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Reborn to Be the MS. Doctor Divine

Reborn to Be the MS. Doctor Divine



"I was reborn!" Ashley Gilbirt secretly exclaimed as she woke up. The interior decorations were the same as the palace she saw on TV. She was reborn to the ancient times! More shockingly, a slender man with mask was undressing her. Ashley tried to fight, but she could not move at all. Her acupuncture points had been sealed. She could only feel the man inside of her. A few moments later, the man left after handing over her a red gem, claiming he would marry her someday. It was too ridiculous! Before Ashley could figure it out, memories flooded into her mind. In ancient times, her name was Leylani Millington. Leylani's mother died when she was a kid. Since then, Leylani had been bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters. Leylani was known as stupid and coward, ended up in miserable death. "The old Leylani was gone." Leylani smirked coldly.
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Ashley Gilbert was awakened by a series of rustling sounds. She opened her eyes and saw a naked man in a half-mask, trying to undress her.

"Who are you!" She wanted to resist, but she soon noticed she could not move an inch.

The man's cold eyes shone behind the mask, and the chill made her shiver. "I know this is sudden, but I will take full responsibility for you as the prince."


What prince?

Why did the man look like he was from ancient times?

"Don't touch me! If you dare touch me again, I'll call the police!" Ashley yelled.

However, the man seemed to have lost his sense of reason. He sealed her lips with his and continued forcing his way with her. Ashley froze all over, and there was nothing she could do to resist the man.

The tearing sensation in her body was so painful that she could not help crying.

What on earth happened to her?

She had just wrapped up a complicated surgery a few minutes ago. At the end of it, the patient's family thought she had killed the patient, so they rushed into the surgery room and stabbed her to death.

Despite studying medicine since she was a child and being called a genius, she lost her life to an ignorant family member of her patient.

Then, this was what she saw when she woke up.

Could it be... that she had been reborn?

As soon as she thought of this, memories that did not belong to her started surging into her consciousness.

It turned out that the owner of this body was Leylani Millington, the eldest daughter of the General, a family of doctors.

Leylani had lost her mother in her early years. After her stepmother came into position, she was bullied by her stepmother in every possible method, which caused her to become even timider than before. Moreover, Leylani did not have any outstanding talents, so she did not have a strong position in her family.

Despite not having any talents, Leylani was the fiancee of the Crown Prince.

Due to this identity, Leylani attracted much contempt and hatred from almost everyone. They believed she was not worthy of the Crown Prince with such a noble status.

Even the Crown Prince himself felt the same way about her.

Their wedding was approaching, and those who were against Leylani finally made their move.

At the flower appreciation banquet held by the Crown Prince, someone attacked Leylani's acupoints. Then, a stable boy brought Leylani to this private room and tried to take her innocence so she would no longer be able to marry the Crown Prince.

Leylani was weak. The stable boy had not even done anything to her, and she fainted after hearing his threats. Within that period, Ashley replaced Leylani and became her.

The stable boy was already nowhere to be seen when Ashley opened her eyes. In his place was the man that was towering over her.

The man's actions were somewhat domineering. It seemed like he wanted to be more gentle, but his actions were out of his control. The thin lips under his mask grazed her skin, and his movements were rough as if he intended to crush her defense and force his way with her body.

Ashley was in pain and wanted so badly to get out of the situation, but she could not do anything to reverse the situation, so she could only let the man do whatever he wanted with her.

She was no longer Ashley Gilbert. Instead, she was Leylani Millington, a completely useless woman that was not welcomed anywhere in this world.

The man continued torturing her. When he was finally contented and left, Leylani was exhausted.

Right then, footsteps could be heard outside the door. The man's eyes grew alert and ferocious. Almost immediately, he got dressed and glanced at Leylani, who was lying weakly in bed. He took the ruby ring off his finger and tossed it to her. "Take this with you. Don't worry. I'll marry you after this."

After saying that, the man swiftly left the room.

Before he left, he did not forget to unlock Leylani's acupoints.

It was only at this moment that Leylani realized she could not move an inch when the man did everything to her because her acupoints were locked by the ancient method!

She lay on the bed, feeling that her energy had been drained. The footsteps and voices outside the door got nearer and nearer.

Two servants were talking.

"Do you think that the stable boy has already done it with that b*tch?"

"That goes without saying. She is weak and always ill and a coward. How will she be able to resist the stable boy? She can only blame herself for this. The Crown Prince suggested breaking off the engagement, but she refused. His Highness did not invite her, but she shamelessly came to the banquet. It's no wonder the Crown Prince is upset with her and wants to ruin her life!"

"Now that the stable boy has forced his way with her and taken her innocence, she's no longer a virgin. As a nobleman, His Highness will never marry a filthy woman like her! Let's go inside and see how she's doing."

Hearing that the servants were about to enter the room, Leylani quickly kept the ruby ring and tidied herself. She was about to get out of bed, but she heard a thud coming from under the bed. It sounded as if someone had accidentally hit their head. Leylani was startled.

What was that?

Could it be that another person had been hiding in the room all this while?