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My Lovely Wife, Don't Run Away

My Lovely Wife, Don't Run Away



Qi Yue woke up in a strange room. She struggled to sit up, but a pang of pain overwhelmed her body. Then the memories of last night flashed back in her mind. It turned out that she was drugged by her stepdad trying to sleep with her. She ran away like crazy until she almost bumped into a car. The car came to a halt as the drug effect happened to kick in. Unfortunately, Qi Yue ended up having a one-night stand with the stranger in the BACKSEAT of the car. She just turned 18 and she didn't even have a boyfriend. However, she lost her first time in such a humiliating way. Fate was so cruel to her. But what was done was done! She just wanted to leave right now. The minute Qi Yue opened the door, she was unexpectedly welcomed with a bright smile. "Where are you going? Stay and be my wife..."
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About 11 o'clock in the evening.

Qi Yue wore her pajamas, running forward desperately on the quiet road.

She didn't know how far she had run, but her feet chafed and were hurt. They were sticky as if they were bleeding.

However, she didn't dare to stop, for fear that her crazy step-father, Ren Tao, was still chasing after her.

She was so scared... She felt that they were all crazy...

Back then, her mother had brought her to a new marriage, and the family of three had lived a peaceful life together. She did not expect her stepfather to have such feelings for her...

What surprised her the most was that her mother, Song Yu, who used to dote on her, listened to her step-father's words and drugged her dinner.

After such a long time, the medicine she took during dinner had already taken effect. Her whole body was very hot as if it were boiling, and the heat spread all over her body...

The intense feelings hit her nerves one after another, causing everything in front of her to alternate between bright and dark. She almost fell to the ground.

Qi Yue bit her lip, feeling more and more dizzy.

It was so hot...

It was so uncomfortable...

Suddenly, a car came from the front.