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Chosen By The Moon Goddess

Chosen By The Moon Goddess



WARNING 18+ 'So the moon goddess gave the mark to her', Walking with guards on either sides of me, l heard other slaves whisper to themselves. 'Is she trying to make it harder for us, she can't be the one , l heard that she had miscarriage', Another one answered. 'First stand here as we wait for the elders', The so called beta ordered when we stopped in one of rooms. 'I want to puke', l instantly turned when l heard one of the guards murmur. I felt like crying when my gaze fall on them. Most of them had their nose wrinkled in disgust. I was smelling and I knew it.'I don't even think l can get hard at looking at her , none that less f*** her', My left eye twitched in annoyance when l heard them continue. I couldn't do anything to them. 'Goddess l feel bad for Alpha Damien'.
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"Ouch !",

A surge of pain rippled from my abdomen as I waited for the doctor to return with my test results. I have been getting these pains a lot recently and they were freaking me out. Dr Tracy told me that it was all in my head, that l was simply putting too much pressure on myself to get pregnant.

She wasn't wrong , getting pregnant was all l wanted. I gripped the edge of the bed again, whimpering to myself as I let the pain roll through on it's own. My stomach walls currently felt like they were closing in on me. I didn't want the thought of receiving another negative test. Jack and I have been trying for several months , trying our level best to see that l get pregnant but l failed.

This issue was now driving a wedge between us. To make matters worse he was a sergeant major , feared by most of the people. The one who loved me at first was now colder , distant and rude. I knew how much he wanted a son and it hurt to know that I was failing so miserably to make him happy.

Soon the door swung and Doctor Tracy entered in with a wide smile on her face. Without a word said, she rubbed sanitizer on her hands and sat down in the chair. My heart instantly began to pound against my ribcage at unnatural speed as I waited for her to speak. " Just breathe Zoey",she smiled inhaling slowly with me and then reached for my hands.

My hands were trembling but I tried to calm myself down. Surprisingly doctor Tracy's smile deepened as if she was enjoying seeing me like this.

"Congratulations Zoey", She said while placing her hands on my tummy. " You carrying a baby in here",She went on. My heart instantly skipped a beat as I processed the news. "Are you sure... far along?",l whisper stuttered finding it hard to stop myself from crying. " Well let's find it out , shall we?", She smiled then pulled the ultrasound machine out. She then squirted cold gel on my belly.

Butterflies danced in my stomach as l stared at the screen. I was unable to read the images but inwardly hoped some where in that black and white mess my little baby would show up. "Well I would say from the looks of it about four weeks", she said then handed me some documents.

"You really need to stop worrying, rest more", She spoke as she wiped the gel off my stomach. " Yeah thanks for that", I smiled with the tears brimming in my eyes. I just couldn't believe it. After getting some medicine, l walked away from the hospital. I rubbed my belly the entire ride home. I was on cloud nine from the news. I couldn't wait to tell Jack about it. I knew it that he was going to be happy. This is all he wanted.

As l pulled into the gate ,the pain returned. I was used to this and carefully l sat in the car and clenched my teeth to let it pass. I didn't want to scream but I was totally dying in pain. After that I slowly dragged myself out of the car and made my way through the front door of the house.

The house was eeirly quiet and empty. The maids were nowhere to be seen and the soldiers which was strange. Minding less about it , l continued to walk up the stairs to the second floor looking forward to lying down and resting. I didn't want to argue with anyone today and didn't want to call any of the maids.

My every step was more difficult. The pain intersified and I currently felt like a thousand tiny needles were piercing through my stomach. From where I stood at the top of the stairs, l could see the door to my room slightly cracked up but the pain was increasing. "You can do it Zoey", l inwardly mumbled to myself while rubbing my belly.

As l inched closer , an unmistakable scene unfolded before me . My blood instantly boiled at the sight. As unbelievable as it was , my best friend Amanda riding my husband's shaft. A look of sheer delight was on the contorted features of her face . " Ah!Ah!Ah! Jack ", she moaned eagerly bouncing up and down his shaft.

He said nothing just palming her bare breasts in his hands as he moved her up and down on his shaft. " F**k", She whimpered bouncing frantically. " Please, am gonna give you the son you want , fuck me harder",Tears burned my eyes as I watched him flip her over , forcing her up on her knees that her ass was on full display for him. "Yes that's all I want", He lastly replied to her.

"What did l do to deserve this for heaven's sake?",Standing up like a statue, l asked myself inwardly. They were seriously enjoying their moment and already froze up, l couldn't distract them. "I really need to go ... ", My mouth tingling l turned on my heels ready to leave but I was honestly powerless. The pain in the stomach was also increasing, l couldn't digest that.

I caught on the wall finding it hard to walk away. "Ouch!", I bit my tongue when l felt the pain surge in my stomach. This was much l couldn't take it anymore. "Miss Zoey....", The maid's voice interrupted my train of thoughts.

" Am fine ", l smiled while collecting myself together. "So she has enjoyed the show", l instantly froze up in my outfits when l heard that voice. It was my Jack and he was proudly standing behind me. At his words , l turned and looked at the maid who had her face covered in guilty. That was when it hit me. It was all a lie. They knew. They knew it that he was cheating on me but they kept it from me. They were mocking me for being clueless. I was so stupid to believe that they cared about me.

"What did the doctor say again, Zoey?", Before l could say anything , my sister made her way to us while dressed up in Jack's white shirt. I felt like crying at the sight. " Any luck with the baby?", She laughed. "Jack l knew it darling, she is not only ugly but...",. "Who are you calling ugly? , you happy that you have betrayed me but one day someone else will do it to you", Finding it unbearable to control my anger , the words furiously escaped out of my mouth.


"Watch your tone with me you bitch and do you think that am infertile like you",she sneered after her palm landing harshly on my cheek.


"Keep your hands to yourself you useless whore", l slapped her harder . "Don't ever call me a whore, you have failed to give him a son he wants", She hissed out and this time before l could respond, she pushed me. "That's where you belong", She laughed. " My ba.....", Before l could finish , l was already on the ground. To make matters worse the blood came from my legs as everyone watched.

" Jack the baby... ", I screamed as l watched the blood run down my legs . " Am not going to stay with a woman who is infertile , take her to the wolf market",That was all l heard before my vision turned black.