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The Super Warrior of the Beautiful CEO

The Super Warrior of the Beautiful CEO



Ye Fengwu was once a bad jerk and forced a woman to sleep with him, causing her to give birth to a girl. Now, Ye Fengwu chose the side of justice, and he protected all those who needed protection, including the woman she had forced to sleep with, Qin Qinghan. Ye Fengwu disappeared for many years, but in order to help Qin Qinghan out of her trouble, he finally decided to appear in front of her. To his surprise, Qin Qinghan did not resent him, but waited for him. He decided to stay by Qin Qinghan's and his daughter's side to take care of and protect them. But what he didn't know was that from the very second he chose to appear here, he had gotten everyone into a huge trouble...
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In the spacious office, a middle-aged general was sitting on a chair. He pressed the cigarette butt in his hand into the ashtray and looked at the young officer standing straight opposite him.

The young officer was tall and strong. Although his skin was wheat-colored, he had a handsome face.

"Ye Fengwu, this mission is very difficult. You won't reject it, will you?" The general said in a calm tone.

Ye Fengwu had no expression on his face. He straightened his back and said loudly, "Chief, do I have the right to refuse?"

Hearing this, the senior suddenly smiled and scolded, "Don't be like this. Do whatever you want!"

After hearing the general's words, Ye Fengwu laughed. There was a roguish kind of look about it. After which, he picked up the half box of specially prepared cigarettes in front of the general, lit one, and placed the half box of cigarettes into his own pocket.

After taking a deep breath, Ye Fengwu said, "Why did you choose me?"

Upon hearing this, the general sighed and said, "Did you think I wanted to? You are the only major general in our army who is only 26 years old and the only drillmaster of our Scarlet Wolf Special Forces. If it weren't for such an arduous task, the higher-ups wouldn't let you go back to society."

Speaking of this, the general paused for a moment and then he frowned and said, "Ye Fengwu, you should understand your identity from before. This time, when you return to society, on the surface, you are no longer the god of war with countless medals in the army. You are a criminal again."

Ye Fengwu didn't care. He smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. I'm an abandoned child. Ever since I was in school, I was called illegitimate. My family is poor, and the humiliation of the neighbors and classmates around me didn't make me work hard to strengthen myself. All of this made me more twisted. I'm proficient in fighting and collecting protection fees from others. So, if I have to be that kind of person again, I'll be used to it."


Speaking of this, Ye Fengwu's eyes dimmed a little, and then he said, "This led me to do something inexplicable when I was eighteen years old."

That year, he didn't get into high school at sixteen. Instead, he hung around ruffians and hooligans. At the age of eighteen, driven by alcohol, he did something against his principles and violated a teenage girl.

A month after he was put in prison, he was taken away. From then on, he became the most outstanding military king in Celestial.

But what happened that year had always bothered him. He couldn't even see the face of the girl whom he had hurt.


Ye Fengwu blew out a smoke ring and said to the general with a smile, "So, Tianfei, I am very grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to let me, a rogue, arrive at this stage today. Otherwise, I would still be in prison."

He called the general Tianfei. In the Celestial military camp, it was only Ye Fengwu who dared to do so. He was qualified to do so.

Tianfei's name was Luo Tianfei. The family behind him was the Celestial White Tiger Group Group. He was the highest commander of the Scarlet Wolf Special Forces, and the Scarlet Wolf Special Forces were the highest level special forces in Celestial.

Upon hearing these words, the general's expression suddenly became a little more solemn. After that, he said, "Actually, there was another person who freed you from the prison and sent you to the military camp back then."

"Oh..." Ye Fengwu frowned slightly, and there was a trace of doubt in his eyes.

Eight years ago, he had thought that Tianfei had a discerning eye and saved him. Could it be someone else?

Luo Tianfei continued, "Ye Fengwu, I've always been curious about your real identity. You always say that you're an orphan, but if that's the case, no one would have sent you to the Scarlet Wolf Special Forces."

Upon hearing this, Ye Fengwu frowned even more. Could it be that someone else who helped him had something to do with his family background?

Seeing Ye Fengwu's puzzled expression, Luo Tianfei smiled and said, "I've investigated you for a long time. Your family background has always been a mystery. Maybe you're really a lucky orphan, so I can't help you. However, I can help you ease the guilt in your heart."

Hearing this, Ye Fengwu's eyes lit up.

Luo Tianfei continued, "Back then, the girl that you harmed was in Oceania City. Her name was Qin Qinghan. Because she was drugged, you encountered her by chance. If I'm not wrong, you should have been drugged as well."

"Qin Qinghan..." Ye Fengwu murmured. "No wonder she was in such a strange state back then. No wonder my self-control was so poor back then. Unfortunately, I didn't even see her face clearly."

