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Adventures Of Desires

Adventures Of Desires

Author:Sasina Zariel Irle Rhaghdary Lan


At a time when life is leading him to create the image of a fragile boy who is starting to grow and develop, playing with imagination, with proposals and provocations, embarking on high society, where everyone wants him to stay in his middle, being seduced, he is not smart, he is a young man in the prime of life, so, where he surrenders to the pleasures of submission, in which each of them, are the dominant, older, more experienced. Since development, I put it like the following form. Yes, it would be slow. Embark on the sprawling city of Lovecraft County, where corruption begins. Showcasing the life and adventures of a boy traumatized from childhood, where he was raised by his godparents, he grew up traveling the world to become a great man, being young, he learns quickly, and everyone is interested. in him, the city and people are interested in this person who is new in the middle of high society, in which everyone is interested in him, so, high society that is surrounded by interesting people, who must acquire experience, both in love life and in life social life. In the beginning, in which Tsuki was shown to be reclusive, even withdrawn, in which in the beginning he is shown to be ashamed, in which he brings his development alongside his godparents who raised him after the death of his parents, who were murdered. Tsuki then, when he reached the age of 18, began to take over the company, being a rich heir, where I present him when debating his life, with competitive advantages, where yes, he discovers the world around him, conspiracies, assassination attempts , with controversial issues, with an impact within the city, between investment, yes, it is where people embark on the world of pleasures and mysteries.
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Tsuki Miki is a wealthy 18-year-old businessman, the sole heir to a large conglomerate, in which he lost his parents in a murder when he was just over 6 years old.

He was the grandson of Greeks and Chinese, he came from the wealthy city of Lovecraft County, where his company had great influence, always had, he was albino pale, could it just be the lack of sun, the fact that he stayed in his room or since At the age of 16, he accompanied his godparents at the company, when he decided to help them take over the business.

He had slanted, almond-shaped eyes, icy blue, and long, white hair that reached below his waist, where he was muscular, 5'10" tall, but was versed in various styles of martial arts.

Even though trained in law and administration, he managed his rich and multimillion-dollar company.

The company grew up buying real estate and holding rent for other people and businesses, the city was his, but he was a recluse, emo, who needed to get out of the house.

“I always leave the house.” In which Tsuki defended himself once.

“For business, not for fun.” When Veronika said.

“You're not going to the party; I don't even know why I paid for dance lessons. - Amasteus said.

He was raised by his godfather Amasteus Patterdaemonum and Veronika Calmell.

Tsuki was almost a hikikomori, reclusive and withdrawn, only going out for work, even though he was an 18-year-old who wanted to take over the business, he had almost no social interaction outside of company and city business circles.

He saw his parents, Mr. Yue Delphos and Miaka Delphos, murdered in front of him, as they left the cinema on a starry night.

Throughout his youth, due to the business of his godfathers, he travelled the world, even if he avoided very prolonged contacts, all this when he returned to the city of Nova Asia, a little over five years ago, and he was disputed, being a playboy, rich and early responsible, he was watched, practically flirted with by three people.

As much as the two German senators, called Klaus Burscheid being a rich businessman in the export business and Alexander Schneider the businessman in the energy and oil business, in addition to having made money with alliances.

With their conglomerates, buying other companies in different fields, as for Alexander's wife, Suyane, there are the three of them, that trio of tall and muscular redheads, his wife, although she was an award-winning bodybuilder, she was a businesswoman in the cosmetics and of the laboratories.

He was recently being soldiers to be inducted into a partnership and enter the same line of business, among them who approached him were older than he, both men being 50 years old, the woman 47 years old, they were tall and muscular., being that they were at that hour.

He met them through the business meeting of their godparents, who took them with them, so that the boy could take over the business they wanted so much.

At that time, a few weeks ago.

Approached by the corridors.

“Honey, do you have a girlfriend?” Suyane questioned, he turned around, almost bumping into her husband, at that time, when he saw that he was cornered.

"I do not want problems."

“We don't see any problems, so you already answered my wife's question” Alexander questioned.

"How it is...?" Tsuki blushed red.

Almost whispering, he spoke with a squeaky voice, thanks to the fact that the directors went ahead at the end of the corridor his godparents were laughing together.

"I'm a virgin..." Tsuki forced herself to answer.

“Come on, want to eat, let’s go to the cafeteria and get to know each other...”

They didn't give any alternative, they started flirting openly.

They openly bickered at the boardroom table, even between conversations.

“Go get me a coffee.” Suyane ordered Klaus who was more bossed by Suyane than Alexander.

“Yes, dear, with pleasure.” Klaus said.

“Won't you get me some candy, honey/” Alexander questioned her.

“Go get you.” The woman said.

“Always the bossy one.

Tsuki felt withdrawn trapped between the three of them, the woman clung to him too much, she was too dominant.

So, showing all the means to seduce him, Tsuki was a virgin, even if he had never shown for some time that he had a predilection for threesomes, much less inclined to gay sex, but they insisted, they sent flowers.

He had some traumas for having seen his parents' death, a little withdrawn, I say in passing, psychologists couldn't help, he avoided relationships, but because of that, he became the victim of his matchmaking godparents, who found in some partners, the perfect people to teach you about relationships and sex.

When trying to escape, he was approached by his godparents.

I am being chased.!” Tsuki broke out in a cold sweat.

“How about a try, love?” Amasteus encouraged him.

“But godparents. – Tsuki tried for the hundredth time.

"You're not going to stay celibate forever, nor are you going to become a priest, for all your parents did, putting all the assets together, it has to at least be administration after we're dead." - Amasteus said.

“You know, what you lack is experience, someone to teach you true love.” Veronika said.

“You will not run away like a coward.” Veronika said, handing over a cake.

“Go eat with them.” Veronika ordered.

"So go back there, at least give them a try, don't give them no cake, and at least try, for us." Amasteus said.

Those three people volunteered, he dedicated a part of his life to exercise, to the peak of physique, but he wasn't very tall.

Tsuki went back to the meal, still getting a cake starting the conversation.

In those days that followed, every day they talked when he received gifts, colognes, sweets, among others.

When getting up in the morning, an invitation to a party, he had no escape.

Those three together, around him, even the woman were over 1.90 tall.

He wore a beautiful, sexy tuxedo that he'd received in a box the week before, in front of him in the dining room.

Even though he made constant attempts to push them away, it was rebuffed, he gave them a thousand apologies, but they insisted.

“You come with us, yes.” Alexander said.

That's when Tsuki realized that they didn't give up, at that time, thanks to his godparents, he wanted to get into the business, without having to give his virginity to the three of them, but he was being invited to parties, with each of them.

He was being waited for by a limousine, with the three of them inside, even as he entered, he received wet kisses.

“I'm too young to keep a commitment as serious as this one. Tsuki said.

He was inexperienced, I mean, at least, that woman's hands, Suyane on his ass, his shyness was enormous, he barely flirted in his youth.

As he flinched and tried to wriggle out of Alexander's grasp and pull him back into the circle, he was embarrassed.

“Come on, try to get comfortable, you might like it. - The man touched him on the face and on his ass. – Tsuki flinched trying to escape to be pulled by Klaus' hands.

We will introduce you to our partners.” Alexander said.

Being that they volunteered so they could be introducing him to all their partners, colleagues, businessmen, trying to steal kisses, flirting with, and approaching him, trying to get him out of parties, stealing kisses, so lately, he knew even with the lack of experience in sex, that they wanted to fuck him.