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Rejected (my human mate)

Rejected (my human mate)

Author:Authoress Fik ky


It's a storis about an alpha who rejected his mate due to underestimation and looks of his mate. Thus, his mate only needs love and someone who will care for her. Meeting themselves in an unexpected means caused confusion for them which led to many unfold problems in the future. Will they cope? When fire and ice meet, what will happen
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  Arias POV

  "Come down now! Will you?" I heard my dad asked.

  " I don't know who in the world the word I don't want to eat doesn't understand? "I huff looking at my twin who just wave me off and walked towards the exit.

  I groaned before walking downstairs. I just hate eating with that bitch of a girl, or should I say hole.

  But you always cum in her mouth, my wolf said with a smirk. That true, but you don't have to remind me. I scolded my wolf.

  "Hey love," Victoria said with her bitch voice. I sunb her and took another extra sit beside mom instead of sitting at my usual place, since Victoria was sitted besides my usual sit in between my Dad and her.

  "Hey man, "victor greeted in our bc

boys code

."hey," I replied taking out some sandwiches and coffee.

  "What the fuck!" I shouted spitting out the sandwich in my mouth. "Who made this?" I roared in anger.

  Faith ran out of the kitchen, looking down at her fingers. What a pathetic human, I said in my mind.

  "Who made this sandwich?" I asked trying to keep the fire which was already glowing in my hands clam.

  Am Arias Muah and my twin sister is Arianna Muah. My Dad and Mom are the Alpha and Luna of the god of war pack.

  Am the next Alpha and am gifted with power of strength when I aged 18 and with the power of fire which made me special.

  One thing about Alpha family is that they do have special power which only them and their family possess.

  Which a true Alpha family can be easily detected. I aged 18 two months ago which was Jan 5th.

  People respect me like an Alpha cause my dad allowed me to run this pack for six months. Then if I run it well,he will step down for me.

  The Betal of this pack is Victor and the bitch of a daughter called Victoria father, his name is Mark and his wife is Veronica.

  They are cheerful with a lot of decency except their daughter Victoria who her mate is one of the warrior in this pack.

  She rejected him because she like to cling to me thinking she is the next Luna.

  Part of it was my fault and my mate fault. Because a mate is said to have been found at the maximum age of 12.

  Just like my twin sister, she found her's at the age of 6. I can still remember then, the guy will be the next head warrior of this pack. He is my best friend, his name is Jack.

  I gave up on having a mate when I was 15 cause I don't know where in the world my mate is.

  All the pack have gone to, I didn't find my other half. Am not some who has patience, so I gave up and started using Victoria as my side chick.

  But the fool thought she would be my Luna. Foolish her...

  "It's madam Victoria that made it." The human cook named faith said which made me snap back to reality.

  " You say what?" I asked already feeling my Wolf wanting to come out.

  "It's madam Victoria that said she wants to make the sandwich for her fiancee." She said shaking with sweat forming all over her.

  " Fiancee?" I asked still in anger.

  "Alpha we caught a rogue at the entrance of our boder." A guard said while I took my eyes to him.

  " Where is the rogue?" I asked with range due to the shit Victoria made that doesn't even taste like food.

  "Am going to let the rogue pay for disturbing me from putting Victoria in her place." I said following the guard to where the rogue is...