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Five Brothers Pet Me

Five Brothers Pet Me



Five years ago, Jiang Xiaorou was locked up in a villa and conceived twins from god-knows-whom. Now, Jiang Xiaorou comes back to the business world with an astonishing amount of investment. "Miss Jiang, Mr. Xu from the Wonder group sent two pairs of 10 carat diamond earrings here, and left a note that says he wants to meet with you." Her assistant said. "Cheesy. Just throw them away." "Mr. Chen from the GreenWheel group also called and..." "Stop. I have stated clearly that whoever wants to give me cars, houses, diamond rings, or anything like that should be rejected by you. Do I look poor?" "What if someone brings babies here...", the assistant pointed to Shen Yancheng, who stands there, handsomely with two cute babies.
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"Ah! My stomach hurts so much!"

Jiang Xiaorou put one hand on her stomach and used the other to hold herself up against the wall. Slowly, her body bent down until she was sitting on the cold floor. Her stomach hurt so much that it felt like a knife was twisting in it.

The estimated birth date was between these days.

A maid heard the sound and ran over. Jiang Xiaorou was sitting on the floor with a face as white as paper. Her hand was pulling at the clothes on her belly, and she looked like she was in a lot of pain.

"I think you're going to have a baby, Miss Jiang. Come on, let me help you get in bed, and then I'll call the doctor."

Jiang Xiaorou stared at the maid, pushed her hand away, and sat down on the floor. She was so mad that she couldn't do anything.

"If you don't call your master over, I won't give birth to this child even if I die."

The maid was in a dilemma.

"Miss Jiang, please stop making things hard for me. Think about the baby growing inside you. After all, it's a life. Soon, it will be born. If something bad happens right now, you will be upset, right?"

Jiang Xiaorou sneered.


She didn't want to have a baby at all.

Ten months ago, Jiang Xiaorou got together with her classmates. She drank some wine and then lost consciousness. When she woke up, she was locked in this villa.

She was shocked to discover she was pregnant. Her belly kept growing, and she didn't even know who the father of the baby was.

Up until today, the baby was almost ready to come out, so she took this chance.

"Alright! I'll die in front of you today if you don't call your master to see me!"

Jiang Xiaorou pointed a pair of scissors at her neck. The blade was so sharp that it could cut her throat open at any time.

"Miss Jiang, why are you doing this? You'll be free after giving birth. This..." The maid was in a dilemma.

"Call them right away! Go! Do you really want me to kill myself, and the baby in my belly?" Jiang Xiaorou yelled like she was going crazy.

The maid had no choice but to make a call.

A woman in high heels ran over. Jiang Xiaorou stood up against the wall in spite of the pain. She wanted to poke her eyes out when she saw the woman's face.

"Jiang Yufei? It's you?!"

Jiang Yufei is the daughter of Jiang Xiaorou's stepmother. She got married into a rich and powerful family. It was a shame that she could not get pregnant for three years. She was not having a good time in her husband's family.

She had no idea that Jiang Yufei was the one who caused her to become pregnant.

"Get her on the bed! If there's anything wrong with the child, I won't spare you!" Jiang Yufei shouted.

The servants and doctors surrounded Jiang Xiaorou, dragged her directly into the bedroom and pressed her on the bed.

"Jiang Yufei, you b*tch. You will die a tragic death. Don't think about consolidating your position in the Shen family. I won't help you."

Jiang Xiaorou didn't cooperate at all. She struggled on the bed. Several people couldn't hold her down. She was pregnant now and was going to have the baby soon. If things went on like this, they were afraid that the baby in her stomach would die before she gave birth to the baby.

"You sissies"

Jiang Yufei grabbed a injection and went forward. A syringe was stabbed directly into Jiang Xiaorou's arm. She struggled a few times before falling unconscious.

"Come and help me cut open her womb," Jiang Yufei ordered.

Half an hour later, a pair of fraternal twins, a boy and a girl, were taken out of Jiang Xiaorou's belly. The servants wrapped up the babies and put them aside, taking care of them carefully.

