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CEO Daddy Come to My Door

CEO Daddy Come to My Door



Six years ago, Lance Hardwicke, the most powerful member of the Hardwicke family, had an unexpected encounter with a young girl. As a result, Carley Chambers lost her innocence and was sent abroad by her evil stepmother. Six years later, Carley returned as a world-renowned doctor, accompanied by her two adorable children. Fate brought Carley and Lance together once more. When Lance visited the hospital, he was mistaken for a street thug by Carley. Despite this, Carly took him in as he was the father of her children. However, he had to abandon his gangster lifestyle and find legitimate work. As the head of the Hardwick family, Lance struggled to accept such a drastic change. ... Lance: I will not accept this arrangement! Karly: Well, don't come home today. Lance: I'm sorry, Honey. Their two babies clapped their hands and laughed, "You deserve it! Never mess with mom!"
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Carley Chambers felt a strong heat throughout her body as she turned over in bed, her hand suddenly brushing against a firm muscle.

Her eyes shot open. In the darkness, she saw a piercing gaze.

"Who..." She shrieked, "Who are you?"

The man lowered his head and slammed her lips with his.

As the chemistry between their lips diffused with each other, the air seemingly had been thickened with passion and desire. 

Carley's heart was beating incredibly fast. She trembled as she tried to push away the man in front of her. However, due to the effects of the drugs, her feeble hands only managed to scratch at him lightly.

This simple gesture of hers ignited a fire within the man's body. Gently, he traced his lips down Carley's body, planting kisses on every inch of her body.

After a night of intense passion and intimacy...

Carley opened her eyes again in a daze, only to see a man whom she did not know lying beside her.

The man still seemed to be asleep, and as Carley looked at him, she noticed two intersecting knife scars on his back that looked grim and terrifying.

She froze in an instant, her mind becoming a jumbled mess of confusion and fear.

Her last memory was from the previous day, her 18th birthday. Her half-brother had insisted on celebrating with her and made a pot of precious tea for the occasion.

She only took a sip of the tea before passing out, unconscious.

After that, she found herself lying in a hotel room, completely n*ked. Moreover, there was a stranger next to her!

There were all kinds of clothes, including her underwear, strewn on the ground. Being no fool, she naturally realized what had happened the previous night.

Did she just lose her virginity? 

She hadn't even had a chance to feel sad about it before the man woke up.

He quickly got dressed. His face remaining cold, he commanded her, "I'll have someone come to pick you up. Just wait here and behave."


Was he going to get rid of her by murdering her?

Carley was so frightened that she quivered. After the man left, she endured the excruciating pain in her lower body as she trembled to put on her clothes. In a disheveled state, she hurriedly fled back home.

A month later...

Mr. Chambers suddenly threw a stack of paper onto her face.

"How could someone like you be a member of the Chambers family? You've slept around with some random man and ended up bearing his child. You're so shameless!"

Carley was completely taken aback. In a state of panic, she stood frozen in place, staring at the pregnancy test report on the floor.

How could it be? They had only done it once...

Ultimately, she was nothing more than an illegitimate daughter of the Chambers family, a shame to their family. 

In his younger years, Mr. Chambers got drunk and ended up having a fling with the new nanny in the house. That led to Carley's birth.

The Chambers family never really cared for her; they made her start doing house chores at the young age of five. She was essentially an unpaid maid in the household. 

Jaren Chambers, Carley's eldest brother, had intentionally set this trap that resulted in her pregnancy. Yet, he had the nerve to play the victim card and accuse Carley of being promiscuous.

She bit her lip in a pained expression, without offering any explanation.

In this household, no one would have believed her, even if what she said was the truth.

Mrs. Chambers said sarcastically, "She was exactly like her mother. In the past, her mother went out seducing men and ended up being pregnant with her. Now, her child is just another b*stard since she grew up without her mom. It's not surprising that she would do such an act. After all, it's in her blood." 

"Look at Kristy, she's so poised and modest. She is at least a hundred times much better than her!"

How would the Chambers family face the public if this embarrassing secret were to be exposed?

Mr. Chambers yelled, "Go to the hospital right now and get rid of the baby. After that, leave the country and never come back again."

Upon hearing this, Carley, who was typically obedient and compliant, shook her head in response. With an extremely determined attitude, she said, "No, I want this child.

She was never truly treated as a family member by the people in this room.

On the contrary, the tiny life within her belly was her true flesh and blood.

"Carley, don't think for a moment that I'm here to negotiate with you. Let me make it clear that you have only two choices now: either do as I say, terminate the pregnancy, and go study abroad."

"Or, if you insist on keeping the child, you'll immediately cut ties with the Chambers family and leave this place. You will never have anything to do with us again!"

Mr. Chambers, in his rage, didn't consider her feelings at all when he spoke.

His only concern was to protect his own reputation.

"Okay, I'll leave!"

With her teeth clenched, she packed her belongings and left the house that had never given her any warmth.

Six years later...

In the largest hospital in Gludale City, the Peace Point Hospital.

The door to the operating room swung open, and out strode Carley, radiating an air of confidence.

After six years of hard work and perseverance, she rose to become a renowned neurosurgeon. With confidence in every move, she had shed the timidity and self-doubt of her past.

Although it was her first surgery since returning to her home country, her skilled techniques captivated the assistants and physicians in the operating room.

At last, everyone understood why the dean had chosen to hire this young woman.

After changing into her scrub, Carley hurried to her office.

She had lived alone overseas for over six years, during which she gave birth to a pair of adorable twins, who became the driving force behind her life.

No matter how difficult life might be, she was determined to raise her two children into adulthood.

But when she arrived at the office, she didn't see her children anywhere. Her heart skipped a beat. Oh no, the hospital was so crowded – could her children have been abducted?