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Cold Daddy, Sweet Mommy

Cold Daddy, Sweet Mommy



"Shh- Don't wake her up. Throw her on the bed and strip her off." "Alice, you dare to hook up with Richard, and I will make you suffer." Celeste, Alice's half-sister, fell for Alice's fiance, Richard. To ruin the engagement between Richard and Alice, Celeste drugged Alice and sent her to two call boys' bed. Unexpectedly, Alice ran into a super hot billionaire named Frederick and had an erotic night with him. Later on, Alice found she was pregnant but she didn't know who was her baby's father. So she left this city and raised her son alone. Six years later, her son paid two million to choose a dad for himself, who happened to be Frederick...
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"Be careful, don't let anyone find out!"

At the Primal Cliff Hotel, a gorgeous woman walked out of the elevator in a hurry, behind her were two bodyguards who were holding a girl.

"Throw her on the bed!"

Opening the door of the room, Celeste Maynard ordered the bodyguards. As she stared at the girl who was thrown on the bed, a sinister grin appeared on her lips.

"Alice Maynard, how dare you steal my man without acknowledging your own worth? Ha, I'll let you get a good taste of man today!"

Taking out her phone, Celeste called the pimp whom she had found in advance.

"I've already brought her to the room. Make sure you two serve my sister well later."

"Don't worry, Miss Maynard. We'll surely treat your sister well!"

As an obscene voice came from the other end of the phone, disgust flashed across Celeste's eyes, but she couldn't stop smiling. Then, she hung up the phone and left with the two bodyguards.

Alice would definitely be thrown aside like trash when Richard saw the real her tomorrow!


In the dark room, a tall figure walked in with hurried steps.

D*mn it, his wine was spiked!

After that, the man picked up his phone. Just as he was about to make a call, a pair of soft hands wrapped around his arm.

"Help me..."

A fiery temperature enveloped Alice's body as if it was going to burn her alive. And so, she held the cold fingers like only the coldness could reduce the fire in her heart. Subconsciously, she wanted more.

D*mn it, they even arranged a woman here!

Standing up, the man looked at Alice who kept writhing on the bed with his sharp gaze. With that, a heat appeared in his abdomen, making him feel like he was going to explode.

At that moment, the effect of the medicine forcibly suppressed by him had been stimulated again when he saw this scene.

It was as if there was a fire running wildly in his body, screaming for a breakthrough.

"Help me, please..."

Alice only felt that she was about to be burned to death. Faintly seeing a figure standing in front of her, she threw herself at the man and took off his clothes recklessly, trying to draw more coolness from him, and there was no hint of sanity in her eyes.

Stimulated by Alice's scent, the man couldn't restrain himself anymore. The next second, he lowered his head and kissed her lips.

The night passed.

They sank in lust.


As the sunlight shone through the white curtains, a beam of light was cast on the windowsill.

The white carpet was covered with messy clothes, and there was a faint lustful smell after sex in the air.


Patting her aching head, Alice opened her drowsy eyes, and what came into her sight was an unfamiliar room.

Where was she?

Then, she rubbed her temples and slowly sat up, only to feel so sore as if her body was falling apart. The next second, Alice was stunned when she noticed the bright red mark on the bedsheet. With that, the messy and humiliating memory from the night before began to gather in her mind.


Before Alice could sort out her memories, the door was opened suddenly. The next second, Celeste and her fiancé, Richard Rowland, walked in together.

"Ally, what happened?"

Glancing at the torn clothes on the carpet and smelling the lustful smell in the air, Celeste knew everything. But she pretended to know nothing and asked, with a triumphant light flashed across her eyes.