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Captured And Broken Luna

Captured And Broken Luna

Author:Goodness Chiamaka


Mature Content! ''I was so shocked when his firmed strong hands curved my sexy curvy waist in a tight grip and he held me up and slammed me to the wall. I would admit he was so handsome and I didn't bargain for this. He spoked to me about mate and I shivered and next he slammed me to his bed to show me an example, no he wanted to had s*x with me and his eyes spoked it all.'' ***** Luna Lawson, a 22-years old female was the only daughter left of her father, Late King Lawson, Ruler of Sunfield City. The city was destroyed and burnt to ashes by the dragons, as they were superior beings and claimed to ruled over the lands. The Almighty king of the Dragons, king Mikel Diego abducted all the humans females and what he used them for, Luna didn't knew. He breathed out fire, of his mouth and nostrils. He was dangerous and a killer. Luna disguised herself as a man and travelled far away with her remaining people, hidden as the dragons kidnapped and r*ped their women, forcing the humans to birth more baby dragons. Luna trained day and night with sword, killing any dragon that came her way, until she was finally captured and taken to their Dragons king. Would Luna be abled to survive and get her revenge?. Or would she fall in love with the handsome dragon king?. Read to find out.. An interesting love story between a human and a dragon shapeshifter.
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Luna Lawson:

I woke up with the smell of burnt wood. Staring around town, I knew that the dragons had invaded the new village again. I was running and slaying of every single damn dragon creature that had invaded our lands. First they killed my father whom was the king, now they were abducting all the humans females of our kinds.

The humans were beautiful, the more reason we never left the tower gate nor went hunting. As it was mostly the men that hunt and returned back home to feed us.

How long are we going to continue running and hiding from this beastly creatures that could shapeshifted into humans and dragons and flew?. Someone has to stop them, but who?. I asked myself as I turned backward dressed like a male warrior that am not, as my other five sisters had all been kidnapped and taken away, and I was the only surviving daughter and heir to Sunfield kingdom left.

Burning with rage I stopped and removed my sword to face the dragons. As I was trained as a male warrior, because my father didn't had a son and my mother had lost hope after my birth and killed herself.

I had to took up the courage to trained as the son my father never had as those beastly dragons couldn't be killed easily as their skins were so strong.

I waited for the dragons to showed up, knowing that they had invaded our land and returned to this new hideout of ours to kidnapped the females again, whom they could obviously perceived. As everything they ever wanted was to mated with we humans females, but how do those females that they had previously captured survived?.

Obviously it wasn't that the females agreed to slept with a dragon-man and to conceive a dragon baby. They were forced and I couldn't imagined what those dragon-men forced into those young pretty females they had captured.

They didn't captured the ugly ones amongst us and off course most of our women weren't ugly. But still they ain't satisfied with all the women that they had captured, as they kept returning back to capture more of us.

The first day they came into our palace. They killed and burned down the guards. And I wasn't home, as I had gone out for my training, where I learnt how to fought like a male warrior.

Seems the rumors had reached their dragons king's ears that the human ruler had a lot of pretty daughters and he targeted my family.

As all my five sisters were gone and I knew there was no hope of them returning back home to our palace.

Sunfield palace burnt to ashes when I was only 15-years old. And now am 22-years old. I tied my bandana around my head and wore my warrior cloth. Picking up my bow and arrows and sword, I fixed them into their respective places of my manly clothes and I went out holding my sword up high to face the dragons again.

These dragons terrorized the whole town feeling the humans were weaklings, and I couldn't even differentiated the dragons from our men, as it was difficult and that was how intruders started invading our lands as the dragon men were also handsome too.

Some were dark, while some others were yellow and their skins so enchanting and sparkling like a shinning glass surface.

I had tried to studied the dragon men and because I dressed manly, I haven't been captured to be taken away.

Our men fought pretty good but they were still no match for the dragons whom could breathed out fire, so whenever the dragon-men invaded, the males allowed them took their daughters away without doing anything to stop them, but no!. Enough of the cries.

"Stop there!" I commanded, and the two dragon-men turned to face me.

"Eh mister!. Get out from our way, we are here for the pretty females and not masculine men like you, now move aside before I burn you to ashes" One of the dragon men said.

"Hmm" My eyes darken at the dragon man whom spoked to me, as I got a golden coloured eyes that burned in anger.

In a sharp swift moved of my sword, I summersaulted frontward and sliced the dragon man by his throat, killing him instantly and he let out a shrilled cried, but as his second wanted to burned me alive while he was still shocked, I sliced him too, killing them both and rescuing my people.

"Hurry!, we have to leave this village!, As if the other dragons found out that these two didn't returned back to their king, then we will all be in grave danger, having battalion of dragons chasing after us!" I screamed out, as I let all the people staring at me in shocked knew.

"Thank you sir for saving our daughters, may the lands bless you and be in favour of you.."

I watch the elderly men sang praises to me, and I yelled out, "This no time for praises! hurry up and lets leave."

We had been traveling since our lands got destroyed and yet these dragons don't want to give up on capturing us, they want to enslaved our kind and not wanting us to enjoy the free liberty of freedom.

We slept and woke up everyday in fright, running away from the flying creatures that could perceived our scent and let out their tongue in a way to explained how delicious our women were to them.

I had no time to dressed like a female that I was. As even as I was pretty though, I had to wore my coverage, not wearing any bra underneath my shield to hid how big my breasts were, as that was the first major target of the dragons, staring to the female chest.

None of my people knew I was a female and I made no friends either, except for my trainer.

I thought to stopped the capturing of our people and I thought of a solution - To kill their dragon king and queen as that way, it will send all the dragons away to fear the humans, and I decided to put away with my disguised when next another set of dragons returned to capture more of our females again.

I thought to show to them my bodily asset as that was my weapon of mass destruction to eliminated all those silly dragons.

I was tall, sexy curvy and had a flat stomach with big ass.

My buttocks was also big as I got a big natural round butt*cks. But because I trained so hard, day and night, training and mastering the art of sword fighting. I had no time to show off my beauty as the last princess of Sunfield kingdom.

But my mind was made up, except we want to continue running.

After finding a nearby camp the people were all happy that they now have a new dragon slayer to protect them, but I wasn't happy as I had to revenge my parents loss, my sisters dismissed and to also fight for the next generation unborn, to have their freedom.

This was my plan and like I knew it, same night some dragons returned to the new camp, blowing fires around us and they burnt down the tent that surrounded us, so none of us would escaped and they flew down.

They were all black dragons and they flew down and shapeshifted back into their human forms while my eyes burned at them as I was still standing amongst our people not afraid as one of the dragons walked up to meet us and stopped in front of me.

"Who among you all killed our men?" The dragon man questioned out, and the people were visibly shaking and I could feel their eyes staring to me as they weren't ready to be burnt to ashes yet.

"I did.." A man stepped out, holding his sword and the handsome black dragon-man standing at my view narrowed his eyes to the man as he smirked and walked up to meet the man.

"You?" He laughed out scornfully and walked round the man, whom was visibly shaking in a circle..

"I doubt you're the one. Do you actually think you can lie to us?. For the last time, who beheaded our men?. You can see I came here with my sword, as the same treatment given to us, will be given to you all, if you don't bring out the warrior now whom killed our guards sent here."

"I did.." I finally spoked, but this time I didn't tried to cover up my feminine voice as I was a female and I saw the dragon-man turned to face me in shock.

"You.." he strode back to meet me, and he sniffed rounded me like he could perceived my scent.

"I knew you're a woman hiding in the disguise, how interesting?" He smirked.