seven. Until now, she knew that her evil sister plotted all this. She shouldn't have blamed Mo Jinghan, the only man who loved her with all his heart and soul. Now, God gave Su Zhi another chance to revive. She felt powerful energy invade her body. Alright, it's time to take revenge and get her love back.
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"Mom, it hurts. Save me..."

"Ha-ha! Su Zhi, you feel pain when you see your son dying in front of you, don't you? He's not willing to let go of the quilt you gave him before he dies. He loves you so much! But you don't even want to hug him."

"Oh! By the way, why do you hate him so much? Is it because you were forced to give birth to him after being drugged and sleeping with Mo Jinghan?"

"But do you know I was the one who drugged you that night? Mo Jinghan slept with you because he wanted to save you. But you've hated him and Xiaobei for seven years because of this!"

"Now that he's dead. He died in front of you. Are you sad? Are you grieved?"

"By the way! Sister, I haven't congratulated you yet. Everyone in Jing’s whole family was killed because of you. Blood is flowing all over the ground. Even the dogs passing by don't dare to approach there! Congratulations on your revenge. You can rest in peace!"

No! No!

There was blood all over the ground. Xiaobei's incomplete small body fell to the ground. He held the blood-stained quilt tightly in his arms. He could never open her bright eyes again.


Su Zhi felt as if her heart was about to split open. Endless pain mixed with regret overwhelmed her.

Xiaobei was the child she gave birth to after the long pregnance.

However, she had never hugged him because of the misunderstanding. She didn't even hug him before he died.

No! She couldn't die!

She hadn't killed her enemy yet. She hadn't killed that b*tch Su Yu! She couldn't die!

Su Zhi used up the last bit of strength in her body and tried her best to open her eyes.

What she saw was a desolate desert.

In front of her, a transparent, golden, and soft light was looking at her gently. "Master, you're finally awake. I'm Yao Bao. I finally see you again."

Yao Bao?

Su Zhi stared at the light in a daze. There was a dull pain in her chest.

When she had dreams at midnight, she always heard someone calling her name in her ear.

But every time she woke up from her dream, she would feel lost because she couldn't remember the voice calling her.

"Master, there's not much time left. You must remember what I'm going to say."

"You were originally a female emperor, Su Zhi, but because your soul force was too strong, your physical body couldn't bear it and you died of a violent death. In order to successfully reincarnate, you had to give up your soul to reincarnate. But because of this, your mind was damaged, so you were deceived by a traitor and lost your judgement since."

"This time, Yao Bao used up all its strength and finally helped you find your lost soul. Next, you will be able to return your soul to its original position."

"However, I will never see you again. Master, you must be good..."

After the light figure finished speaking, it slowly approached Su Zhi and kissed her on the face. Then, it emitted a powerful light and wrapped Su Zhi tightly.

Su Zhi felt a powerful force invade her body. She closed her eyes in pain and howled in pain.

After an unknown period of time, she slowly opened her eyes.

His eyes were cold and cold, with the arrogance of looking down on all living things!

When she thought of it, she remembered everything!

She used to be the legendary great doctor a thousand years ago.

Because she hated Fu Yan's ignorance, she took her disciple into the imperial palace to practice immortality medicine. In a fit of anger, she rushed into the imperial palace, beheaded the emperor, and directly became the female emperor.

But she didn't expect that she would die on the first day after she ascended the throne.

The events that followed were no different from what Yao Bao said.

After she was reincarnated, she became Su Zhi. Because she had lost her soul, she was mentally disabled. She was blinded by the treacherous man and regarded Mo Jinghan, who loved her deeply, as her enemy. She did not care about her own flesh and blood.

In the end, she even caused the entire Jing’s Mansion to be exterminated. Xiaobei, who was only seven years old, was hacked into pieces and fell in front of her...

Thinking of Xiaobei covered in blood, Su Zhi felt a sharp pain in her chest and spat out a mouthful of blood.

"My Lady!"

"My Lady!"

A panic-stricken cry came to her ears. Everything went black in front of Su Zhi's eyes, and she fell into darkness again.

After an unknown period of time, she could vaguely hear whispers in her ears.

"Bah! She deserves it! She was so cruel to her own flesh and blood. Now she almost died of illness. It's her retribution!"

Yes. When she married into the prince, she had never been kind to him. Later, when the prince disappeared on the battlefield, she wanted to divorce him immediately. But because she was pregnant with Xiaobei, Li Li did not agree. So she vented her anger on Xiaobei!

"After the birth of Xiaobei, she sent her to Li Li without even looking at him. After that, she turned a deaf ear to him. How could there be such a cruel mother in the world?"

Su Zhi lay on the bed, her eyelashes trembling slightly.