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THORIUM: The Infiltration#1

THORIUM: The Infiltration#1



A Science fiction romance. what do they call them? Thorium. Lethal weapon. Weapons of mass destruction. whatever you would like to call them. A generation of pure artificial intelligence, sold to the highest bidder across the world, now roaming the streets. All they need is the order and it is executed, but what happens when even pure artificial intelligence start to become smarter than their makers? Afterall, they are. What if just one human is enough to turn the head of a particular thorium? They infiltrate the best of organization, rare of a kind, powerful, destructive. But what if there is more to them than just taking orders. Thorium series: Book 1 The infiltration.
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The cold breeze of winter is not one to joke within the streets of

Derinham. Cars speeding, people rushing as the roadway becomes crowded

due to the incoming storm.

"Hey!" a woman yells over at a man trying to cross the road, deciding not

to wait for the traffic.

There I stand watching it all, the impatient civilians that can't wait

for the traffic to be green before crossing, makes me shake my head.

What a world we live in nowadays.

I stand patiently as cars speeding, not wanting to be stopped by another

traffic as I eye the FOX building. I just need to cross the road and I

would be there.

Finally, the green light for pedestrians comes on as all cars comes to a

halt, and we are free to go.


I have two minutes more before I am officially fired if I don't get to my

office before then.

FOX enterprise, the most professional company in the whole city, they

neither tolerate late coming, Misbehaviours, laziness or any other

unprofessional activity, which eventually leads to your resignation


I never knew how to run, call me lazy, but that's just the way i am.

So, walking fast has naturally become a habit.


Oh crap!

You dare not mess with the infamous William FOX, and late coming has just

been strictly adhered to every employee at FOX enterprise, but here I am,

coming late at a day like this.

FOX enterprise holds an annual donation to the less and privileged and

that, usually is a very tasky duty, draining everyone of their energy, as

each person has a task to do. And viewing the number of less privileged

nowadays, it's no joke.

And did I mention it's for the whole world.

Yes, he donates to every country, now you see how stressful it gonna be,

when those reporters are filling the whole company to get a view.

Oh and he is stinkly rich.

No 1 on RAW

Riches around the world


The security guards see me as they open the door and I thank God, the

halls weren't so full, which means Mr Fox isn't here yet.

Whew I'm not fired!!!

FOX enterprise is magnificent, huge, spacious, and secured. The security

is hectic and powerful.

And nowadays that technology is way advanced, it is pay for the best.

I impatiently wait for my clarification before I can proceed to my

office. Tapping my fingers lightly on the desk as they scan my ID and

other form of verification.

For technology this high, the verification system is not an easy

process , but as I said it is secured as hell.

Suddenly everyone starts to get up, scattering about, doing his or her

job. And that's when I realize,

Mr Fox has arrived.

Oh shit.

Should I run?

Why the hell would I run?

Because he's here, duh?

Idiot, if you run, then you end up looking like a thief and they start

chasing you with all those drones, till they catch you and knowing how

clumsy and lazy you are, you definitely would not go far. But unless you

want to be publicly known, then okay.


I should just give my resignation letter.

"Good day Mr Fox," The securities greet him. My body trembling, he is

right behind me, is he looking at me? Did he go somewhere else?

I want to know as I didn't hear a single thing, but I know option A is

correct as all eyes are now of on me.

Damn these stupid security shit. If they hadn't taken my time, he

wouldn't have met me here.

I shut my eyes for a while, as I turn to face Mr high and mighty.

Sweet lord.....

They say he is extremely attractive, but I only saw pictures and side

glances, I have never been this close an.....

Oh my ovaries.

Why the hell would someone give birth to a child so handsome and


His stern expression as they all said, high cheekbones, perfection in

all aspects.


"And you are?" his voice breaks through.

He says something else but I just stare at him as all he is saying sounds

like lullabies.

"Miss, number one you're in my way, number two as I can see, you're an

employee and you're here late, number three, I asked you a question and

you're still quiet, so if you don't want to get thrown out of here and

save yourself the embarrassment I advice you tell me your name." his

voice now flared.

Wait what?

Did he?

He was talking to me?

Oh my God. I'm so stupid.

What did he say?

"I'm so sorry Mr Fox, I.... Oh my God, I.... I'm just so

sorry, please I don't want to loose my job and if I do, there's no way I

can get a place like this, I'm sorry I got held up in traffic and i.....


"please shut up." he raises his finger.


Rude much.

"I was just trying... "

"Incase you didn't hear me clearly, I asked what's your name? God you

sound like a fly, you make too much noise,"

"what... I"

"If you take your job seriously and know you won't find a place better

than this, you wouldn't be here late. But as of I, I do have important

things to do than ask for your resignation letter right here. So

miss.... What is your name?"

First of all, did he just call me a fly?

A fly?

A damn fly?

Oh boy, I swear to God if he wasn't so rich and beautiful I will beat

his ass.

He cocks his eyebrow. Why is he doing that?

He asked me a question.... oh my God... I am so getting fired no doubt .

"Oh I'm so sorry...I... I didn't hear you well an.... "

"Are you alright? Because now you sound like a chicken. I asked you a

question and you keep on blabbing,"

A chicken?

Now a chicken?

"This is the last time I would ask. Your name miss?"

"Rose Micheals" I speak immediately and utterly disgraced.

"Now, Miss Micheals, I would like to see you in my office after today's

event is over, and you dare not leave this enterprise until you have seen

me. Am I clear?"

"Y.... Yes Mr Fox." and so he leaves as I am pushed to the side by one of

his men.

What's worse than being fired?

I tell you, public humiliation. That's what worse.