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Destroyed By Him

Destroyed By Him



"Look at me Ashley." Augustine said against my ear. I knew he is angry but I failed to do what he asked. "I SAID FUCKING LOOK AT ME ASHLEY CAMPBELL.!" Augustine shouted at me. I finally managed to look at his scary yet attractive eyes. I gasped as he touched my bottom lip with his thumb. "Let me tell you my little angel, you're mine. Mine to fuck, mine to kiss, Mine to touch and only mine. From the very first day that I laid my eyes on you." Augustine said as he smirked at me and suddenly he pushed me against the wall and started to unbuckle his belt while tearing my clothes. ....................................... Ashley Campbell is 16 years old an attractive girl with kind and innocent heart. Because of her father’s death Ashley and her mother moved to live with her uncle and started new life with new a school. Because of her beauty and innocent personality she attracted a dangerous attention from a person. That made her leave her school, hometown and her new home. Augustine Lennox is 17 years old arrogant boy with a cold personality. He is the future heir of Lennox corporations. Everyone is scared of him because his power. He had everything in his life but the first day he saw Ashley he started his new goal. But After five years ..... Everything changed.
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  It’s been a month since my dad’s death till we feel like he is here with us. My mom suffered because of the death of my dad. She loved him more than anything in this world, actually they were a really nice couple but we can’t stay here anymore because those memories of dad are killing us. He was the best man I’ve ever known. He loved us limitlessly. I still remember the way he cuddled me to sleep while telling fairy tales. I have no idea why this happened. He always said that I’m his little princess and the most beautiful princess in the world. He did everything that he could do for our lives, he made our lives complete and wonderful but now he’s gone. I clutched one of his shirts as I tried to force my tears back. I just couldn’t believe that he’s not here to support me anymore. This is the house that he built for me and my mother but we can’t make ourselves live in this house without him. It hurts like hell. So we decided to go to our uncle’s place. He is a good man with a kind personality and he lives alone in his big house so he asked us to come and live with him so we agreed with him. .

  “Ashe, baby let’s go, your uncle is here ” my mom came to my room and told me with a sad smile.

  “Okay mom I’m coming” I said wiping my tears. It hurts when I see this house without dad but I still have those beautiful memories that we shared together and the most important thing to me is the beautiful necklace that dad gave me to my 15th birthday. I sighed and took my necklace before going downstairs. After we came out of the house for the one last time I looked at my lovely house with undying memories.

  “Are you alright sweetie? “ My uncle asked with a worried look as he came to my side.

  “Yeah I’m okay. Thank you “ I nodded at him while smiling.. Finally we left our old house with happy memories and also with the sad memories. After a three hour ride finally here we are in my uncle’s house. It's a very big house. So this will be my new home.

  “Lia, let’s go to your room and Ashe’s room first “ my uncle said to mom as he picked out luggage.

  “Okay thank you Liam “ my mom said with tears in her eyes.

  “ Hey it’s okay no need to say thanks. Aren’t we brother and sister? “ my uncle said with a little smile. He has the same eyes as my mom grey color and pretty.

  “Yes we are, let’s go to our rooms. I need to sleep. I'm just a little tired “ mom said as she hugged me.

  As I entered my room, I found it’s very nice and quiet. I love it very much. I jumped to my bed and I started to think about my new life and I have no idea at what time I fell asleep.

  “Ashe come on darling, dinner is ready. Let’s have dinner together with your uncle “ I heard my mom speak as she knocked on the door. I quickly got up and went to the bathroom and took a shower, changed my clothes and went downstairs and I saw my mom and uncle waiting for me to join them.

  “Ashley, you can go to school from tomorrow onwards. I have arranged everything for you. You will be alright.” My uncle said as he smiled with me. I nodded but I was nervous because this place is ew to me..

  “Okay thank you so much uncle Liam.” I said with my happy smile. Then I looked at my mom and she's smiling with me.

  “Thank you for helping us Liam thank you so much.” My mom said as she hugged my uncle.

  “That’s my responsibility sister. No need to thank I love you guys so I will always be there for you. Trust me. We are family now.” My uncle said with a smile on his face and patting my mom. After dinner, I was tired and wanted to sleep.

  “Good night mom. I love you.” I kissed mom’s cheek.

  “Good night baby girl. I love you more.” Mom kissed my cheeks while hugging me.

  “Good night uncle Liam.” I said as I kissed his cheek.

  “Good night lovely.” He said with a smile on his face.

  I went to my room and climbed to my bed. I started to think again about my father ‘damn I miss him so much.’ And again I started to think about my new school and tomorrow is the first day of my school. ‘Would I be able to make friends?’ I asked myself. I’m so excited and happy. Suddenly I remembered my necklace and I wore it so dad will always be with me.

  “Good night daddy. I love you ” I said with a little sadness through my chest. I’m not still strong enough to face everything alone without my dad because he was the one who always stayed with me for everything but now he’s gone so I should be strong and face my new life. That’s what dad always told me he said that be a strong and bright woman in the future so I’m gonna be like that. So tomorrow will be the new beginning of my life so I will work hard and be a good person in the future, just like dad always wanted me to. I will never disappoint him and I know that he’s looking at me while blessing me. I smiled and gave a little kiss to my necklaces and with that thought I slowly fell asleep in my new room, new home and new hometown.