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Dangerous Love

Dangerous Love



SYNOPSIS In the world of the four walls called stardius, the Collinsville family headed the vampire world and the stardius demarcated the four worlds of the vampires, humans, wolves, and witches. Only a powerful vampire from the Collinsville family could break the energy of the stardius completely. They maintained order and protection of the energy of the stardius for many centuries until Liam was born. His birth would bring destruction and chaos to the four worlds. The Collinsville family knew but kept it a secret believing that they could prevent the fate that lies ahead. After 500 years of chaos, Liam would fall in love with Kira, a starlight in human form. According to prophecy, the starlight energy would rebuild stardius's energy to restore peace but Liam's uncle, Nikolas would raise a dangerous army to destroy the starlight. Liam's sacrifice is the only way to protect the starlight and the human world from the twisted fate that would befall them.
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From the soft sound of music, and strong smell of alcohol that filled the air, Kira knew they'd been brought to a nightclub. She and three young women were stripped naked and blindfolded as they helplessly stood beside one another.

They were before vampires, and deadly eyes of danger. She had heard stories about a deadly nightclub of vampires located at the outskirt of Compton.

She's certain they'd been brought to the exact place.

There's absolutely no chance of escaping for them.

"300 thousand dollars!"

It was a squeaky voice.

Panic thrilled Kira's deepest psyche.

She had no idea they were going to be sold like slaves.

"I like the middle one. She's hot!" Drake had his eyes on Kira already.

Drake was wealthy and boastful.

He said that to make it known to other vampires around Kira would be his.

He'd buy her at any mentioned selling price.

Liam smirked at his drinks. He had no intention to buy Kira. But because Drake sounded rude to him, he'd show him he's the head here by buying the human he had his eyes on. He had all the money in the world to buy Kira at any mentioned selling price.

The women whimpered as they were roughly dragged away one after the other after they'd been sold off.

Kira was the last person standing. She felt her heart beat out of rythm.

Deadly blood shot eyes stared at her cold naked body. She felt it and was so ashamed.

"1 million dollars."

She felt a cold hand on her shoulder. It was the highest selling price they'd mentioned so far.

Was that what she's worth?

1 million dollars?

She felt a surge of anger and pain. There was a brief silence. She had no idea who's buying her like some cheap commodity.

She'd escape if she had the chance. Her hands were chained. She felt a cold hand twirling her around. The silence was killing her. Nobody cheered and laughed like they did when the other women were sold off.

Was her case pathetic?

Was she about to be killed?

Different thoughts and questions crossed her mind. Drake's face darkened with rage as Liam raised his hand.

Drake quickly brought down his own hand. Even if he had the money mentioned, nobody could drag the tiniest pin with Liam.

He's a wolf and a vampire. He's a hybrid and he's dangerous.

No human slave had lasted a day in Liam's chamber. He had always killed them after he had used them to satisfy his sexual needs.

Liam gulped down the last shot of drink with lustful eyes fixed on Kira's nakedness.

He had put Drake in his place.

Unlike other women, Kira wasn't dragged out. She was quickly wrapped in a blanket to cover her nakedness. Every slave Liam bought had been treated the same way.

Although, her blindfold wasn't removed. But she wasn't treated harshly. They made way for her out of the nightclub.

A luxurious car was waiting outside.

A muscular man in decent black suit opened the door to the passenger seat for Kira. She was helped inside by another man in black suit.

Kira was relieved she wasn't killed. She wouldn't have imagined a sharp fangs sinking deep in her flesh to suck her dry.

She cringed at the thought of it.

Liam was a hybrid vampire that's gravely feared by other vampires. He loved to watch other vampires quivered anytime he's around. Anyone who dared him should be ready face his wrath.

His strength, and speed were extraordinary and incomparable.

He was dangerous and fearless.

He got in the car. As the door was widely opened for him. He clicked his fingers as a signal to the driver to move.

The driver dared not start the car without his signal. If he did, it meant he dared Liam, and his life would pay for it.

Kira was hopeless. She knew her death was near. She maintained a perfect silence through out the journey.

This part of the world was messed up. Humans were vampire's slave.

Humans lived under the torture of some living creatures that were thought to be myth.

She's about to be someone's supper. Tears welled up in her eyes.

The car finally stopped. She heard soft mutter of voices. Her heart raced as she was helped out of the car. She was helped through the hallway silently.

Her bare feet felt the cold marble floor. A woman gently helped her climbed the stairs and unlocked the door to a room.

"Get inside."

The voice was low-pitched. Kira was scared of what awaited her in the room. Could it be death?

The woman pushed her inside. Kira's heart jumped into her stomach. It was as if death jumped on her.

The woman removed Kira's blindfold. It felt like a dark scale fell off Kira's eyes.

She fearfully gazed at what was before her.

A young and beautiful woman with brown eyes and brown curly long hair that fell off her shoulders.

"You can call me Vera."

She looked away whilst taking off the blanket wrapped around Kira's body. She held her breath.

Her eyes now fixed on Kira's nakedness.

Kira was slender. She had willowy legs, enticing skin and beautiful eyes. Her beauty was perfect and free from gaudiness.

Vera was so envious of her beauty. She threw a dress at Kira.

"Wear this." She said.

"My hands are chained."

Vera eyes stared her down. She was ravenously thirsty for her blood. She held her breath and turned Kira around violently to unchain her.

"You should put that on after a thorough warm water bath."

Vera added and was about to turn around and leave.

"Where's the bathroom?"

Kira looked around if she could find any door to a bathroom.

She could only find a wooden bed, cracked mirror hanging helplessly on a wall, and a wooden wardrobe. The room looked old and shabby.

"You'll find it around!" Vera snapped.

"Be ready in 2 hours."

Vera left banging the creaked door behind her. If she waited a little longer, she'd not be able to control her thirst.

Kira wondered why she had to be ready in 2 hours. She had heard stories of vampires and werewolves. They're monstrous creatures that are abominable to this world.

She had not set her eyes on Liam but she knew death awaited her in some corners of this building.

She just wished she hadn't left home angrily tonight. She had some misunderstanding with her elder sister. She's so unlucky.

Liam wrapped a towel around his torso as he came out of the bath tub. Liam was fit. His skin was alluring, Smooth and fresh. His chiseled face was beyond perfect.

"Bring me the human!" Liam demanded.

He had no time to waste. He sat in his king sized bed like a king prepared to devour what's coming his way.

He held the duvet cover to feel it's softness. He knew it's about to be soaked in human blood.

Kira was brought before Liam in his bedroom.

She was blindfolded. Her blindfold was so tight that she felt her eyes would fall into her skull. She wore an old fashioned loose fitting red dress.

Her long dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

With the blindfold, and shabby dress, she was still alluring and ravishing.

Liam watched her from where he sat.

Her lips were small. He couldn't wait to make them bleed.

Like a flash, Liam appeared before Kira.

Kira's heart pounded.

Liam traced her neck with his long fingers.

Kira grunted. His eyes traced her lips and body.

He stripped off her cloth. Revealing full perky breasts, delicate collarbones, Slender waist and a smooth satin milk skin.

Fear gripped Kira.

Her hands were tightly chained. She was helpless.

Was this death for her? Was she blindfolded because she didn't have to see death eye to eye?

Liam grabbed her like some garbage, and flung her onto his large bed.