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Double The Pleasure

Double The Pleasure



"I have chosen not to go through with it" I told the twins. Surprisingly they didn't seem upset at the fact that I decided against pursuing a relationship with them. "My dear sweet Ava, we might've given you the option before to deliberate about being in a relationship with us but unfortunately that option was never up to you to decide and certainly not after we've discern your nature's tantalizing taste" Braden boldly spoke shocking me to my core as he closed in on me. I didn't fail to notice how Aiden was now closely behind me as well. "B-but this isn't right and I have the right to decide what's best for me" I told the two dominant men that sandwiched me. Aiden had now circled his arms around my waist, kissing my neck deviously from behind, the sensuous feeling filling the pit of my stomach. Raising my head to look me in the eye, Braden spoke. "Nothing is wrong with appeasing one's need Ava, Aiden and I will be the ones satisfying your needs in every way possible from now on. That means your not allowed to be touched by anyone apart from us" He possessively spoke and I could see the dangerous look in his eyes.
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I scampered for the newspaper immediately taking it apart and searching for the classified section as I desperately needed a job.

After doing a few rounds of interviews I was turned down for false allegations saying I was not good enough for the job but of course it had nothing to do with the fact that I wasn't qualified as they have all stated but it was due to the fact that I was black.

I was of dark melanin, a five foot three, curly dark brown hair flowing down my back with a little weight on body and light brown eye but I was detested for this even though I was a graduate of the university of Michigan where I studied business administration and management and did my internship as well.

If anyone would've told me it was going to be this hard to get a job after graduating college then I would've told them it's a lie.

"Ava, someone's at the door for you" My Mom ushered for me.

I was so engrossed in circling a few job opportunities in the paper I thought would fit my career description, I forgot Mom had told me someone's at the door. It was only until I heard Pete's voice that I remembered her words before.

"You had me waiting like a damn fool at the door thinking you'd come, couldn't you at least relayed the message to your Mom that you were too busy and unable to attend to your guests?" My best friend Pete responded agitated with my behavior.

"Sorry love but I'm just frustrated without a job" I voiced my frustration putting the paper aside, I'd send out my application in a few minutes.

Sitting closely beside me on the bed, he gave me a tight hug to the side before letting me rest my head on his shoulder.

"Do you know what can help?" He asked.

"What?" I questioned him confused, the only thing that could help me was a job which I was currently out of.

"A drink, some music and a one night stand to ease some of your stress away" He smirked.

"That's easy for you to say, how will going out help pay off my student loans and land me a good job?" I grumbled.

"It's simple, sugar daddy" He broke down the words as if I was a baby.

"That's not funny!" I slapped him on the shoulder.

"You expect me to get pregnant so I can pay off my loans? I'd rather go to jail for not paying off my loans. A baby is not on the agenda here, I didn't struggle to go to university just so I could live off of others" I told him folding my hands together.

"I said sugar daddy not baby daddy. There's a difference between the two" He stated.

"There shall be no baby making in my house, this is a god-fearing house and I will have none of it" My Mom sternly said pointing her finger at the both of us as she walked away once again.

"Well you could always become a surrogate and once you have the baby you could give that child away and you'll have no responsibilities. It's not like your breaking your virginity plus it comes with real dollars" Pete added.


His shortly neatly cut brown hair pushed to the side with his skin pale as snow, and his light blue eyes mischievous as ever, overall he was a good looker but unfortunately he was taken.

I had always have a little crush on my only friend Pete Beckett. We had both met in our first year at Michigan and became the bestest of friends, his girlfriend Livia and I didn't see I to I much though.

Even though the two had stuck around for more than four years together she was always the possessive type thinking everyone was out to get her beloved Pete and she clearly did not like the close relationship between us.

While I on the other hand never even had a kiss in my entire life much less a boyfriend, I always went by my mother's rules and by her way of living.

She had a distaste for anything that had to do with the devil's work and I couldn't agree more hence the reason why I went against my best friend. I would go to church every Sunday.

