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The Unrivaled Master of Multiple Beauties

The Unrivaled Master of Multiple Beauties



University life has just begun, and Xia Yunfei meets again the beautiful Ye He, who he severely bullied during middle school years ago. At this point, Ye He is already the wealthy young mistress of a large corporation. In her heart, Xia Yunfei is still the bad boy and bully. Their reunion inevitably sparks extraordinary fireworks and sets the stage for a series of absolutely magnificent stories. Beauties like blossoming flowers, delicate and graceful, the sultry and mature beauty of female teachers, the foreign teacher with London charm, the passionate police beauties, famous and beautiful actresses...One after another, these breathtakingly wonderful women appear in Xia Yunfei's life, igniting his college life and sparking fervent flames.
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The prestigious Qinghu University.

Just as the military training for freshmen had ended, a drizzly autumn rain made the campus seem bewitchingly beautiful.

Not too long ago, under the watchful gaze of thousands of freshmen, Xia Yunfei had won the trophy for the university's best freshman recruit. He also took home a cash prize of three thousand yuan. But right now, he found himself in a dilemma, as he had to meet someone absolutely unexpected.

The rain was light, but enough to dampen one's clothes. Xia Yunfei, who had enjoyed running in the rain since his high school days, did not use an umbrella. He briskly strode through the rain.

The school's asphalt pavement was flat, but it was enough for a few splashes of mud to get on his denim jeans. His body was soaked by the rain.

There were many people walking around him, but it seemed like Xia Yunfei was the only one without an umbrella. Naturally, he became the focus of attention.

"Look at him. The university's top freshman recruit is so tough. The military training has ended, but he's still showing how he's not afraid of hardship or fatigue."

"He's drenched from head to toe. Is this a joke, or is he showing an exuberant spirit? This is adrenaline rushing, and this is hormonal flying."

"Xia Yunfei, didn't you know you could use the bonus money to buy an umbrella?"

As if not hearing anything, Xia Yunfei continued to quicken his pace towards the grove where a very special girl was waiting for him.

The forest, occupying several acres of land, was now before him. A slender, elegant girl with a melon seed face, phoenix eyes, and a height of about 170cm, shielded by a plain umbrella, stood there waiting for him.

This girl's name was Ye He. Xia Yunfei had known her for several years, and they hadn't seen each other for a while. They had experienced some unspeakable incidents together.

Faced with the cold look on Ye He's face, Xia Yunfei felt a little flustered. He almost slipped and fell, but thanks to his excellent body coordination and his martial arts training, he somersaulted in mid-air and landed right in front of Ye He.

"So, you're performing acrobatics for me right off the bat? Is that amusing to you?" There was not the slightest hint of a smile on Ye He's face, and she remained as cold as ever.

"Ye He, I did not expect that after parting in ninth grade, I would run into you again here at Qinghu University."

"You little punk, did this deliberately, didn't you? You came here just to mess with me! Do you know how I felt? During military training when I first saw you, I couldn't believe my rotten luck. After everything you did to me in the past, I unexpectedly ran into you again at Qinghu University. I feel like killing you."

A smile curled up on Xia Yunfei's lips. Not exactly handsome, but his smile had a certain unique appeal. "In middle school, we were both naïve. It was completely out of character for me. Had I not been drunk, I would never have stripped off your skirt in the classroom. And then I... "

At this point, Xia Yunfei became too embarrassed to continue. His face turned beet red from the uncomfortable silence.

"Wow, our infamous Xia Yunfei, known throughout the school, even throughout the county, for being a bad boy, now knows about embarrassment? If you have the guts, continue!" Ye He retorted coldly.

"Can I not say it?"


Coincidentally, they ended up in the same university. Ye He was determined to make Xia Yunfei repent in the rain to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

"Alright, I will continue... After I took off your skirt, I touched you. I even thought of... "

Xia Yunfei was again at a loss for words. His face was even redder than before. He glanced around, relieved that no one was passing by.

