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All-Powerful Lady is the War Goddess

All-Powerful Lady is the War Goddess



After serving in the army for eight arduous years, Donna Steinbeck emerged as an indomitable god warrior. However, upon returning home, her heart was torn asunder upon discovering her mother's lifeless body. The devastation intensified as she learned of her missing younger brother and was entrusted with his well-being. From that moment on, Donna's life purpose crystallized with unwavering clarity. Her ultimate objectives were to locate her brother, exact revenge for her mother's untimely demise, and ensure that those responsible for inflicting harm upon her family faced the consequences they deserved! Little did she know, a shocking revelation awaited her, threatening to unravel everything she thought she knew...
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Chapter 1 She Arrived Too Late

The chilling wind whistled, accompanied by a drizzle.

A young girl dressed in a black coat was staring coldly at the shabby house in front of her. On the ground lay a decaying female corpse, with not a ripple of emotion crossing her brows and eyes.

Beside her stood a man in military uniform, tall and straight. His shoulder epaulet prominently displayed two dragon-shaped gold stars.

A Major General!

Being able to call the shots in the Moinea's military regions, wherever he went, he would inevitably become the center of attention.

Yet, at this instant, he willingly held an umbrella over the girl!

The house was in ruins. A letter was crumpled in the girl's palman, her beautiful face was as grave as water, colder than the biting wind.

She was too late!

"Donna, Mom failed to protect you, it's Mom's fault."

"By the time you read this letter, Mom is probably no longer in this world. My life has been ruined. I don't regret my death, but I hope you can take care of your brother...."

"I was the one who forced you to join the army eight years ago, putting you through tough times. Donna, don't blame me. If I hadn't sent you into the military as a pawn, you would have probably faced even more danger in the Steinbeck family. I'm sorry, Donna. All I want is for you to survive."

"I was destined to be a sacrificial lamb to the family's political marriages in my life, but mom has no regrets. I am proud to have a daughter like you. It's just a pity that I can't see you one last time, Donna... Mom really misses you."

"Last words from Marina."

The girl held the suicide note tightly, her eyes colder than before. She had left the empire for eight years, held resentment for eight years, only to return to find Marina's corpse and this final message!

The General who stood beside her, holding an umbrella, observed the expression on the girl's face and reflexively straightened his body even more.

The girl standing before him had a highly-esteemed military record in the Moinea. At a slight age of 17, shouldered five stars, becoming the only female General of the Moinea—Donna!

All of her honor, reputation, and status were piled up over the enormous number of enemy corpses, time after time.

No matter who the invaders were, even if only Donna herself was guarding the border, she could deter the enemy's elite from daring to make a move—surrendering without a fight.

Moreover, she once personally led the Skywolf Army straight into the enemy's capital for a surprise beheading attack. It only took half a day, marking the shortest time globally in a nation-annihilating battle, becoming the most formidable campaign ever recorded in military textbooks!

This girl could build a nation with a single action, pacifying all quarters with a single word!

“The head of the Steinbeck family had warned that no one is allowed to approach that madwoman here. Who are you daring to intrude? Get lost! Are you prepared to face the consequences of disrespecting the Steinbeck family?"

The ruffianly question came from behind them. Donna turned around and gazed at the broom-wielding man, who was belligerent and seemed eager to chase away tramps.

Lifting the ends of her brows, Donna's face was expressionless. "Madwoman?"

The man leaned on the broomstick and smirked triumphantly, “That’s right. The old master has made it clear that even if the house collapses, no one is allowed to help. Hm? You are ignoring his warning, it seems you do not appreciate the importance of Steinbeck family?!"

The General looked at the two of them, cold and piercing disdain flashed in his eyes. Let alone in the military, even head of states wouldn't dare to speak to General Steinbeck like this!

"A mere Steinbeck family is worthy enough to be considered by you?"

Donna just glanced at him indifferently. Those bright eyes carried a frigid murderous intention, a testament of her years spent on the battlefield. Her intimidating aura and pressure dared were irresistible.

“Take care of it.”

“Yes, General Steinbeck!”

Donna cast down her eyes a little, flicked the raindrop off the cuff, and unceremoniously sat down in the parked military all-terrain vehicle nearby.

As she closed the car door, it isolated the desperate wailing and the sound of bones being cracked outside the door.