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Damian Anderson

Damian Anderson

Author:Lulu Bells


Erica is a seventeen years old girl from a humble background whose only dream is to get admission into college to study architecture, but got entangled in a love triangle the very first time she set her eyes on Damian, college president and only child, heir to a multi billionaire real estate mogul. Damian Anderson while in school is a final year student in college caught up between his love interest Erica, and his over possessive step sister Sophia. And just when he figures out a way to deal with the situationship, the unexpected happens and he is made to to leave the country unannounced. They will meet eights years later, only that this time he is now the CEO of his late fathers empire, engage to one of his partner daughters. Erica is now a single mom of one, who is doing very well in her small agency where she has just been made partner. Will they be willingly to accept each other bandages to find their happily ever after, or will pride and grudges be the other of the day.. Find out in the romance theme story Damian Anderson.
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Erica's POV

I opened my eyes slowly to the sound of my alarm beeping at 7:30am, I had not slept for long the previous night. The anxiety of finally becoming a college student was just too good to be true.

Its means I will be free to make my own decisions, to make mistakes and the most important of all, to achieve my dreams.

I stretched on my bed and contemplated for a second whether to get up or not. no way I was going to be caught unawares on this special day. As I was about leaving the bed, I heard a knock on the door

"Come in" I Said already aware of who my intending guest are.

My Dad and Mum came in smiling and holding hands, both looking like newly weds. I don't understand why they are always be smitten by each other. I mean they have been together for close to eighteen years now.

"Good morning mum and dad" I said smiling and blushing, good thing I will be leaving soon, so they can have the entire apartment to themselves. Erica you are going to miss them, no I'm not, we shall see, see we shall then I told myself

"good morning sweetheart" mummy replied still holding on to her husband,not that I am jealous or something, I mean I'm the one leaving soon, should someone not hold my hands too?

" Good morning pumpkin, your mum has decided to take the day off so she can stay at home with you" Dad said looking at mum as if she just invented something out of the ordinary. Weird!

"Thanks mum, I'll really like that". I said smiling.

"I cant believe you will be finally leaving us soon, I'm so happy for you darling" said mum as tears starts rolling down her eyes. She would really make a good actress, perfect canvassed face, easy to cry, she would give any good actress you know, a run for their career.

"Mum I am only going to college to study, I am not getting married"

I said. That brought smiles into her face as she tries to wipe off the tears from her eyes looking embarrassed. I don't get it, if I had not gotten an admission, she will cry and now that I might have gotten it, she is still crying.

Been a mum is the weirdest job ever.

"Okay ladies i have to be on my way now" Dad said as he quickly steals a kiss from mum, sweet! in candy crush voice.

"I love you pumpkin" as he blew me a kiss and hurries off.

"I will be in my room after seeing your Dad to the car" mum said as she follows Dad.

I smiled and thanked God for blessing me with such a wonderful family, they may be weird but they are mine. We didn't have much so we were pretty much contented with whatever we could lay our hands on.

Dad works as a sales rep in a big superstore called Lulu bells

collectibles. Just last week he was promoted to assistant sells manager. Mum owns a makeup shop where she have a few people working for her.

My Dad and mum were high school dropout, that is why they so excited to see me go to college. I stood up and went to take a shower and quickly got dressed for the big event of the day.


Its passed 2pm already, and the postman was yet to deliver my admission letter. Some of my classmates in high school had earlier called to inform me that they have received theirs.

I was so sure I did very well in exams, even those that got lower grades than mine have all since received theirs. I had earlier called my best friend Beatrice, to find out if she has received hers. She hasn't.

I lifted my head from where I was to see my Mum peeping through the window for the a thousand and one times,hoping to see what we have both been waiting for, she Sighed and smiled at me.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I am sure it will arrive soon" She said while she moving away from the window towards the kitchen. I was not so sure if those words were for me, because she looked like she needed it more.

I sat down on one of the sofas in the sitting room, playing candy crush on my cellphone as the sound of my favorite program on TV fills the room. I was down and anxious.

The house phone rang and mum looked at me hoping I will answer the caller, when she saw I had no intention of getting up, she reluctantly moved from where she was sitting to pick up the phone and spoke softly to the caller.

"Hello, I'm fine, No it has not arrived"

she said, using her left hand to touch her face, she look exhausted but beautiful. Mum is a head tuner, daddy often get jealous of the compliments she gets from others while they are out shopping.

I have never really bothered about my looks because my dream is to become the best architectural student so that I can work with the best companies.

I attended a very expensive boarding school that had just girls, not because my parents could really afford it, they just believed I will be able to concentrate more and come out in good grades. I really did made them proud, they were very happy with my final result.

"I will call you as soon as it does, I love you too"

Mum's voice bringing me back to my present situation. she hanged up the phone and smiled at me,

"that was your dad, he sends his love"

she said with a beautiful smile as she look through the widow once more.

I was beginning to think my admission letter will never arrive. My cellphone rings and the caller was Beatrice, "hey babe" I said as she screams. "I just received my admission letter!!" Her tiny high pitch voice almost rendering me deaf.

"congratulations" I said genuinely happy for my best friend but still feeling bad for not getting mine yet. Beatrice sensed the coldness in my voice and asked if I have received mine, I said no.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you will get it, before the day runs out". "I'm truly happy for you" I said as she ends the call in a hurry perhaps to inform other friends and family members.

I do not know how to hide my emotions,when I am happy you can sense it from a thousand miles away. I tiredly dragged my feet back to my room, I could feel mums eyes following me every step I took.

I finally got to my room and saw all the beautiful things mum and dad had bought for me. What will happen if I do not get this letter.

Its less than a week to resumption and I was yet to see my admission letter, I tried to hold the hot tears that has been wanting to roll down my eyes in captivity, but the stupid things just fell out and a bit of me went with it.

This is not how I expected my day to end, I was exhausted from doing nothing.


I didn't know I had slept off, when I woke up with sound of a car horn coming from the garage.

It was my dad parking his old car. I was too tired or let me just say too embarrassed to go and welcome him back. That moment I wished I was invincible, didn't want to hear any pity speeches.

I heard mum open the door to welcome him, I thought I also heard them giggled, but I really could not hear what they were whispering about.

Moments later I heard foots steps coming towards my room.

Oh no, here comes the lecture.

I heard a bit of laughter before a knock on the door. I pretended I was sleeping so they could go away but when they saw I wasn't ready to answer the door.

They came in uninvited. "hi pumpkin" Daddy said, as he switched on the light, I saw it was passed 8pm already. "Hi dad" I said, slowly getting up from the bed. I discover my mum had hands on her back, but I didn't read any meaning to it, its probably just chocolates dad bought for consolation. others are getting admitted and I am getting chocolates, yeah that is just perfect.

"Guess who came by the office this evening" daddy asked with a wild grin on his face.

" I have no idea Dad, and I am really tired, I need to sleep"

"Sleep?, But we planned on going out to celebrate your admission".

" I didn't receive  my admission letter Dad so there is nothing to celebrate" I said my voice like that of a girl who just caught her crush kissing her enemy "Says who?" Asked dad dramatically.

Mum came over to my bed side and gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and on top is a letter

"congratulations pumpkin", I immediately stood up and as I was opening the letter, when daddy said "I totally forgot we filled in my office address in your application form"

yes that's true, we filled Dad office address because we felt the house address would be too difficult to locate. I opened the letter and it reads

" congratulations

Erica Williams, you have been admitted to study architecture in Franstar University".

I scream "its my admission letter!!" as mum and dad hugged me and congratulated me. Now that's how to end a day.

College here I come