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Scandalously Pampered by the Emperor

Scandalously Pampered by the Emperor



【Adorable Kid+Scumbag Crushing+Strong Pampering+Mythical Beast+Cryptic Identity+Altered Fate】 Yun Ranyue, originally a genius girl, surrounded by stars like the moon. However, when her parents found her long-lost elder sister, her life turned hellish. From stealing her engagement, ruining her appearance, to taking away her mythical beast, Yanyue was eventually thrown away and tarnished by the ghouls. Upon opening her eyes again, a cold smirk surfaced on the corner of the killer’s mouth, who was from the 22nd century. Grudges, old and new, shall be settled together! After five years, she returned from the ghost realm with her adorable mythical beast. Brought alongside her were her nine most powerful masters, trampling over scumbag men and kicking wicked women, reversing the course of fate. Unexpectedly, not only did her powerful biological parents search for her, but even her child’s father came after her. A certain devilish Emperor: Woman, you left me with such a huge emotional scar five years ago, you must take responsibility! Yun Ranyue: How should I take responsibility? Emperor: Perhaps you can give our son a little sister to mend the wounded soul of this Emperor!
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"Why are you treating me this way! Father, mother, I am your own daughter too. Why did everything change when sister returned?”

In the General's Mansion on the Qingyun Continent, in the Four Symbols Nation.

A girl soaked in blood was huddled in a corner of the secret chamber, staring resentfully at the three people in front of her.

They were her parents and her elder twin sister, who had just been found.

Her parents' eyes were cold and detached, and there was a trace of mockery on her beautiful sister’s face.

"Sister, I only wanted your divine beast egg. Why are you dissatisfied? If you had behaved, you would not have ended up like this."

"No! Don’t!"

The girl recoiled in horror, retreating to the corner until there was nowhere else to go.

She was Yun Ranyue, the legitimate young mistress of the General's Mansion. She had been betrothed to the crown prince from a young age, and held a noble status.

Moreover, she was exceptionally beautiful, full of talent, and her fame had already spread far and wide at a young age. She was the dream woman in the eyes of all the men in Four Symbols Nation.

But what she did not expect was that her life was completely ruined after her parents found her twin sister who had been lost and living outside.

Not only did they ask her to give up her engagement to her own sister, but now they also wanted her to give her phantom divine beast egg, which she had raised for sixteen years, to her sister Yun Xuewei!

"She is your real sister, who has lived abroad since she was young, depended on others, and suffered a lot. You have been living a life of luxury in the General's Mansion, without a day of hardship. Everything you have was given to you by us! Now we're only asking you to give things you own to your sister, you even dared to run away, truly disappointing us!"

Her mother, Lady Xiao, stared at her with disdain, as if she had committed some heinous crime.

"Mother, I'm scared! Giving the divine beast egg to my sister, I will be ruined! I know you're angry, but you have already cut off my hands and feet, destroyed my dantian, even let my sister scar my face, isn’t that enough?"

Yun RanYue drops her pride and pleads desperately. At this moment, her only yearning is to protect the beast's egg.

To give away the Phantom Beast would mean physically extracting the Phantom Space from the brow area!

Everyone is born with a Phantom Space between their eyes, which gives birth to a Phantom Beast egg. The Phantom Beasts are classified into nine levels, with the rare and superior Saint and Divine levels existing above level nine.

The beast egg Yan Ranyue possesses is divine-level, which was only recently identified as a Gluttonous Divine Beast by the principal of the first academy, Canglan Academy.

This was the strongest Phantom Bloodline born in thousands of years, following the Dragon Night Yan from Jiuyou Ancient Holy Country!

So, how could she possibly give away the tightly connected divine beast's egg willingly?

"Parents, stop arguing with this ungrateful and wolf-hearted girl! After raising her for sixteen years, she's not even willing to help out with a small thing like this. She's really despicable!"

Yun XueWei squats in front of Yun RanYue, looking down at her while a bloodthirsty smirk emerges from the corner of her mouth.

She raises her hand, making a knife-like motion, splitting open Yun Ranyue's brow.


An ancient, profound aura emanates from within. Yun XueWei's face lights up in joy: "This is indeed the aura of a divine beast! This white-eyed wolf is really lucky!"

