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Chasing The Fierce Heiress

Chasing The Fierce Heiress



He stole her first kiss on their first encounter, and she accused him of being perverted and arrogant. Her straightforward personality hooked his interest despite the danger ahead. He announced a surrogacy competition to draw her towards him. She left no option but to join the competition only to find out he’s the same person she gave a great lesson he’d never forget. Trapped to the trick played by this ruthless billionaire, she played along with his game and became his wife. His dark secrets gradually unfold, destroying and drowning them into the deep abyss. He suddenly disappeared from her life, but another stranger came in. She could feel his warmth, and they kissed. Warm tears began to roll down from her eyes, soaking the white cloth over them. When he felt her heat tears, he panicked instantly. He did not know why, but he did not want to see her cry. “Darling, don’t cry...” He let go of her, his fingers gently touching her hair. “I won’t touch you, I won’t touch you anymore, okay?” She cried more violently, and she said in a choked voice, “Don’t talk!” “... Why?” He was a bit stunned. Gently biting her lip, she could not help saying, “When, when you talk, you sound like him very much...” He’s so gentle and dotes on her. When he spoke, she even felt that it was not another person, but her husband Joshua stood next to her. Even the way he kissed her was so similar... It was not until this moment that Hazel realized how much she missed Joshua. Without him accompanying her, every day of waiting was such a difficult time for her. She was not afraid of waiting. Even if she had to wait for a long time, she would cherish it. But she was scared that she could never see his figure anymore, even if she had waited for him all her life. Would she find out the truth that lies behind this strange person? Would she forgive if she knew how he played a perfect game called- LOVE and REVENGE!
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Hazel Crowe frowned because of the deafening music in the surroundings.

She passed through the crowd under the dim light and glanced around at the faces of the men and women who were indulging themselves on the dance floor, and quickly looked away.

"Hi cutie, come to have a drink. It's on me." A drunken man said as he got in Hazel’s way.

"Go away!" Hazel said coldly, her voice full of impatience.

The drunken man was very disgruntled. He reached out one of his arms to stop her.

Seeing his arm in front of her, Hazel suddenly grabbed his wrist and strongly twisted it.

"Ouch!" The man yelled, but his voice quickly disappeared in the loud music.

Hazel grunted and let go of his wrist. The man looked at her with fear in his eyes and dared not go toward her again.

After solving that situation, Hazel continued to squeeze into the crowd. She came here looking for someone.

Her dorm roommate was drunk and called Hazel to pick her up, but Hazel looked around in the bar and did not find her.

"Hazel!" A familiar voice called.

Hazel turned back and found Ariel Ross was calling to her.

"Have you found Summer?" Hazel asked.

Ariel said in a panic, "I heard that someone saw Summer being taken to the men's room by a few


"Show me the way!" Hazel said in a hurry.

The two of them rushed towards the men's room. Ariel was still worried, "I heard that there are four or five guys. Should we call the police?"

"It will be too late by the time the police arrive!" Hazel thought for a while and said, "I’ll go in first. You wait for my signal and then take Summer!"

"What about you? No, it's too dangerous!" Ariel quickly shook her head.

"Relax, I know I can't beat all of them, I should be fine escaping from them, though," Hazel said slowly.

The two arrived at the door of the men's room. Ariel had no choice but to agree with what Hazel proposed even though she had a bad feeling.

Hazel looked into the men's room and saw a man with his back to her, starting to take off his suit. In front of him was her drunk roommate, Summer Lynch!

Hazel's expression turned angry as she rushed in!

"Stop!" She yelled as she punched the man's back.

Joshua Denmark heard the movement behind him. He leaned sideways and dodged Hazel’s fist, and then grabbed her wrist!

"What are you doing?!" Joshua said. There was a hint of anger in his calm eyes.

Hazel tried to pull her fist back, but it was being held tight by the man's hand. She could not move her hand, so Hazel violently pushed Joshua back against the wall and immediately shouted, "Ariel!"

Ariel rushed in, grabbed Summer, and dragged her towards the door of the men's room. "Go!" Seeing them leave, Hazel let out a deep breath. Hazel was still trying to pull her hand back, but Joshua still had a tight grip.

"Let go!" Hazel said with a little panic and anger in her voice.

Hazel knew some self-defense techniques, which were only useful on one or two normal guys, but the man standing in front of her this time was by no means normal.

She had to find a way to escape. She came here to rescue someone, not to sacrifice herself.

"Hey lady, don't you think you owe me an explanation?" Joshua questioned coldly.

A while ago, Joshua came to the men's room and saw a few guys getting ready to bully a drunk girl. He threatened them, and they left, but the girl had puked all over his suit.

Just as Joshua was taking off his coat, he was attacked by Hazel.

"Explanation?" Hazel shouted, "Explain to a scum who bullies women as you do? Guys like you only want to do dirty things when a girl gets drunk! Are you only thinking with your manhood?"

Joshua was a bit stunned, and then he knew she had misunderstood him.

Joshua tightened his fingers and said with mockery, "Do you really think I need to get a girl drunk to lay my hands on her?"

The pain in her wrist got worse. Hazel glared at Joshua but didn’t understand what he meant.

"So, what?" Hazel said angrily, "Do you think that you have such a good-looking face and you can fool every woman in the world?"

Joshua was a little bit angry. Although this girl was not bad, her IQ was a problem.

He was about to explain to her, but now he suddenly wanted to tease her. Joshua used some strength, and Hazel spun around.

She put Joshua against the wall a moment ago, but now they switched positions.

At her back was the cold wall, and in front of her was Joshua, who was smiling with satisfaction.

He punched his hand on the wall and leaned his body against her.

"What...What the hell are you doing?" Hazel was annoyed. She was starting to get a bit scared.

In this case of Kabe-Don, Hazel was not appreciative.

"You abused me for some ridiculous reason. Now I want you to see, I can bully a girl who is not drunk." Joshua twitched his lips and smirked. "You are not drunk. And I can still bully you."

Hazel was beginning to panic, "You...hey!"

When he put his lips on her lips, the soft touch made him get a bit carried away. Joshua almost forgot he only wanted to tease her.

In the sudden attack, Hazel's eyes widened, a shocked expression came across her face.

The next moment, her fingers were on his belt.

Joshua froze when he felt her grasping at his waist. He looked at her in disbelief.

This girl...actually untied his belt?

While Joshua was deep in thought about if she set him up. Hazel knew now was her chance! Hazel lifted her leg and kicked towards his groin!

Joshua had to dodge the attack, but Hazel used all her strength to push him aside and run quickly towards the door.

"Freeze!" Joshua's face turned red with rage.

This badass girl actually began running out the door with his belt.

Even though she had made it to the door of the men's room, Hazel actually stopped and turned to look at him.

"Give it back to me." Joshua looked less than pleased.

"You can just take off your pants to catch me for the belt!" Hazel swayed the belt in the air, looking entertained.

Joshua looked at her coldly, stepping toward her. But his expression changed suddenly, he had to use both of his hands to hold his pants up.

It turned out the cunning girl not only took his belt but also unzipped his pants. He had no way to chase her in this condition.

"Alright, I take back what I said. You are a badass bitch with some tricks."

Hazel was enjoying watching him squirm.

"This is a lesson for you!" Hazel said, "Be prepared to take your last breath the next time I see you!"