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Angel or Demon

Angel or Demon



  The Heaven Realm was in a chaotic battle. She who was originally Hierarch had been knocked out of her mind and woke up in an old tree. She had already become a Tree Demoness. Transforming her body into another form, she advanced step by step with great difficulty, vowing to return to her peak state and to make those who had injured her pay the price. But: Why did he transform into a small treeman with thin arms and thin legs? Weren't other people supposed to be alluring and captivating! Why did she still have to practice martial arts like a mortal?! Why does it always have to be a lousy kid from time to time. Why did this little brat get more and more handsome as he grew up! Why was he two years younger than her?!
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The sky was clear and blue. A thin cloud floated on top of it. It was as transparent as a light muslin that coiled around the heavens' sturdy waist. The villagers under the feet of the Gengshan were hunting as usual.

Suddenly, there was a clap of thunder in the sky and the sky quickly turned dark. The birds in the mountain were frightened, the mountain beasts quickly fled, and the villagers also gave up on hunting, rushing back to their homes.

Thunder rumbled as the wind howled. At the foot of the mountain, the gate of the village was tightly shut. From time to time, there would be flashes of thunder in the sky, burning many osmanthus trees.

Just as everyone was waiting for the rain to fall, a white light exploded in the sky and expanded rapidly. Accompanied by a dizzying, ear—piercing sound, the entire Gengshan was illuminated by the white light. The villagers at the foot of the mountain were also in a deep slumber for two days and did not see what happened afterwards.

At the same time, an ancient tree in the south of Gengshan suddenly shook, followed by a fierce struggle of leaves. After a few breaths, it calmed down.

In a moment, the branches of the Jade Flower Tree were filled with pure white flowers, and the fragrance was exceptionally rich. The fragrance wafted for ten miles, and caused countless colorful butterflies to fly around the branches.

It was unknown how much time had passed before Luo Jin woke up from the pain. She shook her head slowly as the light in his eyes gradually became clear. In front of his eyes was a dark brown ball, "Where is this?"

"As he tried to move his body, pain surged through him like mountains and seas. The slight movement had already exhausted all of Luo Jin's strength. Bai Chi? A Li? "A Yuan," Luo Jin called out softly. Only the faint sound of the wind and the sound of the birds answered her.

After resting for a while, Luo Jin released what remained of her consciousness and finally understood the situation she was in. So it turns out that she's living in a tree. This old tree is compatible with her aura, and it's almost about to cultivate its own demon spirit.

It's a pity that the tree's body has been taken, making it impossible for the demon spirits to survive. Otherwise, if another thousand or eight hundred years passed, this agate tree would definitely be able to cultivate to a Tree Spirit.

"I never thought that I, Luo Jin, would have had such a day. If those kids saw it, wouldn't they laugh at me?" Luo Jin curled her lips, and helplessly mocked herself.

Right now, she could only stay within the agate tree. If her remnant soul left her protection, it would instantly turn into ashes.

Whatever, I thought I was definitely going to die this time, yet somehow, I escaped with my life. However, that person was very ruthless. Back then, after receiving that palm strike, I had no reason to survive. What exactly happened? Was it really a coincidence?

Luo Jin was suspicious. She vaguely remembered that when that palm attack came at her, a white light had rushed towards her, and then she felt an intense pain all over her body. When she woke up, she had somehow become an old agate tree Essence.

That's right, with Luo Jin's current condition, she should be an agate tree essence, and the type that was extremely weak. "I can't believe that a dignified Hierarch like myself would have to live in a agate tree's house." "Sigh …" She let out a long sigh. Since it was better to be safe than sorry, it would be better to train until the essence came out of her body, which was better than this tree.

"This is the soul of the Hierarch, the body of a tree. What does this count as, are you really some sort of spirit?" Luo Jin moved her finger a little, trying to ridicule herself.

He did not know how Bai Chi and the rest were doing, but he hoped that that person would not make things difficult for them, not at all. If he survived today, he would fight in the future! Just you wait! Wait for me, Luo Jin, to come back! "

With much difficulty to suppress the anger in his mind, Luo Jin closed his eyes and absorbed the spirit force contained in the agate tree. No matter what, it was a spirit tree that was about to give birth to a demon spirit. The spirit energy in the body of the old agate tree was no different from jade nectar to the current Luo Jin.