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Fated To The Wrong Alpha

Fated To The Wrong Alpha

Author:Angelina Bhardawaj


She was hurt. She was bullied and made fun of. And the only hope that kept her going was finding her mate. She has always been weak. Weak to the world. Why? Because she was a lantern. She didn't have a wolf. That's what everyone thought about her. When she found her mate, he wanted her to be his slut and not a wife. She might be an omega, but it doesn't mean she will take disloyalty and betrayal lightly. So she did something that no one in history ever did. She rejected an Alpha. "I, Alexis Clark, reject Brandon Sterling, the alpha of Black mist pack, and consider myself a free soul until I decide so."; Were her last words before she left that torturous place and became a rogue. A rogue that everyone was fearing and finding. Why? Because she was the rogue that has become one of the biggest problems of almost all the packs in the country. She was Alexis Clark. A rogue that rejected an Alpha, stealth food, kill other rogues, and more than that was living with humans and studying with them. What will happen when her case is given to the world's most dangerous alpha, Sebastian Sinclair, who has taken it upon himself to punish this rogue. The one who hated rogues and omega to a level that was beyond understanding. Why? Because his mate was an omega, who betrayed him with a rogue before dying. How will Alexis tackle this alpha, in whose College she was studying and living under hiding for almost a year? What will Sebastian do when he finds out the new girl he had been talking to is none other than the rogue omega that he had decided to kill? "To love you with all my might was my only wish, but you were the only one who gave me endless suffering. So today, I promise myself to not fall for anyone."; A simple saying that both Alexis and Sebastian had vowed upon. Will they be able to find their love amidst all these problems?
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Alexis’s Clark POV

Sometimes, life gives you many reasons to let go and die, to ease out all the tension and sufferings that you’ve been going through, but you still hold onto that one thing that keeps you going amidst all these sufferings. It was the same with me too.

I was also holding onto that one thing that kept me going. Mate.

A mate that I knew will love me and end all my sufferings with his enormous love.

A mate that will love me so much that not mind my worst disability--I am a lantern, a werewolf with no wolf.

Ever since I was found unable to shift, I have been living the life of a relegated person in the pack. There has not been a single day when I am not beaten by the pack members. My family hates me like plaque and would do anything to have me discarded.

Yeah, why wouldn’t they? Being a lantern wasn’t something to be proud of, or that’s what they have been telling me.

I still remember that dreadful day as if it happened last night.


“Can you imagine? Beta’s daughter doesn’t have a wolf?”

“My, my! This is such a piece of news! I wonder what that proud beta will do now.” The pack members murmured with contempt.

“You freak! Why wouldn’t you turn into a wolf!” All of a sudden, a heavy slap landed on my face, making me stumble as I fell on the hard pavement.

“Dad? Please, I am your daughter-” I couldn’t even finish my words as I felt a strong kick in my stomach, and the awful sound of the bones crunching echoed in the air.

It was painful. But the hatred in his eyes hurt me more.

“How can I have such a daughter! If I knew you were going to be like this, I would’ve killed you as soon as you came in my hands!” He shouted before kicking me again and again.

“Father, please, believe me-” I started before coughing blood.

I looked up when he stopped, coming face to face with my sister.

A ray of hope ignited inside me as I thought she might help me.

“Well…Well…’’ She came closer.

I thought she would pull me up, but she just looked down at my face. I kept looking at her expectantly until she spat at me.

‘’What are you, Sister? They call you Beta’s daughter too. But what kind of beta’s daughter are you? The daughter with NO WOLF??’’ She scoffed.

“That’s ridiculous! Look at yourself! You are nothing but a Fucking Omega! I am so ashamed of you! Don’t you ever call me sister again! You dirty ugly creature!” She kicked me and walked away like I am just a speck of dirt she couldn’t care about.

My throat was too dry to make a sound. I turned to my mother with my last hope. I am sure she would help me and convince dad for me.

However, it felt like my heart was pricked by a needle when I saw her eyes full of disappointment.

I caught a sympathy flashing through her cold eyes. But honestly, I'm not so sure if that was only my imagination or not because she looked away so soon and never looked at me again.

“You wench! Get out of this pack and never come back! I wish you would die!” My father rushed over, roaring.

He grabbed me by the throat, pulled me up, and dropped me to the ground. “Please…” My eyes started watering. However, he cut my words off while pressing on my neck, blocking the windpipe as if trying to break it.