Jiang Yufei finally breathed a sigh of relief. Since she designed all this, she had been on tenterhooks everyday for fear of any mistake. Now, she could finally remove the pillow over her belly.

With those two children, her position as Mrs. Shen would be secure. In the future, no one would dare to say that she was infertile.

"Madam, what about her?" The maid pointed to Jiang Xiaorou, who was lying on the bed.

Looking at her, she was quite pitiful. She had been pregnant for ten months, and gave birth to two babies. Those babies became someone else's children, and she was barely living anymore. Jiang Yufei's clumsy technique had resulted in Jiang Xiaorou's belly being cut open in all kinds of ways. She looked very pitiful.

"Find a way to deal with her. We can't leave anyone alive," Jiang Yufei ordered faintly.

She could not let Jiang Xiaorou live. That secret could only be taken to the grave.

"But this..."

The maid could not bear to do it. After all, it was a life. The woman had just given birth and was weak.

"What, you sympathize with her?" Jiang Yufei's eyes fell heavily on the maid, as cold as ice, making people tremble.

Naturally, the maid did not dare to go against Jiang Yufei's orders. She carried Jiang Xiaorou out and threw her into the trunk of a car. The car continued driving for a few hours.

Late at night, pouring rain.

The two servants dragged Jiang Xiaorou out of the car. The blood on her body was immediately washed away by the heavy rain and flowed into the mud along with the rainwater. Thunder rumbled in the sky. It was so dark in the wild that one couldn't even see his hand. Only the lights of the car were lit, and the people sweated.


A huge crack of thunder erupted, and the servants trembled with fear. The two of them were scared out of their wits. Jiang Xiaorou, who was in their hands, fell heavily on the ground, and the heavy rain kept washing her body.

One of the servants took out a fruit knife from the car, her hands trembling. Not everyone could bear the thought of killing people. After repeated hesitation, the maid handed the knife to the other servant.

"Why don't you do it? Go and give her a few stabs," the maid said.

The other servant was also scared to death. He didn't dare to take the knife at all. "I can't. My daughter-in-law has just given birth. I have to accumulate virtue for them. Killing people is something that I can't do. You can do it!"

The two of them pushed and shoved, and neither of them wanted to do it.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The thunder was getting louder and louder, and the lightning was crackling. The fruit knife in the servant's hand fell to the ground with a thud. Both of their faces were pale with fright. The gloomy wilderness was really frightening.

"Why don't we just throw her here? Look, there isn't a single person here. She just gave birth and she's so weak that she's still bleeding. I'm afraid she won't even be able to crawl. I don't think she'll be able to survive," the maid said.

"Then how will we explain it when we go back?"

"Just say it has been dealt with."

"I think so."

Boom! Boom! The rumbling thunder seemed like it was going to eat the two guilty servants. Frightened, they immediately got into the car and drove away.

She didn't know how much time had passed!

In the pouring rain, Jiang Xiaorou's fingers began to move one by one, and her mind gradually regained a little consciousness. Under the pouring rain, she slowly recalled what had happened.

Child? Jiang Yufei?

Jiang Xiaorou grabbed her belly with her hand. Her belly was flat and she still felt the pain.

What the hell was this place?

It was dark everywhere, and even the wind was gloomy. Jiang Xiaorou shouted a few times, and only birds flew through the forest, which was a very desolate place.

Jiang Xiaorou laughed coldly. It seemed that Jiang Yufei didn't want to let her go back. She wanted to leave her in this place to fend for herself? Since the heavens had allowed her to live, she would live well.

It was not until that moment that Jiang Xiaorou understood that everything was Jiang Yufei's scheme. Since she couldn't give birth to a child, she wanted to find a replacement. In order to keep the position of Mrs. Shen, she had put in a lot of effort.

Wait! One day, Jiang Xiaorou would go back and expose her true colors. She wanted to see how stable her position as Mrs. Shen was.

Jiang Xiaorou endured the pain in her stomach and crawled forward bit by bit. Every time she crawled, it was as if her entire body was about to be ripped apart. Wherever she passed, two lines of dark red blood would gradually be washed away by the rain!