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Pamper His Rebirth Lover Harder

Pamper His Rebirth Lover Harder



"Come here," Chu Linghan said coldly. Gong Yuanyuan blushed and went to sit on his lap... In her previous life, Gong Yuanyuan was framed by her fiancé. Her family was executed for treason. She was locked in a dungeon and tortured to death. Since God gave her a new life, she must seize the opportunity. In this life, Gong Yuanyuan must protect the Gong family and make all those who hurt her pay the price, especially that hateful fiancé whom she wanted to peel off. But now, the only one she can rely on was Chu Linghan. Thinking of this, Gong Yuanyuan raised her head and kissed Chu Linghanhan fiercely...
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"Gong Yuanyuan! How dare you run out of Regent Manor in a wedding dress without permission?"

An angry roar woke up Gong Yuanyuan in the dark.

Gong Yuanyuan opened her eyes and saw a pair of angry eyes!

She was stunned for a moment and suddenly opened her eyes wide.

Chu Linghan!

Why was he here? Why was he looking at her so angrily?

Wasn't she... dead?

"What's wrong? Are you trying to find another excuse again?" The man grabbed her neck angrily but did not use much strength.

Gong Yuanyuan came to her senses and looked around. She soon guessed what was happening.

She was reborn!

She went back in time to a year before her marriage to Chu Linghan!


This meant that she had gotten a chance to change the incidents that had happened in her previous life and stop the tragedy from happening!

She quickly recalled her current situation.

In her last life, she secretly wore a red wedding dress tonight and ran out of Regent Manor to chase after Prince Haoxuan.

In the end, she was discovered by Chu Linghan and angered him. She was taken back to Regent Manor to be severely punished.

Now was the time when Chu Linghan's anger was at its peak. She had to find a way to calm him down!

"Prince Linghan, I was wrong." Gong Yuanyuan raised her eyes and looked at him pitifully.

Chu Linghan was stunned for a moment. He didn't expect her to answer in such a way.

"What did you do wrong?" He asked in a deep voice.

Gong Yuanyuan carefully pushed his hand away and said in a delicate voice, "I shouldn't have made you drunk and knocked you out, and... sneaked out to see the fireworks..."

The further she went, the softer her voice became. Her words were filled with a strong sense of guilt.

Chu Linghan's face darkened, and his words were full of rage!

"Did you go to the lantern festival in a wedding dress? Gong Yuanyuan, do you think I'm a fool?"

Did she not know that he was already clear that she was going to follow Prince Haoxuan?

Gong Yuanyuan's face froze.

She knew that this was a ridiculous excuse, but she couldn't think of a better one.

She lowered her head and tried hard to squeeze out two drops of tears. "Prince Linghan, I know I was wrong. Don't be angry, okay? I wore this wedding dress for you..."

She was still lying at this point!

Chu Linghan's face darkened, and his aura turned cold in an instant.

"You still refuse to admit your mistake. Well, you can kneel here and reflect on yourself!"

The man shook his sleeves angrily and turned to leave.

Gong Yuanyuan let out a sigh of relief and knelt down obediently.

Prince Linghan was in a rage now. She couldn't piss him off anymore.

What she needed to do now was to kneel here obediently and wait until Prince Linghan was not angry anymore.

In this life, she had not escaped from Regent Manor, nor had she followed Prince Haoxuan to Jiangnan yet. She still had a chance!

Since she was given a chance to be reborn, she had to reverse the situation and change the tragic ending of her previous life!

In her previous life, she fell in love with the wrong person and it killed her family. It wasn't until Chu Linghan appeared before her death that she realized what she had done.

In this life, she would never repeat her mistake!

Inside the room.

Chu Linghan put his hands behind his back and paced back and forth in the room. "How long has she been kneeling?"

Chu Linghan's guard, Flame, lowered his head and answered, "Your Highness, it has been less than 15 minutes."

Less than 15 minutes?

Why did he feel that a long time had passed?

Chu Linghan frowned and continued pacing back and forth.

"Flame, is it windy outside?"

"Yes, I think a heavy rain is coming soon."

Heavy rain?

Would she catch a cold if she stayed in the rain?

"Flame!" Chu Linghan's footsteps became quicker. "How long has it been since she knelt?"

Flame wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. "About... 15 minutes?"

Fifteen minutes?

With such a weak body, her knees must have been swollen.

Chu Linghan's expression became more terrible and his aura was as cold.

Cold sweat dripped from Flame's forehead as he felt a chill down his back. "Your Highness, you've already punished her. How about I ask Lady Gong to come in?"

If he did not give Prince Linghan a way out, his cold aura would probably freeze the entire room!

"No!" Chu Linghan said in a low voice, "She was too arrogant. I must punish her severely this time!"