"XueWei, no matter how good her luck is, yours is better! The divine beast's egg will soon be yours! As the adopted daughter of the ruler of the Heavenly Beginning Kingdom and a soon-to-be student of Canglan Academy, none of the young women on the Qingyun Continent could compare to you!"

Xiao's family overflows with smiles, their faces brimming with excitement.

Was XueWei an adopted daughter of the ruler of Heavenly Beginning? Didn't mother and father say that my sister had suffered a lot from the outside world?

So all of this has been a sham to fool me and let her grab everything, even making people pity her!

Yun RanYue gritted her teeth hard.

Yun Xuewei also laugh triumphantly, with her parents' help, they finally got the mythical beast egg.

Yun RanYue was in a painful state, looking at them unbelievingly. Were they really her family?

Why had her parents become so alien to her?

Even though they had never been particularly affectionate towards her before, they had never been as cruel as on this day. They treated her like a pet dog that was raised at will, teased when they were happy, and ready to kill when they were not happy.

A golden egg fell into Yun Xuewei’s hands, slowly getting bigger.

Yun RanYue could feel the blood connection between her and this golden egg, a divine beast egg she had nourished with her own blood for sixteen years.

She could even see the dark shadow flowing within the eggshell, indicating that the mythical creature inside would soon be able to break out of the shell.

"No! This is my Illusionary Divine Beast! Give it back to me!"

Yun RanYue shouted in anguish. As Yun Xuewei cut her finger to drop blood onto it, she felt the connection between her and the divine beast egg getting weaker.

It was an inseparable part of her life, yet now it would belong to someone else!

She couldn’t stand this!

Suddenly, her black pupils radiated a purple glow, and a burst of intense heat swept across the entire secret chamber.

Yun Xuewei was shocked: "Purple eyes!"

The eyes that can annihilate everything - the Amethyst Pupils!

Only those of the purest bloodline from the Primordial Sacred Kingdom would possess the apocalyptic Purple Pupils!

A trace of envy flashed in Yun Xuewei's heart, but she couldn't help but laugh.

The Gluttonous Divine Beast and the Apocalyptic Purple Pupils, both of them were now hers!

In utmost pain, Yun Ranyue breathing weakly with only a twisted hatred remained in her heart, bloody tears flowed down her cheeks as she gritted her teeth and said bitterly,

"You will regret doing this to me one day!"

Yun Xuewei snarled retorting,

"Sadly, there won't ever be such a day. The crown prince can't stop thinking of you, and wanted to make you his concubine. Being as proud as I am, how could I share my husband with another woman? So, death is what you deserve."

Yun Xuewei gave an ominous laughter, cruelly forcing a greenish medicinal liquid down her throat.

"No! Don't! Mother...Father.. save me…"

Her parents didn’t save her but instead watched gleefully at her suffering.

Yun Ranyue's entire body started trembling, ice forming against her skin.

"Toss her into the Ghost Valley!"

Let the cultivators of the Four Symbols Nation see exactly how filthy the saintess they cherished in their eyes, truly is!


It's so cold!

Like plunging into an icy cellar!

Yun Ranyue opened her eyes, instantly realizing something was off.

She was blind, and an intense pain racked her body.

A chilling presence surrounded her, as if countless cold hands were tugging at her.

What on earth was happening?

She was the top-ranked superhuman assassin of the 22nd century. She had been besieged and had jumped into a volcano lava flow to guard a divine egg. She should have been completely annihilated. Why then did she still feel pain, as if her heart was being scorched and her bones eroded?

Moreover, it seemed something was wrong with her body. She was frigid to the extreme, as if her blood was freezing, and her life was rapidly slipping away!

She quickly summoned her superhuman abilities, surprisingly finding them still intact.

Promptly, vague silhouettes started appearing in her empty sightless eyes.

Her superhuman ability was the power of Foresight, which could see through danger and falseness. It had saved her from the jaws of death numerous times during her assignments.

What came into view were countless distorted shadows, upon which were marked numerous greedy, repulsive faces, seemingly anxiously sniffing at her body as if wanting to consume her flesh and blood.

Opening her mouth, she blurted out a vulgarity, "Damn, what breed of toad are these!"

So hideous!