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Billionaire Runaway Princess

Billionaire Runaway Princess

Author:Eve Cheney


Princess Anastasia Tatiana Bellarosa Regis (Bella, in short) led an almost perfect life as the Crown Princess and heir to the throne of the country called Averna. What seems to be her perfect life starts to crumble when she caught her fiancé on bed with her pretty stepsister on the same night Bella’s engagement was announced with him, Prince Carlson Winston. Sneaking out from the Averna Palace in disguise with her best friend, Naomi Stone, Bella enjoyed her night at an exclusive night club to soothe her heartache broken by Prince Carlson, who she loved for many years. Then comes Aleksander Pierce, a heartless billionaire, who went to the same night club to forget about the suicidal death of a woman who was obsessed with him. He never loved her or any woman he slept with in the past. The woman left him with a surprise.. a one year old daughter, Pinky. Aleksander was not ready to commit to love one woman for a lifetime.. marriage was never in his mind. He has a reason for that. What happens when he met Bella that night? Would that one passionate night with Bella change their future? Will he find her again.. with only one crystal shoe left behind? Follow me on the journey to find out the story of a Princess who is running away to save her life and the true heir of Averna from those who wants her dead. Happily ever after? Let’s find out..
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[Outside The Luxe Club in the city of Averna]

“Naomi..” Bella whispered but her best friend was still talking on the phone with someone Bella assumed is letting them in the exclusive night club. The Luxe Club is co-owned by a man who is in love with Naomi Stone, the third daughter of a billionaire in Averna. Naomi is using her charms to get them both in The Luxe Club.. secretly, without any private invitation card.

“Naomi, come on. I’m freezing out here and this red dress is way too short for me” Bella whispered closely to Naomi while gently tugging her arms with hers.

“Shush.. quiet. You need to blend in or..” Naomi got closer to Bella and whispered, “Your disguise will be blown. It is bad enough your red hair is too striking, I can spot you from far with that hair colour of yours. You should have agreed to wear a wig”

“I hate wearing one. Plus, no one will recognise me with this heavy makeup and slutty dress” Bella scoffed and pinched Naomi’s arm. Naomi giggled and smiled at her best friend that looks so much beautiful than her usual boring looking self.

“Trust me, babe.. with that look I’m seeing now, you will get laid tonight” Naomi laughed wickedly which got her another pinch on her arm from Bella.

“I’m not here to get laid. I’m here to have fun. I want to dance. You know I like dancing. I’m tired being who I am for the past nineteen years. What do I get in return? A father who does not care about me, a stepmother who hates me, and a cheating fiancé who slept with my b*tch stepsister! Urrghh!” Seeing Bella about to cry again, Naomi reached out to give her a hug and caressed her back.

"Hey.. relax. We are here to have some fun. Let's not talk about that idiot Carlson" Naomi wiped Bella's tears with her fingers, "Stop crying. You are ruining your makeup. You look like a mess"

Bella sniffled, "No.. this makeup and dress is making me look like a stripper, Naomi"

Naomi laughed and pinched Bella's rosy cheeks, "You wanted a disguise, I'm gave you one"

“Hello.. Princess!” Jake Johnson, also called JayJay, walks towards both Naomi and Bella with a wide smile on his face. He hugged the girls who are his friends since they were in kindergarten. His presence made other woman in the queue to enter his exclusive club, swoon and drool for him. But, his eyes were only for Naomi Stone who he dated once back in school. She dumped him when she caught him kissing another girl. It was a mistake Jake regret doing.

“JayJay.. you are here. Help me up with the invitation please. Your sister is not helping me” Naomi pouted and got closer to whisper in his ears, “Don’t blow her cover. She needs tonight to heal her broken heart. Please, do me this favour, ok?” Naomi said in her sweet voice batting her eyelashes sexily to Jake. She gave him a light kiss on his cheek. She knows exactly how to make him do what she wants.

Jake blushed and his fair cheeks turned red. He smiled and nodded, “It is going to cost you, gorgeous”. He does fear what will happen if the King of Averna, Bella's father, finds out he is one of the culprit to bring his precious daughter to his Club shared with his elder brother Johnny. It was between being prisoned or exiled from Averna. But, Bella begged him to allow her to have fun tonight, just tonight. As one of her friends, he agreed to her request as long as Naomi comes along.

Naomi rolled her eyes, “Fine! One date but I’m not sleeping with you” she glared at him which made him chuckled. Bella winked at Jake for she knows every time Naomi says she will not sleep with Jake.. she ends up doing the opposite. Bella knows how much Jake likes Naomi and she thinks they are a good match in many aspects. Naomi might not admit it but she still has feelings for Jake.

“Alright, gorgeous” he took out two private invitation cards and hand it over to Naomi. He pulled her closer by her hand and gave her a kiss on her lips. His move took Naomi in surprise. Bella closed her mouth and squeled with delight.

Naomi then pushed him back to end the sloppy kiss she hates, “Enough, JayJay!”

His action would ruin Naomi’s reputation and the last thing she wants is to be known as Jake Johnson’s one of many women he slept with. “Don’t you ever do that again”

“Sorry, gorgeous. I can’t resist that lips of yours” he then offered both arms for Naomi and Bella to take. The three of them then entered the night club not knowing things will change after tonight.


Five Ferrari sport cars from different model parked at the entrance of The Luxe Club. They are the VIP invites for the night which made the club pack with women wanting to get closer to the owners of the car, particularly the well-known billionaire Pierce brothers.. Aleksander and Anthony.

“Hey, Zander. You made it!” Johnny Johnson, the majority owner of The Luxe Club greet his friend who he knew back then since university days. At the age of twenty five, Aleksander Pierce has expanded his father’s business from loss making to billions in profits. Taking over his father’s business and made it successful was one way to pay back his mother who dumped his father for another rich man.

As expected, his mother wants his father back but it was something Aleksander will not let it happen. Over his dead body! He made sure his mother will receive nothing of his father’s wealth.

His hatred for what his mother did to his father caused him to hate women in general. He used them for pleasure with no strings attached. In fact, Aleksander has never been in a serious relationship before.

“You know why I’m here. Let’s see what you have in plan today for me, Johnny” Aleksander said and gave his best friend a fist bump. Wearing a casual white shirt and jeans, his simple dressing still made heads turn with his handsome face and golden blonde hair. His physique is something he is proud of as women will melt on their knees when he took off his shirt showing off his perfectly toned six packs.

“Have I ever disappoint you before, Zander? Come on. Tonight, I will make you forget your problems. I have even set up a beauty that will pleasure you till you forget about your problem, especially forgetting about your dead baby mama. You need to move on.. stop feeling guilty. She made your life miserable” Johnny said and pat his best friend’s shoulder and walked with him to enter the club followed by a group of their other friends.

When they walked in, a sight of a red haired gorgeous woman caught Aleksander’s eyes..