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No Longer Your Luna

No Longer Your Luna

Author:A. Vitiosis


Book 1 Amethyst prayed for her childhood best friend to be her mate. Everyone stares, they tease, they bully her for being an orphan but Mason was different. He protected her, he defended her. The Alpha's son loved her since they were pups. But you can't be kids forever. Everything turned sour when Mason began training to take over the Stone Heart Pack. He turned on her just like everyone else, Mason made her the target of his ruthless antics and when they turned of age - it got worse. Mason doesn't want an orphan for a mate. She has no power, no status and he wants someone with wealth to carry the Luna title. Amethyst isn't it. Everything crashes down, the humiliation and rejection too much to bare, turning Rogue was her only option. She couldn't submit any longer to the torture and living in the woods for a couple years before death seemed less painful. Until a man arrives. Claiming that Amethyst isn't an orphan. That she belongs to one of the five founding families. Amethyst thought that rejection was where her life ended. Wait till she finds out that it's only the beginning and neither her heart or life are safe. ******** Book 2 Maverick's past is a secret for a reason, there are rumors spread that he made deals with ancient witches to get the power every member longs for. But it's just a rumor....or is it? There is a reason why his mind and heart are always at war because if he claims Sage as his, hell would rip her from this earth. The best option is to stay away from her, to not have contact with her. What can he do when she shows up at his territory? Desperate to escape her grief. The problem is, Maverick made promises and with Sage in the picture - he can't keep them. There is a reason why Maverick is the Forbidden Alpha.. and Sage is about to find out what being a Fated Mate truly means. ******* Book 3 Jasmine Ravenstone gave up everything for a man who couldn't speak. Renouncing her Alpha title and fleeing with Kyson Zero, she has no idea of the past he carries or the Fated Mate curse she will endure. Being born from the first witch in existence, Kyson and Kier had to go through lifetimes to kill their father and never succeeded in their destiny. Now, the seal has been broken and they are down to their last life. If they don't kill their father then the supernatural world will cease to exist. Kyson didn't realize the ramifications of his actions. Stealing a Fated comes with consequences, a sirebond that ties Jasmine to him. He didn't expect a curse that will cause damnation. ******* Book 4 Kier Zero returns to his life as Alpha, after ultimately killing his first tormentor. But that was only his first demon, there is a second one that haunts him. Marked by Olivia Aspen, he wants as much distance away from her as possible. Until she arrives, with a mysterious power that everyone seems to want and a debt to a deadly vampire. She has no one to consult, stranded and lost in a world without a pack or home. Olivia chooses to repay her debt, but that comes with strings attached when the charming vampire has more to offer than she ever could have imagined.
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Have you ever wished for something so unattainable?

I have.

Only at the time, I didn’t think of it as being unattainable. It was within reach for my tiny hands but as the years passed, I realized wishes aren’t meant to come true. They are purely there to provide us a sense of comfort to move forward, a false hope.

From the beginning of this miserable life, I have only ever experienced pain. Whether its physical or emotional, it all hurt the same. Dumped at the doorstep of the Stone Hearts Pack for orphans, my pathetic life was solidified. It wasn’t a huge house but over the years, it housed over twenty pups.

Only ten remain now.

There is a stigma attached to being an orphan in this pack. You are unwanted by your parents and casted aside like dirt. Everyone in this pack, whether they are adults or kids – they treat orphans like slaves. Since I was five, I have been ridiculed and tortured. Hence why the numbers have dropped from twenty to ten, because not everyone can survive the torment we are subjected to. It’s a miracle that I have survived till sixteen or maybe it isn’t.

Today is the day that I find my mate.

And I want it to be Mason Price – the Alpha’s son.

No, I’m not delusional.

Mason and I used to be best friends when we were younger, he was the only one to protect me from the torment. He used to beat up anyone that hurt me and Mason often said that he prayed for us to be mates so that we can be together forever.

However, when his Alpha training began at eight, everything changed. He became like everyone else, maybe even worse. I’m living in a fantasy because I’m still holding onto that wish, that he is my mate and will finally realize that we are meant to be.

I avoided going to school today because the mating ceremony happens tonight. I’m clutching onto the only source of my happiness; Mason. Everything about him is intoxicating, his charm is contagious, and you could never say no to him. He is attentive and kind but never to me anymore. I’m on his shit list and I don’t know why.

My best friend Esmory didn’t want to come tonight. I don’t know which is worse, facing the future leaders of the pack or staying in that haunted asylum we call home. Esmory welcomes the ghosts and demons more than Mason and his gang.

