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Taming Faye

Taming Faye

Author:Stella shee


Warnings! This book is strictly Rated 18+ "Just one night stand with her new boss, changed everything about her existence. The more Faye tries to run away, the more daylan was dead set on turning her world upside down because whatever Daylan Sage wants he gets, and he wants her Willingly or by Force"
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Taming Faye:::

He became a successful billionaire at 30, tall handsome and with a great body.

Daylan Sage is a genius in the business world, a goal oriented man who single handedly picked his father's business from the slump of bankruptcy to become the top leading company in the country with branches almost all countries.

His late father lost everything when he married his step mother after the death of his biological mother to cancer.

His father wealth started to swindle down the day Ameerah the most selfish and wasteful woman on Earth came into hiis life.

After his dad died, he venture into the business world, with his consistency and focus he became a billionaire in no time, making his father shabby business an empire.

He was and is still the CEO of Sage Family Group Of Company.

Everything about Daylan was hectic, his schedule doesn't allow him to mingle with people not even with his best friend Anthony or for him to find love again.

Not after he caught his Ex girlfrend Jamie cheating on him with his business rival Tristan.

It hurt so much that for months he suffered emotionally and swore never to entertain any woman in his life, neither did he think about finding love again.

He refused to think about relationships or give any female a chance to know him.

He channel all his energy to work, not giving space for dates because he believed Love will lead to pain, and pain brings sufferings that will just ruin you.

Maybe someday he would open his heart to love, not to anyone but to the right person.

Everyday is always a typical day for Daylan, Friday included. Paper works occupied his table, he's the CEO of the company doesn't mean he is free from work or should become lazy.

He believed it was his hardwork and focus that made him who he is today, so he is not going to relax because there is still a lot he has to achieve.

Adjusting his eyeglasses he continue typing in his computer with all seriousness.He barely have a life outside his work and company, Anthony his best friend and also his assistant do tell him he's not getting any younger, he needs to find love again, marry and have kids.

Typical Daylan shrugged and continue living his successful but lonely life.


Faye was running late for the interview she has this morning after applying to numerous companies for a job.

No doubt she is beautiful, smart and hardworking. Her mum own a small coffee shop few miles away from their home with just one person assisting her.

With no dad, she knew her mum is doing everything possible to make her and her siblings well catered for.

Faye started working at an early age to be able to complete her education and also help out at home, she does menial jobs like delivery person, washing dishes in restaurants, scrubbing floors just to get money to assist her mum.

Sage group of companies called her for an interview, but she was already late.

On getting to the gigantic building she took a deep breath and walked in towards the receptionist.

"Good morning my name is Faye Smith, Iam here for the interview regarding the position of a secretary".

"Welcome Faye...." the beautiful receptionist said with a smile."...please go in, there are others there too, someone will call you, and interview you." She said showing the way.

"Thank you!" Faye replied, returning the smile.

"Good luck!"

Faye heart was beating fast, as she sees those who went in coming out with long faces, she hoped they will like her and give her the job, because she badly needed it.

She was getting nervous when the person before her was called in, she knew she was prepared for the interview but what if she flop?

What if she is not who they wanted?What if she could not answer the questions thrown at her?

Beads of sweat formed on her forehead, she silently begged her star to favour her because this is her only hope.

"Faye Smith?" A beautiful middle-aged woman called looking around, but gave her a beautiful smile when she saw Faye walking towards her.


"Please come in for your interview" She walked in slowly into the room, Faye swallowed hard when six pairs of eyes landed on her as she opened the door.


That morning Daylan was not in a good mood, first he missed an important call, secondly his house maid burnt his breakfast, and his car broke down when he was coming to work, and on getting to work the documents he gave his typist to work on there were numerous errors.

Everything was getting on his nerves, he likes everything to be perfect and all the ideas to pull through.

There are some days when the thought of having a family comes to his mind, he has a big mansion that can house dozens of children, and a fortune that can feed them until they are aged.

No! He doesn't have time for that, family can wait until whenever he feels he's ready.

He angrily told the typist to type the documents again after pointing out the errors, while the interview was going on downstairs.

Few hours later, Faye came out of the building smiling and happy.

She got the job! An high paying job in one of the top leading company in the country.

"I got the job!" She screamed, not minding those giving her a surprise stare, while some smiled and congratulated her.

Quickly she called her mum to break the good news to her, then her bestfriend Maya who squealed on the phone congratulating her Bestie.They later agreed to celebrate in the newest bar in town, 'Farouz'

After a long day at work, Daylan decided to take a stroll, he exited his building after working for hours, it was late already.

He kept on walking along the street not going anywhere in particular, just walking admiring the surrounding when a bright green light catches his eyes.