"Ava, it's for one night only. You need to free up a little. You don't have to get drunk or sleep with anyone, it's just to have a little fun. You'll be with me and Livia for the entire night" His words were a little convincing.

I shouldn't even be thinking about it, it was so wrong but I needed to free up myself just a little. I hadn't done anything in my entire life that I'd consider fun and I was twenty two.

"I'll think about it" I whispered to him, if my mother ever heard of this, she'd probably throw me out of the house.

"Great! But just in case, Livia brought you a dress to wear" He responded to me and I was taken back by it.

Livia buying me a dress? The girl hated my guts, something was definitely wrong.

Taking a look at it the dress was way too revealing for my liking. It was a red laced dress just above my thighs and an off the shoulder dress with practically my boobs out.

"No! You can't expect me to wear this. It's way too revealing my God" I gasped.

"Well what do you expect to wear? A church dress Ava, remember it's a club not church" He rolled his eyes at me.

I wondered if I was going to regret this in the morning. I've always denied there request and heard of how they had a great time the next day.

"Now, don't you disappoint" He said before kissing me on the cheek and leaving.

"But I haven't decided whether or not...." I slumped down on the bed realizing he was already gone, glaring at the dress that was across from me on the bed.

Later that night..................

"You'll be fine Ava" Pete whispered to me. Her girlfriend Livia stood next to him in a short black dress. She didn't even bother to say hi to me. Somehow I just knew Pete was the one who talked her into it.

She only gave you this dress because she didn't want you making her look bad. You guys aren't even friends!

I had made up my mind it will only be for one night. We made our way to the club after I had sneaked out of my bedroom window ten in the night when my Mom would normally fall asleep.

Luckily I was used to walking in heels to go to church or these six inch stilettos would've already embarrassed me and by the looks of it this was a very high prestige club.

These people going inside the club looked extremely rich, it must of cost Pete and Livia a fortune, this could've probably pay off my entire student loan.

"This must of cost you a fortune" I said.

"Actually Livia has a friend who knows a friend that has decided to let us in for free" He explained.

My phone began to ring and I was bustling to take out of my purse when I suddenly bumped into someone.

"Oh, sorry" I apologized bending down to pick up my phone off the ground that was now smashed in pieces and placing it back inside my purse without bothering to look who was calling.

I stood up only to find a very handsome man standing before me. He looked like a football player with thick muscle underneath his well fitted suit, he was around six feet seven tall from my estimation.

Were these the type of men that came to this club?

Seeing Pete and Livia walk away without even looking back I quickly ran up to catch the two.

The bouncer let us in without hesitation looking me up and down too seductively for my taste making me pull my dress down as I entered what seemed to be a lavishly dense club.

They headed straight for the bar ordering drinks. I declined having any but Livia wasn't having any of it and urged me to take a drink of a cup of liquor she had ordered, not wanting to be a party pooper I decided to take a few sips which unfortunately lead to a few cups.

"Come on Ava, lighten up" She took me to the dance floor as my body subconsciously began to sway to the music.

This feeling was new to me. I felt as though I had not a care in the world. I was so caught up in having fun and dancing the night away that I didn't even take notice of what was happening around me until I felt two hands snaked around my waist.

The cologne intoxicating me as I felt his body sway with my body and seconds later, his head was at the side of my neck.

"Come away with me" He whispered seductively in my ear, fanning his hot breath against my neck, the sudden feeling stirring pleasures I've never felt before.

Intoxicated by everything that's going on I laughed at his words continuing to grind against him as the music blared.

Turning around I was met with the same handsomely gorgeous man I had ran into before entering the club. I could only see as his eyes sparkled brightly at me and somehow his lips looked like cherries I wanted to taste so badly.

I laced my arm around his neck before pulling him to meet my lips, tasting him in every way possible, I was then hoisted up onto his waist by his strong arms and before you know it I was already leaving the club with a stranger who was about to turn my life inside out.