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The Perfect Second Marriage

The Perfect Second Marriage



Felicia and Zachary had been dating for two years and married for one. Yet, they hadn't slept together because Zachary said he was incapable of pleasing women in bed. However, Zachary asked Felicia to a hotel but he didn't go there. In the darkness, Felicia slept with a stranger and lost her virginity. In this way, Zachary threatened Felicia with her sex video, then Felicia had no choice but to transfer all her shares to Zachary, not expecting Zachary would break his promise. Being depressed, Felicia ran into a luxury car, whose owner was Anthony Jefferson, the richest guy in this city. To take revenge on Zachary, Felicia became Anthony's sugar baby, then she gradually knew what happened between Zachary and her father...
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In the middle of the night, a couple was getting it on, pleasing each other in the presidential suite.

It was only after a long time that they halted.

Felicia Yates was fast asleep on a bed made of black wood. The bed was worth more than a million dollars. She was wearing luxurious V-necked pajamas which accentuated her curves. The collar was slightly open, revealing part of her fair skin. 

Beads of sweat rolled down from her forehead to her chin and dripped onto her alluring clavicle.

The thin chiffon pajama was soaking wet due to her sweat. It outlined the perfect curve of her body that many dreamed of having.


After admiring the beautiful lady in front of him, the man that was lying on the bed embraced Felicia tightly underneath the blanket. He then raised his hand to switch off the light. 


It hurt so badly!

"Oh... It hurts so much!"

Felicia grunted and opened her sleepy eyes in a daze.

She couldn't help but let out a cry as she felt sore all over her body.

This night marked the third year of her relationship with Zachary Cohen. They had been dating for two years and married for one. Yet, they only consummated their marriage at this time due to Zachary's illness.

Felicia had been waiting for this day since forever!

Although she couldn't rest well for the whole night and her body was in great pain, she did not feel uncomfortable. Instead, she felt joy and love.

"Felicia, today is our third year anniversary. I've booked a room at Hilton Hotel."

"Honey, there will be wine on the table and I'll be ready in bed. See you tonight!"

"Dear, don't forget to wear the new set of pajamas that I've bought for you. I'm looking forward to seeing you wearing it!"

Felicia recalled what Zachary said in the morning. Suddenly, her cheeks were boiling. She didn't know if it was due to what Zachary did all night or because she was wearing those sexy pajamas at the moment.

"Zachary, do you know that tonight, I can officially become your woman. I'm really elated..."

The corners of Felicia's lips curled upward as she felt the warmth of her man's embrace. She stretched out her arms and hugged his waist tightly.

Felicia remembered that Zachary had a birthmark the size of an egg on the right side of his waist. Thus, she subconsciously poked it with her finger...

Unexpectedly, she could only feel a smooth surface. She was stunned.

She didn't recall that Zachary had an operation to remove it!

As Felicia was thinking about this, she felt a chill down her spine. She hesitated for a while and asked, "Zachary?"

The man responded by moving his body.

Felicia was a little embarrassed while thinking about what just happened. "Zachary, why aren't you replying? I remember that you used to have a birthmark on the back of your waist. Where is it..."

Her mumbling ended abruptly in the next second. 

There was a faint smell of mint in the air. 

However, Zachary had never used any perfume before. Normally, his body would have a faint tobacco scent.

This man was not Zachary!

The thought of such absurdity shocked Felicia so much that it almost made her jump out of bed.

Felicia pushed the man away right away and wrapped herself with the quilt in no time. She felt a tingle in her scalp and questioned, "Who are you?"

The man did not respond. Felicia swallowed her saliva and her lips trembled unconsciously. "Who the hell are you?"  

After waiting for what felt like a century, Felicia got a response from him. "It doesn't matter who I am. You need to remember that I am not your husband!"

The man's voice was muffled and deep. He was not Zachary indeed.

Felicia was frozen in place as the last trace of hope was gone.

It was over!

Her innocence of more than 20 years was gone overnight. What was worse, the person to whom she lost her virginity was not even Zachary.

Could anyone tell her what just happened and how did it happen?

She lay paralyzed on the bed with a blank mind. She did not even notice that the man had left.

Felicia was petrified and felt uneasy along the way back home. She did not know how to answer the questions Zachary might ask her.

When she returned to the apartment, she opened the door and noticed that Zachary was sitting on the sofa in the living room. He turned his head and looked in her direction as soon as he heard noises.

Felicia lowered her head with a sense of guilt. "Zachary, I..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Zachary interrupted her impatiently, "You are back, Felicia. I've forgotten to tell you that there was an emergency in the company last night. I have been busy until now and I am exhausted. I will be heading upstairs to sleep now."

Felicia clenched her fists and let out a sigh of relief as she gazed at Zachary who was walking away in a hurry. 

She decided to keep everything that had happened the previous night, including the strange man, to herself.