Well, because they are assholes who pick on orphans. It isn’t just teasing; they beat her up to a pulp that she couldn’t move for a month even with her healing abilities. She keeps her head down, avoids all contact, and barely comes to school anymore.

The dark sky highlights the glow of the moon, illuminating us. The scent of fresh leaves and rain hits my nose, and I can feel Jade purr in my mind.

‘Have a feeling this is going to be where our lives change Jade’ I smile.

Jade nestles closer towards me. ‘Same here purple’

I chuckle at her nickname for me. My name takes after the unique colour of my eyes, some believe it’s the work of dark magic since no one has the same colour as mine. Its one of the many reasons that I’m picked on the most, the girl with freak eyes.

That’s when I smell it, like pine and berries. Unfamiliar to me, its addicting and making my mind disorientated. I can’t help but be drawn to it, Jade on high alert as her tongue darts out in anticipation.

Following the drug induced scent, each step making it more potent than before. Until I come face to face with my wish.

‘Mate’ Jade declares.

His sandy blonde hair dishevelled, concealing his forehead. A plain white shirt that curved around each muscle, his biceps threaded with green veins. Grey sweatpants and bare feet on the soil, ready for a night of hunting for his mate.

Only, the look in his dark chocolate eyes makes me want to burn to the ground.

Its not one of love, its one of hatred and anger. Molten lava pooling at those eyes as he growls. “FUCK NO!” he yells in that Alpha tone.

It cracks at my bones, terror creeping up my spine. My heart is racing, his anger is doubling until his tan skin turns red. “Mason-“

“SHUT UP” he roars.

His chest rises and falls, I can practically see steam erupting from his ears. Jade claws at me, visibly sad and angry at his tone. Its odd, she never cowers in fear around him but I’m about ready for the ground to swallow me whole.

Mason crosses the distance between us, his scent making my mind spiral in delight and fear. “Of all people, it had to be fucking you”

Everything I’ve wanted to say gets lodged in my throat. “We are mates, we can be together now” I whisper, knowing of the crowd that’s circling us.

He chuckles like a demon. “You. My mate. NEVER. I don’t want some pathetic little orphan as the luna of this pack. You are not worthy of the title; you aren’t even worthy of my presence”

My chest aches, a sob slipping through my parted lips. Jade whimpers in my mind, and his figure becomes distorted by the tears. Everything I want to say is on my tongue and yet I can’t find the words to begin.

Britney takes her position next to Mason, her blonde her reaching her waist and piercing blue eyes biting into my skin. He wraps his arm around her, pulling her into him. Jade growls in possession of her mate but Mason doesn’t care about me, or Jade, or the pain he is causing.

“Britney is fit to be a luna, she is my mate and you Amethyst, are nothing” he declares.

Fire erupts in my veins, clouding my vision

"I, Mason Price, future alpha of the Stone Heart Pack, hereby reject you Amethyst” he states.

The pain is unbearable, like my heart broke into pieces. The ache in my chest intensifying, its shooting through my limps and making each part of my body ache.

“Reject me now, so we can be done with this” Mason says.

I heave. “No”

That only fuels his anger and before I could react, Mason’s fist connects with my cheek. I feel the bones crush, my entire body flying to the ground. Everything hurts, I can’t take it but it doesn’t stop, he starts kicking me relentlessly in the stomach. Ribs cracking one by one, I can’t even breathe. Everything seems to blur, time never-ending, and the torture never stops.

Until he grabs my hair and pulls me to face him, his figure a blur as I fight the darkness.

“Reject me now or I will kill you” he seethes.

I cough, blood filling my mouth. “I, Amethyst, reject you Mason Price”

If he felt even a lick of pain, he was good at masking it but the truth is, he never cared.

Jade howls in agony and I don’t fight the pain, the torture is agonising. I can’t feel anything but pain, its overwhelming and drowning.

Mason laughs from above me. “You better stay out of my sight otherwise I won’t stop until you are dead”

Coughing up a lung, the pounding in my head feels like bricks are coming down on me. Everyone disperses like ants while my battered body lays against the soil. Everything burned to the ground in one night, Mason is itching to kill me and by breathing – it’s only a matter of time.

‘We have to leave purple’ Jade growls strongly, but its soft towards me.

Jade lends me some of her strength as I attempt to get up. After a fifth attempt, I stare at the forest, dark and scary. It holds the unknown and that terrifies me. But I rather face the unknown than stay here.

‘I’m sorry Jade’

She knows what I’m about to do. I’m making her become a rogue, the worst of the worst.

‘Don’t worry purple, we have each other’ she comforts.

I smile through my broken face. Letting Jade take the reins and shift into my wolf.