"If you can't say it, let me do it for you! At that time, you even took off your own pants and let me see your... "

"Go on.”

"Beat you!”

Ye He reached out to slap Xia Yunfei, who swiftly avoided it. Laughing, he said, "If your slap landed on my face, it would encapsulate our entire youth. Oh, how wonderful youth is. We can't let youth be marred by a slap."

Now thoroughly vexed, Ye He stated with a voice on the verge of tears, "If it hadn't been for two girls returning to the classroom to fetch their books, you would have taken advantage of me!"

"They really chose a bad time to come back."

"What the hell are you saying?"

"What I mean is, if they hadn't come in, if they hadn't witnessed the situation then, it wouldn't have spread throughout the school, and everything that followed wouldn't have happened."

Xia Yunfei was adamant about voicing his inner thoughts, having encountered Ye He again on the university campus. He believed that even if they couldn't be friends, they certainly couldn't be enemies.

Youth is full of inconsistency, but Xia Yunfei didn't want to waste his and Ye He's experiences on futile pursuits.

Ye He is originally from Qinghu City, and her parents were also striving there during a crucial time in their business.

On the other hand, Xia Yunfei is from Lingyuan County city, thousands of miles away from Qinghu City. Back then, Ye He's parents were threatened by a competitor who claimed to exterminate their entire family if they didn't withdraw their bid.

Worried about the potential mishaps, they couldn't back down at this vital juncture. Their only option was to send Ye He to her grandmother's house in Lingyuan County.

Not long after Ye He transferred to the second grade of middle school in Lingyuan No. 1 Middle School, Xia Yunfei, then in his rebellious teenage years, fell for this pure and beautiful girl. His youthful hopes and dreams were inherently attached to her.

Unrequited love during adolescence can create illusions. Whenever Xia Yunfei stole glances at Ye He during classes, he always felt that she was doing the same. Their gazes would meet occasionally, and Xia Yunfei's heart would pound every time.

Later, Xia Yunfei bought Ye He a few inexpensive gifts. Sometimes she would refuse them outright, sometimes he would sneak them into her desk only to have them returned.

Ye He warned Xia Yunfei back then, "I don't like you, and I don't want to be romantically involved so young. Stop sending me things, stop passing me notes. If you keep harassing me, I'll report you to our teacher."

Xia Yunfei didn't take Ye He's words seriously. Unable to bear his advances anymore, Ye He finally reported him to their teacher, Mr. Zhao.

Mr. Zhao berated and beat Xia Yunfei, warning him with a glare, "You're cutting it quite close, but I won't report this to the dean's office. Otherwise, you'd undoubtedly be expelled."

After being disciplined by the class teacher, Xia Yunfei kept to himself for a while. But, whenever he saw Ye He or thought of her in his dorm at night, his heart would drum like a frightened deer.

Moreover, the news of Xia Yunfei's pursuit, Ye He's report, and the subsequent punishment meted out by the class teacher spread quickly throughout Lingyuan No. 1 Middle School.

Xia Yunfei was quite popular in school, so not many people spoke ill of him. Usually, it was those boys who secretly admired Ye He, just like him, tried to discredit him.

On the other hand, most people, especially those girls who were envious of Ye He's beauty, blamed Ye He. They believed Ye He shouldn't have casually reported it to the class teacher.

"Ye He is so mean," they would say, "if someone chases you, it's because you are beautiful. How could she be so ungrateful to report Xia Yunfei?"

"What's so great about Ye He? Just because she came from a big city? If she's so wonderful, why didn't she attend middle school in the urban area instead of the remote and backward Lingsource county town?"

"Have you guys noticed? Ye He is quite flirty. Maybe, she let the boys have their way with her right after she graduated from primary school."

"Xia Yunfei knows Kungfu, he's academically strong, and he's honest. If he chases me, I would be his girlfriend."

At the time when Xia Yunfei was pursuing Ye He, there were also students who liked Xia Yunfei, and wanted to be his girlfriend.