"She used to be a bright girl, but now she has become pitiful. She has suffered a lot over the years. Now, she is a senior executive of the family business and has a daughter," Luo Tianfei said again.

After hearing Qin Qinghan had suffered a lot, Ye Fengwu couldn't help blaming himself. However, when he heard she had a daughter, he suddenly felt a little better. Then he said, "It turns out she is married. I hope she has a good life."

Hearing this, Luo Tianfei shook his head and snorted, "She gave birth to a baby girl in the second year after what you did. Therefore, she was almost driven out by her family, unable to hold her head up high. Essentially, you had ruined her life!"

"What..." Ye Fengwu suddenly stood up. He raised his voice. He had never imagined that he would actually cause such great harm to that girl.

It was easy to imagine how much pain a girl would suffer after being violated. Being pregnant before marriage, she must have been mocked and humiliated by countless people.

Gradually, Ye Fengwu's face became extremely serious, and he said in a low voice, "From now on, my life... belongs to the mother and daughter."

Luo Tianfei sighed and said, "You should leave as soon as possible. Qin Qinghan seems to be in trouble. If you are late, you will regret it for the rest of your life."


With a loud bang, a hole appeared in the hard table.


Two days later, at seven o'clock in the afternoon, in a high-end hotel in the most prosperous area of Oceania City, the whole hall was filled with luxurious dishes.

At the entrance of the hotel, there was a Hummer, which was surrounded by smoke. There were four people in total, including the driver, the co-driver, and the two men in the back seat.

Similar to them, the skin of these four people was wheat-colored, and their bodies were abnormally strong. Ye Fengwu sat in the back seat and threw the cigarette butt out.

"Tell me everything about the Qin family," Ye Fengwu said with a gloomy face. His cold eyes were devoid of any emotion.

The man in the passenger seat said respectfully, "Sir, the Qin family is one of the few family businesses in Oceania City. They are not top-notch, but they are powerful in their own right."

"The current patriarch of the Qin Family is called Qin Guangnan. Today is his 70th birthday. He wants to take this opportunity to marry his granddaughter Qin Qinghan to a man named Zhang Ge. Zhang Ge's father is the chairman of a big company. His strength can't compare with the Qin Family, but he is worth hundreds of millions."

"However, this Zhang Ge is a playboy. He has a bad character because he likes to have mistresses everywhere."

The man next to Ye Fengwu added, "Sir, I heard that Qin Qinghan has suffered a lot in recent years. The whole Qin family almost doesn't treat her as a human being. They are oppressing her family in every way possible."

Hearing this, Ye Fengwu's expression was frighteningly cold. He coldly said, "From today onwards, no one will be able to make my woman suffer any more."

As he spoke, Ye Fengwu pushed the door open and walked out.

"We will come with you to support you," the driver shouted hurriedly.

The driver's name was Yang Lu, the driver's name was Liu Peng, the co-driver's name was Lin Qiang, and the driver's name was Lin Qiang. These three people were all elites of the Scarlet Wolf Special Forces, who were also colonels. Although they were young, they had great power and could even mobilize local forces. This was the strength of the Scarlet Wolf Special Forces.

They were all military kings, but they respected Ye Fengwu and treated him like a god.

The three of them came to Oceania City to help Ye Fengwu. If necessary, they would give him all the help he needed.

Ye Fengwu closed the door and said, "There's no need. Your identities can't be exposed. I'll look for you if necessary."

As he spoke, Ye Fengwu walked towards the entrance of the hotel.

In the hotel, the other banquet was full of enthusiasm. Qin Guangnan was wearing a red suit, and he was smiling. People kept raising their glasses to greet him.

In the corner of these tables, there was an inconspicuous small table. There were only four people at this table. Actually, three and a half.

It was because there was a little girl about six or seven years old among them. The little girl's eyebrows and eyes were delicate, and her big bright eyes were especially beautiful, giving people an indescribable delicate feeling. She wore two ponytails which made her look adorable.

The person sitting next to the little girl was a beautiful woman, who was about 24 years old.

Her long hair was draped over her shoulders, and she was dressed casually. However, this could not shield her beauty. Her every movement was so gentle and beautiful that people had an impulse to hold her in their arms and love her.

The woman glanced at the little girl next to her from time to time. There was tenderness in her eyes, but there was also melancholy.

The beautiful lady was Qin Qinghan. She was concerned about her daughter. She knew this banquet was ready for her. Her grandfather wanted her to marry the son of Zhang Corp, but if she was married, what about her little daughter who hadn't known her own father? Who would take care of her?

Her parents loved their daughter and granddaughter, but they had no way but to surrender because Quint Corp was under control by their father, Qin Guangnan.

Why should they have no powerful back-up?