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The Young Mate

The Young Mate



Finding your mate was always the top priority for wolves when they came of age.They're the other half of your soul, the one the moon goddess destined you to be with. But unfortunately for some the search for your other half isn't a short one. Alpha Thomas has been looking for his mate for 8 years.He's traveled far to find her but each time comes back alone.As Alpha of his pack, he needs a Luna by his side.The hope he once had to find her has died significantly and the effects have taken a massive toll on him and his wolf. But what happens when Thomas is invited to another pack for a birthday, and the wait is over. Only for him to discover that his mate is only eighteen, and he's twenty five. How will the age gap between the two work out? And can an eighteen year old with a heavy past be a Luna?
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Thomas's POV

"Uh excuse me Alpha...." I look up to see one of the omegas in front of my office door. She's a smaller figured girl, the same as the other omegas.


"Um sir it's cold outside so I brought you hot cocoa."

"Thank you, you can just set it down and go back to what you were doing." She nods setting down the cup and exiting the room. I go back to doing my work on the computer. After about an hour I finish up and close my laptop. A yawn leaves my mouth, I haven't slept properly in a few weeks. I go to get up when my phone goes off, I sigh and sit back down.


"Hey Thomas it's Nick!"

"Oh Alpha Nick, what can I do for you?"

"Alpha Nick? Thomas if you don't just call me Nick, we're friends remember?" I smile, knowing that he's right, it's just common to call everyone by their titles.

"Sorry Nick just been a little off lately, what's up man?"

"Oh nothing just wanted to call to see if you were coming this weekend?"

"Uhhhh for what exactly?" I ask a little confused.

"It's the twins first birthday and you know Rose is throwing a big party for them. You didn't get the invitation? We sent it out weeks ago."

"I probably did I've just been so busy I must of forgotten about it. But yes I'll be there. Anything in specific they want?"

"Anything works man literally anything, they will play with a box if you got them that. " We laugh, and I recall the last time I saw the twins. It was about two weeks after she had them and they stopped to visit, on there way to a another pack. Me and Nick had always been close friends, since we met all the time when our fathers were alphas.

"Alright man I got to go, we're doing a small birthday party for one of the girls in the pack but I hope to see you this weekend, and feel free to bring whoever!" We end our call and I make a note to remind myself of the plans.

I finally get up this time and lock my office and make my way to the pack house. The walk from my house to the pack house is not more then 2 minutes. I was planning on living in the pack house until I found my mate and then we'd get our own house. But when I turned 18 that didn't happen. I've been waiting 8 years to find my mate since I turned 18 and still haven't found her. After the 5th year without finding her I just assumed that she wasn't coming. I didn't feel anything and neither does my wolf, which makes me think maybe she passed away already. My wolf, Theodore, whimpers a little at the thought of our mate dead. I've learned to deal with the fact. I do fine as Alpha on my own, even though I still long a Luna to be by my side.

I arrive at the pack house within minutes and head inside. I nod at the omegas who are cleaning in the living room.

"Hey big brother!" Leah my sister says as she stuffs pancakes into her mouth.

"Hi sis how's my nephew?" I ask as I walk by giving her pregnancy belly a quick rub.

"He's good now that we got food! I was literally so hungry I could eat a cow!"

"Im sure you were" I laugh taking a seat at the table across from her. Her mate walks in, my third in command, Barron.

"Good morning Alpha" I nod at him watching as he sits next to my sister and gives her and her belly a kiss.

"Alpha Nick and Luna Rose are having a birthday party this weekend, did you know?" My sister ask me and I give her a confusing look. How did she know?

"Yes Nick called, how did you know?"

"Oh Rose called me! She begged and begged for me to come. I wasn't going to because I'm so pregnant but she reassured me that they have good doctors and if I went into labor I'd be fine."

"That's good, we haven't seen them in a while."

"Since we went there to see if your mate was there...." Leah says quietly making me send her a glare. I didn't want to be reminded of that. I went to almost all the packs it seems in search of my mate. But I had no Luck.

"Maybe your mate just wasn't of age yet, I mean it has been like 3 years since we went." Barron says. I think about it but know that the chance of that being true is slim to none.

"Can we just stop talking about my mate guys? It's fine really." I say and they nod. The rest of breakfast is quiet, until Leah goes upstairs to take a nap.

"Sir, who else would you like to bring on the trip? I know most likely Beta Tony will come and his mate."

"That should be all, just let them know. It takes about a day to drive there so we will leave in 2 days on Friday." He nods and dismisses himself. One of the omegas offers to take my plate and wash it.

"You guys do realize that you don't have to clean and cook right?" I ask, addressing all the omegas in the room.

"Uh yes sir we just try to help since we're not very good fighters." I look at them all and just nod my head. Being a omega means that your kinda like a runt of the puppy litter. Not saying anything negative about them but they just usually are smaller in frame and not as strong.

I get up and head to the backyard. I see most of the women in the pack all sitting down, watching as their pups train with their dads. Training for the pups is always in the morning and for the older kids and adults it's in the evening.

I decide it's best for me to get some rest before training this evening. I head up to my room and instantly fall asleep once I hit my bed.