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Captured And Broken Luna

Captured And Broken Luna

Author:Goodness Chiamaka


Mature Content! ''I was so shocked when his firmed strong hands curved my sexy curvy waist in a tight grip and he held me up and slammed me to the wall. I would admit he was so handsome and I didn't bargain for this. He spoked to me about mate and I shivered and next he slammed me to his bed to show me an example, no he wanted to had s*x with me and his eyes spoked it all.'' ***** Luna Lawson, a 22-years old female was the only daughter left of her father, Late King Lawson, Ruler of Sunfield City. The city was destroyed and burnt to ashes by the dragons, as they were superior beings and claimed to ruled over the lands. The Almighty king of the Dragons, king Mikel Diego abducted all the humans females and what he used them for, Luna didn't knew. He breathed out fire, of his mouth and nostrils. He was dangerous and a killer. Luna disguised herself as a man and travelled far away with her remaining people, hidden as the dragons kidnapped and r*ped their women, forcing the humans to birth more baby dragons. Luna trained day and night with sword, killing any dragon that came her way, until she was finally captured and taken to their Dragons king. Would Luna be abled to survive and get her revenge?. Or would she fall in love with the handsome dragon king?. Read to find out.. An interesting love story between a human and a dragon shapeshifter.
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Luna Lawson:

I woke up to the smell of burnt wood, surveying the town I could tell that the dragons had invaded the new village once again. I ran, slaying every single dragon creature that had invaded our lands. First, they killed my father, who was the king, and now they were abducting all the females of our kind.

Humans were beautiful and that was why we never left the tower gate or went hunting. It was mostly the men who hunted and returned home to feed us.

How long would we continue running and hiding from these beastly creatures that could shape-shift into humans and dragons and fly? Someone had to stop them, but who? I asked myself as I turned back dressed like a male warrior that I was not. All my five sisters had been taken away, and I was the only surviving daughter and heir to the Sunfield kingdom.

Burning with rage, I stopped and drew my sword to face the dragons. I was trained as a male because my father didn't have a son and my mother lost hope after my birth and killed herself. I had to gather the courage to train as the son my father never had, as those beastly dragons couldn't be easily killed due to their strong skins.

I waited for the dragons to show up, knowing that they had returned to this new hideout of ours to kidnap the females again. All they wanted was to mate with human females, but how did the previously captured females survive? It was evident that they did not willingly sleep with a dragon man and conceive a dragon baby; they were forced, and I could not imagine the horrors those dragon men forced upon those young, pretty females they had captured.

They did not capture the ugly ones, and our women were far from ugly. Yet, they were not satisfied with the women they had captured and kept returning to take more of us.

The first day they came to our palace, they killed and burned down the guards. I was not home as I was away for my training, where I learned how to fight like a man.

It seemed that rumors had reached the dragon king's ears that the human ruler had many pretty daughters, and he targeted my family.

All my five sisters were gone, and I knew there was no hope of their return.

Sunfield palace burned to ashes when I was just 15 years old.

Now, 22 years older, I tied a bandana around my head and donned my warrior attire. Picking up my bow and arrows, I fixed them into their respective places on my masculine outfit and ventured out, raising my sword high to face the dragons once more.

These dragons terrorized the town, thinking humans were weaklings, and I could barely differentiate the dragons from our men. It was difficult, and that was how intruders invaded our lands, as the dragon men were also handsome.

Some were dark, while others were yellow, their skins enchanting and sparkling like a shining glass surface.

I had trained to study the dragon men and because I dressed as a man, I had not been captured to be taken away.

Our men fought well, but they were still no match for the dragons who breathed fire. Whenever the dragons invaded, the males allowed them to take their daughters without resistance, but no more. Enough of the cries.

"Stop there!" I commanded, and the two dragons turned to face me.

"Hey, mister! Get out of our way. We are here for the pretty females, not masculine men like you. Move aside before I burn you to ashes."

My eyes darkened at one of the dragons who spoke to me, and I felt anger burning within me.

With a swift, sharp move of my sword, I somersaulted forward and sliced the dragon man by his throat, killing him instantly. He let out a shrill cry, and as his companion attempted to burn me alive while in shock, I swiftly sliced him too, killing them both and rescuing my people.

"Hurry! We must leave this village. If the other dragons find that these two did not return to their king, we will be in grave danger with a battalion of dragons chasing us!" I exclaimed, making sure everyone staring at me in shock understood.

"Thank you, sir, for saving our daughters. May the lands bless you and be in your favor."

I watched as the elderly men sang praises and yelled, "This is no time for praises! Hurry and let's leave."

We had been traveling since our lands were destroyed, yet the dragons did not cease in their attempts to capture us, aiming to enslave our kind and deny us the freedom we deserve.

We slept and woke up every day in fear, fleeing from the flying creatures that fixated on our kind and spoke in a manner that described how delectable our women were to them.

I had no time to dress as the female I was, even though I was pretty. I wore coverage, not wearing a bra underneath my shield to hide my ample chest, as that was the primary target of the dragons, gazing at the female chest.

None knew I was a female, and I made no friends.

I pondered on stopping the capture of our people and thought of a solution - killing their dragon king and queen. That way, it would drive all the dragons away, instilling fear in them, and I resolved to shed my disguise if another set of dragons came to capture our females again.

I considered revealing my physical assets as my weapon of mass destruction to eliminate all those dragons.

I was tall, sexy, curvy, with a flat stomach and a big butt.

My buttocks were ample, with a big, round, natural shape. Nonetheless, due to training tirelessly day and night and mastering the art of sword fighting, I had no time to flaunt my beauty as the last princess of the Sunfield kingdom.

My mind was set, unless we desired to keep running.

Upon finding a nearby camp, the people were elated to have a new dragon slayer to protect them, but I was not content. I had to avenge my parents' loss, my sisters' dismissal, and fight for the unborn next generation to have their freedom.

This was my plan, and as anticipated, that same night, some dragons returned to the new camp, encircling us with fire and burning down the tents surrounding us to prevent any escapes. They landed, all black dragons, shifting back into their human forms as my eyes burned with determination. I stood among our people, unafraid, as one of the dragons approached us and halted in front of me.

"Who among you killed our men?" the dragon man queried, causing the people to tremble visibly, their eyes fixated on me as they were not prepared to be incinerated.

"I did," a man stepped forward, holding his sword, and the handsome black dragon-man standing before me narrowed his eyes at him. With a smirk, he walked toward the man.

"You?," he laughed scornfully, circling around the trembling man. "I doubt you're the one. Do you truly think you can deceive us? For the last time, who beheaded our men? You can see I came here armed. Unless you wish the treatment bestowed upon us to befall you all, bring forth the warrior who killed our guards now!"

"I did," I finally spoke, this time without attempting to disguise my voice, revealing myself as a female. The dragon-man turned to face me.

"You," he strode back toward me, sniffing around me as if to detect my scent.

"I knew you were a woman hiding in disguise. How intriguing," he smirked.