The metallic taste of blood instantly filled my mouth, making me want to vomit my guts out. My vision started to blur.

Then I heard his voice.

“FUCK OFF!” A roar with pressure so powerful that it caused everyone to hold their breath. A strong figure rushed through the crowd to my side before separating my father away from me.

“What the hell do you think you are doing!” He stared at my father angrily.

I saw through my tears, it was him, the son of the Alpha--- Brandon.

“SHE STAYS.” He said with an ice-cold voice. Those were the last two words I have heard before I blacked out.

End of flashback

Shaking my head to get out of my personal fantasyland, I looked at Brandon before rolling my eyes. Just what the hell was he doing with these slices of bacon? Murdering maybe?

"Oh, come on, Brandon, you suck at this job. Let me do this, okay?" I laughed at Brandon’s useless attempt of making himself and me something to eat.

"Whatever, omega. Just get this over with. I don't want us to get late for school. " He said scoffing and going out of the kitchen.

Well, you must be surprised how Brandon, the heir to Alpha, showed up in our kitchen.

I confess, Brandon didn’t’t come here for me. Even though years ago he defended me in front of everyone and protected me from getting kicked out of our pack, but then, instead of being my Prince Charming, as all the fairy tales would end like that, he became my sister’s boyfriend.

Guess what? My sister saw me crushing on him, and just like any other normal bitch, she decided to ruin my love interest for me.

Although I was an Omega without a wolf, my elder sister had a wolf, and thus, she became the pride of my parents.

As the acknowledged Beta’s daughter, Brandon was naturally attracted to her. Their relationship got blessed by all of the pack members. The golden couple, as that’s what they called them.

However, I still can’t stop my crush on Brandon. I still secretly dream of him as my hero, well, until I find my mate of course.

‘Yeah, a hero that already has his heroine.’ A voice came from my head.

‘Shut up, conscience. Let me live a little, will you?’ I barked back at my conscience that usually finds every possible opportunity to crash my imagination. It has been a measure hindrance between me and my fantasy for a few months now. Sometimes, it even makes me question my sanity.

“I guess the breakfast is ready?” Brandon walked in the kitchen again. He came out of my sister’s room with a strangely satisfied look on his face just now. I can tell what happened between them.

“Here you go.” I swallowed my jealousy and placed the food in front of him.

“Mm mm…. This is so good. God, you’ve no idea how much I love your cooking. When it comes to food, it’s like I can’t control myself.” He said, moaning after taking a few bites.

His moans, making me blush. How much I wish it was me who would make him moan like this. With his arms wrapped around my torso while we entangle in each other’s embrace, and love blooming-

“Hello? Are you there? I asked if you needed a ride to the school. It’s 8 already, and I don’t think with your clumsy self, you’ll be able to reach there in time.” He said, making me smile at his thoughtfulness.

‘It isn’t thoughtfulness. He is making fun of you, sweetheart.’ My conscience interrupted again, making me roll my eyes at it.

“That’s fine. Mark is picking me up. He said something about talking about some matter regarding my position. Looks like I need to lie again.” I huffed, whispering the last part.

“Mark? What does he need with you now?” Brandon asked, his angry stance confusing me.

“Didn’t I say it just now? Something about my position in the pack.” I replied before taking a piece of pancake and putting it in my mouth.

Mark is the son of the council’s head and had been talking more like annoying me about my position in the pack for the last two years.

Whenever I asked why they were so worried about me, all I would get in reply was because I was one of those rare people who didn’t change into a wolf and they wanted to make sure that I was treated nicely in the pack. I know they were just trying to take care of me, but was it helpful?

“Well, this Mark guy is suspicious. Wasn’t he here last week too? Why does he keep appearing?” Brandon asked with a nonchalant look, though I could still feel the traces of anger in his voice.

“I don’t know. He is doing what the council head tells him to do. Maybe he doesn’t have a choice himself, or why would he come so far just to check on me?” I replied, making Brandon frown more than he already was.

“So now you are defending him?” Brandon said, standing angrily.

Wait, what?

“Hey, when did I defend him? I am just stating facts, and besides-“ the rest of my words were cut off when he stormed out of the house with an angry look.

Well, that was weird.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think Brandon has been acting a bit too protective of me since last year. Or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking. He is the alpha, of course, he would take care of his pack and people.

