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Someone You Loved

Someone You Loved

Author:Trixie Kim


3rd Book of 'My Mysterious President' Four Stories of three different lovely women and a gorgeous man. 1st Story: Flora Adams, a strong independent woman fell in loved with a playboy billionaire, Brandon Park. Though she was uncertain to her decision to accept him, she asked only for ONE THING in their relationship ~ Honesty! But she left him when she found out he was betrothed to his childhood friend. After three years, she went back with Brandon's only heir. How could she deny that he was the father of Cendrick if the only evidence she would like to hide was visible to everyone's eyes? Cendrick was a splitting image of his dad. 2nd Story: Liz Roberts, a famous lingerie model in the biggest modeling agency in New York was married to Vincent, heir of Thomas Car Center, one of the biggest car dealer import/export in the country. At the journey of their marriage, she experienced setbacks from her monster mother-in-law, she lost herself, gained weight, and was called a pig in public. But what hurt her the most was when she found out, Vincent had a 12 years old son. Would she continue her marriage life or give up? 3rd Story: What would you do if your girlfriend whose younger than you for seven years gifted you a ring to appease your anger for calling another man 'gorgeous' in front of you? Would Mark Cheng accept Rachel Lee's proposal or not? Find out! 4th Story: Joshua Williams meddled in an argument between two lovers one night in front of a bar. When the jerk denied the responsibility to accept the woman’s unborn child, Joshua, who appeared like her savior, took the heavy burdens on Camille's shoulder because of one mistake... "You're not Marielle Morgan?" "No! I'm Camille. Marielle is my twin sister!" He thought, she was his ex whom he had been looking for for a long time! Would he still take the responsibility of being the unborn child's father now that he kissed her in front of the real dad?
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The weather became calm after a tremendous storm happened in La Vista beach. Everyone was rejoicing for a fantastic victory.

The news even put some fireworks memes beside Bradley's, the notorious gang leader who had been finally captured by the police, face indicating the law had won and everything would go back to normal.

Everyone was joyful and victorious, except for the CEO of Park Incorporated. He was sitting on his grand CEO's chair staring blankly at the window looking at the giant billboard commercial. He bored himself watching the continuous play of the single ad.

"She just left like that!" he murmured thinking someone was listening to him in his own office. He was furious that she didn't give him a chance to explain his situation.

He was forced to get married to Janice. He called her his angel because the girl saved his life from drowning in the family pool when they were kids. As a kind of gratitude, he accepted the girl's requests. Yes! Request with an 'S'. The first was, Brandon must be saved her name on his phone with an ID "My Angel" forever. Her second, when the right time came, he would marry her.

His forehead was forming thin lines as he leaned his back on his chair thinking of that past when she was one of his assistants. A light smile appeared at the corner of his thin lips upon remembering how his woman applied for the position.

A Series of flashbacks slowly emerged on his thoughts as he spun his pen with his fingers.

He started on day one!

"Larry, find a new assistant to help you deal with some of the new projects abroad. I need you to go out of the country alone once in a while!" he told Larry Green, his assistant for almost a decade now.

Since his father gave him the authority to take full control of their huge business when he was just eighteen years old, Larry who had the same age as him, a twenty-eight, was his one and only assistant in CEO Incorporated China. He was a capable and trusted person in his job.

He had also several assistants in their branches abroad but Larry was the best.

"Sir, still no female assistant?" he asked while he squinted his eyes on his boss.

Brandon never liked to have a female assistant for the reason that in his opinion, they were not as capable as the men when it came to handling big responsibilities. For him, women were more suited to warm their men's beds.

"Yes! The same rule," he answered and started signing some contracts on his desk.

Larry couldn't help but shake his head when he left his office.

How he wished there was also a belle working with him for this company. He had been suffering from disillusion made by his boss. That women were troublemakers and not capable of handling tasks in the corporate world.

He had no idea that their mere existence in a room could liven the depressing atmosphere and could change it to a colorful and inspiring one.

Sometimes Larry thought, his boss needed a real girlfriend to tame him and to change his perspective about the opposite sex.

"Oh boy! I am going to have a headache working with a man and working for a man the whole day!" he complained as he murmured alone at his desk.

He sent an email to the personnel department immediately. He was about to take his lunch break when he saw his CEO leaving his office with a beautiful woman clinging to his arm.

"Baby, after our lunch you promised to go shopping with me!" Georgia said in a flirtatious tone while she flickered her long thick eyelashes.

"Of course! How could I break my promise? Don't worry, after lunch we will go to Hansen Department Store and you can choose anything you want!" he answered as he lightly kissed her lips.

"Awww! Brandon! Don't worry, I will take care of you tonight," she whispered in his ear which made him grin.

Larry followed them with his gaze. Georgia was a top model in the country and she had been dating Brandon for quite a while now.

But she was not the only woman he was dating currently. He also had Dianne, who was a sports newscaster, and Claudine, a kindergarten teacher.

Yes! His boss was a complete player. But it's not his fault. These women were the ones throwing themselves to him.

Larry just took a deep sigh. How he wished he was Brandon being surrounded by lovely flowers in the Garden of Eden but no! He was isolated in the Sahara desert with no food or water.

He had been dehydrating for a long time.

Then he suddenly remembered something. He snapped his fingers while a crazy idea popped out on his drained mind.

"The woman in Lotus Bar!" he exclaimed as he rose from his feet. It was a good thing it was lunchtime and he was alone on that floor, if not the employees in the company might think he was acting strange.

"I'm sorry sir but consider it as my reward," he thought while sneering.

Larry had Flora's contact number. Brandon ordered him to find her and to know her personal information after the incident in the bar.

He called the number on the paper. It rang for a long time before it was connected to someone.

"Hello!" Flora answered. She was hesitant to answer at first for the number was unfamiliar but when she thought it would be one of the companies she applied for a job, she immediately slid the receiver's icon.

"Miss Flora Adams, is this you?" Larry asked in a baritone voice.

"Yes, may I know who this is?" she asked back while staring at her resume in her notebook.

"I am the assistant of Park Incorporated and we are in need of another assistant," Larry answered anticipating she would get what he meant.

Flora got up abruptly upon hearing what he said. But then she dismissed her joy when she realized something.

"How did you get my number and how did you know my name?" Flora asked and this time she was no longer comfortable.

"Our CEO is a friend of one of the companies you applied for. They recommended you to us and SHE was satisfied with your experience in dealing with people and making strategies," he delivered his lies perfectly.

Flora was beginning to believe but she was also a well-experienced woman when it came to scheming and lying.

"What is the name of the company and what is your boss' name?" she asked while raising her eyebrow.

Larry didn't prepare for her rebound. He had to weave a lie fast if not all of the things he started would be gone to waste.

"Miss Adams, our boss' name is Bree. It seems like you are not interested in our offer. I am sorry to bother your time," he said in a self-deprecating tone thinking his words could kick Flora's senses but...

"Okay! Thanks for calling. Goodbye!" Flora then hung up leaving Larry dumbfounded.

He thought he underestimated this woman. Now, he was doomed. He had no choice but to accept a boring male assistant to work with him whoever the personnel department would pick up.

Meanwhile, Flora who was having her 'alone time' after a tiring day in a coffee shop was still flabbergasted.

"What if the offer is real?" she asked herself as she stared at her phone on the table.

"Forget it! That might be spam!" she shook her head and took a U-turn at once.