Why did fifteen minutes seem to be a long time?

He thought that two hours had passed!

Would Yuanyuan, who was kneeling outside, cry secretly at the moment?

Was she biting her pink lips in pain because she refused to beg him for mercy?

How could he bear to let her continue to suffer if she begged him?


With a loud noise, there was a sudden clap of thunder in the sky and a fierce gust of wind.

Flame's face changed slightly. "Your Highness, it's going to rain heavily. I'll close the windows..."

Before he could finish his words, Flame met the man's fierce eyes. "Why are you not calling Yuanyuan in after knowing it's going to rain?"

Flame felt a chill on his back and hurried to open the door. "Lady Gong, His Highness wants you in!"

Gong Yuanyuan knelt at the door, her face pale and full of grievance.

Chu Linghan's heart ached when he saw the pitiful look on her face.

But when he saw the bright red wedding dress on her body, Chu Linghan's face suddenly darkened again.

"Gong Yuanyuan, do you admit your mistake now?"

Flame was speechless.

Prince Linghan was sorry for her when she was kneeling.

But he started to lecture her again after calling her in.

Prince Linghan would not be able to win Lady Gong's heart in this way!

"Lady Gong, His Highness has been very worried about you. Just now..."

"Flame!" The man interrupted him fiercely.

Flame shrank his neck and stepped out of the door. He did not dare to speak again.

Only then did Chu Linghan look at Gong Yuanyuan who was still kneeling on the ground with a frown.

"Why haven't you gotten up yet?"

Gong Yuanyuan looked up pitifully, and her eyes were already full of tears.

"Prince Linghan, my legs... are numb."

She had been spoiled since she was born, so she had never suffered like this.

In less than fifteen minutes, her legs were numb and she couldn't get up.

Chu Linghan frowned slightly. He strode forward and directly picked her up.

Gong Yuanyuan exclaimed and fell into the man's steady arms.

She held the man's neck tightly, and her breathing stopped for a moment.

The rain suddenly poured down heavily.

They were already drenched in the rain after taking a few steps.

Gong Yuanyuan held Chu Linghan's neck tightly and her heart was thumping wildly. She held her breath, not daring to make a sound.

Chu Linghan carried her into the room and gave her a sidelong glance. "You've gained quite a lot of weight after going out for a few days. Did I mistreat you before?"

Gong Yuanyuan's face suddenly turned red.

She had secretly eaten plenty of food. Had she become so fat that it was so obvious?

"Prince Linghan, are you tired?" She said in a delicate voice, "You can let me down then."

The man's face suddenly darkened. "Are you not happy to be held by me?"

Gong Yuanyuan hurriedly shook her head. "No, I like to be held by you very much. Prince Linghan, your arms are the most comfortable and warm!"

Chu Linghan couldn't help smiling after hearing her words.

But he knew it was only Gong Yuanyuan's sweet words.

As a result, his expression became terrible again.

"After you come back this time, don't make me angry again." Otherwise, I will punish you severely!"

"Of course!" Gong Yuanyuan nodded repeatedly. "Don't worry, Prince Linghan. I won't make you angry again."

"Are you sure?" Chu Linghan smiled in a suspicious way.

"Absolutely!" Gong Yuanyuan raised her hand and swore.

But when she saw a smile out of success on Chu Linghan's face, she suddenly felt that she had been tricked.

Chu Linghan put her down on the couch and wiped her hair with his hands.

He lifted Gong Yuanyuan's hair and saw the jade pendant on her neck.

Prince Haoxuan's name on the jade pendant made Chu Linghan feel pain in his heart.

His eyes darkened, and his aura instantly turned cold.

His anger was like a burning fire and he was irritated in an instant.

"Gong Yuanyuan!"

Chu Linghan was like an enraged beast. He snatched the jade pendant on her neck and smashed it to the ground.

Gong Yuanyuan only felt a sharp pain in her neck.

When she came to her senses, the man grabbed her angrily and pulled her into his arms.

"Prince Linghan..." Gong Yuanyuan swallowed. "I didn't wear it on purpose. I didn't like that person for a long time."

"Gong Yuanyuan, do you think I'm a fool?" Chu Linghan narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice, "Did I spoil you too much and make you so unscrupulous?"

His eyes were filled with overflowing anger and had become scarlet red. With just a single look, it was enough to make Gong Yuanyuan shiver.

Gong Yuanyuan leaned in his arms, shivering.

"Prince Linghan, please listen to my explanation..."

Chu Linghan could no longer hear what she was saying.

He leaned down and bit her delicate lips hard.

Gong Yuanyuan frowned in pain and was about to struggle.

Suddenly, the wedding dress on her body was torn by Chu Linghan...