Shrugging my shoulders, I placed the dishes into the sink before picking them up in my bag.

One more day full of lies.

Honestly, it was thoughtful for the council to check up on me every week, but it wasn’t like I would be telling the truth anyway.

How am I supposed to tell them that the people who are supposed to love me and cherish me, hate me because I didn’t turn into a wolf? How can I tell them that my family, who should’ve been the one to stand by me and protect me from all this bullying, loathes me?

I can’t risk them finding out about it, or they will kick me out of the pack, and the only chance and little hope of me getting my parent’s love back will be snatched away from me.

I got bullied, it was no big deal for me. Luckily, even though I didn’t change into a wolf, I pretty much have some powers of being a werewolf, maybe because I have werewolf genes on me even though they are not developed.

One of those powers is healing.

I am very glad to have this power, or the council head would have found out about me getting bullied by my own family after I turned 14, and there’s one day that my father had almost killed me, saying I am a disgrace to the family and pack.

Though Brandon came forward for me on that day, he was only the son of Alpha and did not have the full power of control all over the pack. It was still hard for me to continue to live in the pack after being saved by him.

Luckily, my parents got the notification of the council head coming the next day to meet me, or I am sure I would’ve died that day only. That was the first time my mom had talked to me like that, and also the last time she looked at me with sympathy.

Sighing at the sad memories, I smiled to improve my mood.

Hearing the loud honking of the car, indicating that Mark was here, I quickly checked my reflection one last time before exiting the house.

“Hey!” I breathed at the handsome wolf.

“Hey, princess.” He said, making me smile.

Mark was my second crush. Like a celebrity crush. I like the way he carries himself with so much calmness and is always so polite paired with his handsome self. After Brandon, he was the only guy who had treated me like a normal person and not a person with a wolf disability.

Looking at his blonde hair that was out of place, I evened them with a smile, widening my eyes when I realized what I did just now.

“Oh my God, I am so sorry. I just--“I started, but was cut off by Mark’s laughter.

“It’s okay, babe. Let’s get you to school first, yeah? And in the meantime, you can tell me how your week was and if someone troubled you.” Mark said with a serious look, making me look down in shame because I know I’ll be lying to him again.

“Everything was fine. There was this one time when I got locked in the school’s class accidentally because I slept in my last substitute class, and since I was sitting in the farthest corner, no one noticed me.

Luckily, Brandon, who was going to give me a ride back home, searched for me and saw me locked, or I would’ve spent my whole day and night locked in there. Other than that, nothing serious happened.” I said, lying through my teeth, hiding the fact that I was almost beaten black and blue before I was locked by the girls who were jealous that I got along with Brandon that included my sister.

“Yeah?” Mark said, looking at my way with a quirky brow. I don’t know why I feel like it, but every time I lie to him, it feels like he can see right through my lies but chooses to stay quiet.

“Mm,” I said, not wanting to say anymore.

“That’s good that the to-be alpha is righteous enough. You tell me, what do you want as your birthday gift? Ain’t today your birthday?” Mark asked.

Of course, how can I forget that today was my birthday? The same day that turned my life upside down four years back.

He was probably the only person who knew or remembered that today was my birthday.

“Say my thanks to the council head, but--“the rest of my words got stuck in my mouth when Mark stopped the car with a loud screech.

“--who said I am asking about it from my dad’s side? It’s all me. He doesn’t even know I am here today. I just wanted to see you and make sure that you don’t feel alone on your birthday.” Mark said, leaning towards me, making me widen my eyes at his proximity.

The smile on his face was so pleasant and inviting that I wanted to hit myself for thinking otherwise. Sometimes I think he should indeed go for modeling.

“I…I…” I stumbled, not knowing what to say with his proximity.

“Here, I have a gift for you.” It’s kind of relief to me when Mark smiled at me and handed me a box with a ribbon bow on it.

As I was still busy in my thoughts, Mark kissed my cheek, making my eyes go wide for real this time.

“Open it when you feel like there’s no one by your side. No matter what, I am and will always be there by your side to protect you. That’s a promise I am intending to make, Princessa.” He said before leaning back in his seat.

Looking at the box with a ribbon bow on it, I nodded one last time before noticing we were standing out of the school grounds.

“I’ll be going now,” I murmured before exiting the car, smiling slightly as this was the first present, and maybe the only present I have and will receive on my birthday.