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Love Game: Entangled With Two CEOs

Love Game: Entangled With Two CEOs



One time, as a married woman, Joe offended a mysterious man. His name was not clear, his occupation was not clear, and his marriage was not clear. But he always helped her when she was in the most awkward situation. What? This man was not what she thought he was an ordinary man! He was Shang Linjun, a famous man in the northern city. According to the legend, this powerful man was married several times. It was said that he had a son. Legend had it that he didn't like women. Shit, who said that he didn't like women? He was just a pig that ate a tiger!
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In a private hospital, at the Department of Gynecology.

Outside the VIP ward, a middle-aged man looked at his wife Elise with a gloomy face. "Do you really want to do this?"

"I thought we had already discussed this a long time ago? Do you want to go back on your words again at the last minute?"

The middle-aged man sighed, "You are also aware of Caitlin's temper. If she knows that we have sold her out like this, she won't forgive us."

"What are you afraid of? If you and I keep quiet about this, she will never know. Besides, she will sleep it off without even noticing. It's not like she will suffer any loss."

Patrick paced back and forth in the corridor and shook his head. As he pushed the door open and tried to get in, he hesitated, "No! We can't do this!"

"Come back!" Elise grabbed her husband and said, "Are you going to waste all of dad's effort? Do you want Eliza to go in instead of Caitlin? She is only sixteen years old. Can you bear that?"

Elsie burst into tears when she said that. Muddled and annoyed by her cry, he made up his mind and said, "Okay, stop crying. I'll listen to you, alright?"

Hearing what he said, Elise wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and hooked her lips. "That's more like it."

To be continued

Six years later.

Outside the president's office of the Francis Group.


Caitlin Marshall was standing outside the office in her professional suit, and she could clearly hear the undisguised sound coming from the inside of the office.

Everyone in the secretary's room looked pale. She was the only one standing there with a calm face. Even though the voice inside got louder and louder like a declaration of war, her delicate face remained still.

"M-Mrs. Francis, the president is a little busy now..." Callum Howell said.

"I know." Caitlin calmly pushed the door open and walked in, leaving Callum with cold sweat at his back. 

She acted too calm as a wife who had just caught her husband cheating on the spot, right? 

The door was suddenly pushed open, and the naked woman inside was shocked, "Who... who are you? Why didn't you knock on the door before coming in?"

Compared to the naked woman, Andres Francis's clothes seemed neat.

He looked at Caitlin indifferently while holding the woman in his arms, "Morning, Mrs. Francis."

"M-Mrs. Francis?" The woman on the desk was shocked upon hearing her title.

"Morning, Mr. Francis." Caitlin greeted him with a slight nod. There was a hint of arrogance in her beautiful eyes.

She put a document on the desk and said, "This is the project schedule of No. 2023. Mr. Francis, please take a look when you're free."

Andres stared at Caitlin's exquisite face. He replied as if venting his resentment, "Do you think I have the time to go through it now?"

Caitlin smiled and said, "You're right. It doesn't seem like you're free at the moment."

She took the phone from the desk and pressed the internal button. "Callum, please come in."

She said the four words and hung up the phone, not giving him any chance to reject.

Soon, Callum pushed the door open and came in. He was instantly showered with cold sweat when he saw the scene inside. 

Would he get blamed for the affair?

"Your president claimed that he is busy and has no time to read the documents. Can you please stand here and read it out for him, then let him sign the document? I will come over and pick it up ten minutes later."

Caitlin's voice was proud and calm as if it was not her husband who was with another woman at the moment.