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The Alpha’s Angel

The Alpha’s Angel

Author:Cara Melo


Ava Carter was a 17 year old orphan. She was a member of the Crystal Blue Pack. She was the punching bag in her pack, as people usually walked all over her, literally. She was the weakling, the outcast, the loner who no one ever bothered to get to know. Until the night of her birthday when she overheard a conversation that left her with no other decision but to leave and never look back. She had never been outside the pack territory, so she had no idea what was lurking in the woods. She ran into the most handsome man that she had ever seen in her entire life and he uttered one word, four letters that changed her life forever. "Mine!" Jayden King was the alpha of the North Pack. He was the most feared alpha and was often times referred to as the alpha of all alphas. No one who trespassed on his land, ever lived long enough to tell the tale. He was a very cold and heartless man. Until the night he ran into someone he had long ago lost hope of finding. Now he has her and instead of being the mate that she had always hoped for, he ignores her.
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  I'm Ava Cater. I'm a member of the Crystal Blue pack; at least I think I am. I don't know if I can refer to myself as a member of a pack that tortures its own pack members for their own twisted satisfaction.

  I was the walking punching bag for anyone who felt the need to hit something, or in my case someone. It was absolute torture living among these people who you thought would be there to protect you and not cause you even more suffering than you have already endured.

  I was a loner not by choice, but nonetheless a loner. It was easy for anyone to take advantage of me since I was the weakling. I was the weakest person in my pack. I wasn't always weak, but over time as the beatings intensified, I lost communication with my wolf.

  I think she was mad that I never stood up for myself, or she was too weak from all the beatings I endured over the years. It wasn't always like this though.

  There was once a time in my life where I was somewhat happy.

  I was told when I was old enough to understand that my parents left me in a basket at the border of the pack's territory. I was found by border patrol, which then brought me back to the pack house.

  The Luna took me in almost immediately and raised me as her own. She only had one son and later after giving birth she was told by a healer from a faraway pack that she couldn't conceive any more children. I think that was one of the reasons why she took me in.

  I was happy, living with the alpha


, Luna


and their son Caleb. Caroline was the one who named me and gave me their last name, Cater. They were the Caters- loving, kind and gentle.

  They always put their people first and made sure that everyone was treated equally. That didn't last long though and neither did my happiness. The Luna died when I was six and so did my happiness.

  After the Luna passed away, everyone blamed me for her death. She died protecting me from a rogue, during the time when there was a rogue attack on our pack.

  She had told me to stay hidden in a secret passage when the attack began, but I didn't listen. I was too scared to stay in the passage by myself, so I came out of hiding to find her and that's when it happened.

  She was distracted for a second as she tried pleading with me to go back inside. A second, that was all it took as one of the rogues charged at her and bit into her neck.

  All I could do was stood their silently watching as the life drained from her once vibrant eyes. I screamed at the top of my lungs as I ran over to her lifeless body on the ground. The rogues retreated when she fell to the ground in a thud, blood oozing out of her neck.

  I hugged her lifeless body with my small hands, sobbing as I got blood all over me. When the alpha found out about what happened from a warrior that was in the room, which was when my life turned to hell.

  Even now at 17, I could still see the hatred in his eyes as if it had happened just yesterday. I knew he blamed me for what happened, because he never failed to remind me how I took his mate from him.

  That's when he grew cold and distant. After her death he would punish me for the littlest things, like forgetting to clean the house or something.

  Yes. I had to clean the entire pack house that was occupied by at least 50 members. I never complained though, because I always believed that I deserved everything that was happening to me now.

  If I had just listened, then their Luna and the woman that I knew as my mother would still be alive. It was my fault and I will spend the rest of my life accepting their punishments, until they forgave me.