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Author:Starbright Diamond


This book is part 2 of the series this book will talk about betrayal lust jealous and testing friendships to the max when they are on a recuse mission to save the infant pups from a kidnapper, will the power of unity and love of friendship and loyalty stand strong when they have their lives and families to find and defend
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The moon goddess blessed one women to unite and lead all supernatural beings to one kingdom one army they work together and built an army that only one could dream they built and nation that all would envy they brought peace unity harmony and equality to all, but what they didn’t except that there were was traitor amongst them that was jealous and wanted everything the crown the kingdom the Queen, so they devised a plan to harm the make the Queen question her people, her allies, even her friends.

On a windy spring morning the Queen and her best friends were sitting outside with their babies, Sky and Dmitri were 3 months old, Liam 4 months, Valentina 2 months and Hope 9 months, Vanessa 2 months and Angelica 2 weeks old Victor 1.5 months. These children belonged to Destiny the queen, Tyler, Kiki, Erin, Rachell, Ruby and Neveah. These babies are well protected not just with their own security detail and bodyguards but they also have wards and protections around them, they have 4 nannies at a time watching them as well as their mother that spend as much time as can be with them daily theses children are very special children to the kingdom they are all Tribrid and all of them are the first Tribrid of their kinds Sky is a witch, wolf, bear Destiny’s daughter, her brother Dmitri is dragon, wolf, vamp Destiny’s son, Liam is Warlock, Dragon, wolf Tyler’s son , Hope is witch, vamp, wolf Erin’s daughter, Vanessa is Witch, Wolf, Panther Kiki’s daughter, Angelica is Witch, wolf, tiger Rachell’s daughter, Valentina Witch, wolf, centurion Ruby’s , and Victor is Warlock, wolf, Vamp Neveah’s son. They were all powerful because of them all possessing the Royal Coven’s magic and they were targets for anyone that envy them.

The Queen and her friends left the children with the guards and nannies to attend a meeting that was being held in the castle conference room not thinking that anything would happen to them because as they have done many times before, and when they were in the meeting and alarmed had sounded and panic arose and when they went to the bunkers to check on the children none of them or their nannies were there, the guards that were with them had been attacked two lost their lives and 2 of the nannies were injured badly the queen wanted to know where the pups were and every warrior and elite member and special ops teams were assembled and gathers for a briefing, while the security footage was looked at of the attack, they could not see how was in charge of the attack just that Rogues were involved and what looked like witches as well, they all were taken by being teleported out of the area, The Queen and her friends were upset and they wanted to find their children right away and whoever was responsible for this attack and kidnapping will pay for their treason against the Queen and her kingdom.

The locked the kingdom down they placed the two nannies under surveillance until they were stable enough to be questioned the guards that were attacked and survived were held in the Special high security prison ward until they were able to be questioned and determined that they were not apart of the attack and kidnapping, The Consorts of the king Jasper and Draco were beyond furies their anger radiated through the bunkers and Justin, Dean , Gabe, Lucas, Damien, Simon were just as mad, King Hades , Alpha Zeus, Beta Marcus, Gamma Ezra were heading up the search parties with Holli, Lily, Marcel , Sapphire, Tyrone, O’Ryan , Bryant , Benjamin.

They have to find out who was behind the kidnapping, they have to work together no matter how trying no matter how high their emotions are running they have to save their pups and catch the person responsible.