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Playboy's Secret Wife

Playboy's Secret Wife



She doesn't remember getting married. Why? Sophia went to Las Vegas only to drink her pain away. Little did she imagine, she would end up becoming someone's wife. But who’s the lucky guy? Who knows? Even she doesn't remember. She was fucking intoxicated! All she has is a marriage contract with an expiry date and a bank balance big enough to pop her eyes out. Contractual terms: 1. Do not marry anyone else unless I permit you. 2. Try not to whore around. Your mother-in-law wouldn't be happy. 3. If I request a live-in relationship. You have to comply. 4. Sex is optional. 5. Contract Termination? Sorry Honey... In my family, couples don’t divorce. PS: I was kidding. Let's catch-up after three years to end this shit and get more money. If there are rules against having sex while drunk, there should be rules against getting married while drunk too. Because THIS isn't fair!
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1: Bold, Blessed, and Beautiful

<< Sophia >>

As I run on the treadmill, I feel the thrill of flying high.

Sweat runs down my face to my cleavage. Big boobs are such a nuisance when it comes to exercise and sweating. But Still, I hope when I lose weight. I get to keep my big boobs.

I am in love with them.

Ten more steps in name of losing weight!

Nine… eight… seven… six… five… fuck… two more… one more and last…

I hit stop and try to catch my breath.

It's been a grueling work out session today. I glance at the clock.

More than an hour.

Not bad.

I change and head toward home. On my way out, I cannot help but glance at the mirror. I don’t like what I see.

I am fatter than before.

I have always been a curvy girl. But after the operation, I don’t fall into the chubby girl category. I am fat. I know I am working hard. But I don’t see any changes in myself. It's so demotivating. Perhaps I need to spend more than an hour here. But with so many responsibilities. I don’t find time to take care of myself.

I rub my face in frustration. I wake up so early to do so much and try to fit everything into my busy schedule.

Am I neglecting myself?

Caleb and I have been drifting apart. We barely spend time together these days. I hope he is just busy, and it has nothing to do with the way I look. My shoulder slump as I walk out of the gym feeling worse than before. On my way out, my gym instructor Lena notices me.

“Sophie… What happened?”

God No…

I don’t want to cry in front of her.

“Nothing” I give her a tight smile.

She senses my discomfort and says, “You are working hard, honey. Stop overthinking and stay in your routine.”

“It’s been 6 months!” I exclaim in frustration.

She frowns. ” Hmm… Let’s check your file.”

She takes me towards her office and checks my report of progress in past months.

She squints her brows while checking my file and says, “hmm... I have a doubt Sophie… You know what… Meet your gynecologist and ask for a PCOS screening.”

I suck in a breath.


My face pales.

But I don't have any symptoms. Or do I?

Oh No…

I do have irregular periods, but that only happens sometimes. That could happen for any reason…

Nothing else.

Lena sees my inner turmoil and grabs my hand to comfort me.

“I have PCOS. It’s difficult, but manageable. Plus, don’t jump to any conclusions. You need to have your screening and test.”

I nod and say in a meek voice, “I guess... it’s better than not knowing what’s wrong with me.”

“And honey, you donated a God damn kidney barely a year ago! So have patience. It’s possible that your body is just taking longer to heal, and it has nothing to do with PCOS.”

Tears fill in my eyes, and I confess. “It's… It’s just that... I and Caleb haven’t been spending time together. I feel it’s because he thinks I am ugly now.”

“Nooo. Don’t think like that... You are beautiful…” she stresses.

But I find it hard to believe.

“Hey Gorgeous,” a voice comes from behind us and I turn. It’s Lena’s boyfriend, Jake. He always calls me Gorgeous. I blush.

“Why so blue?” He asks, noticing my red eyes.

“She thinks she isn’t beautiful. Because his fiance isn’t paying attention to her..”

He frowns. “You know I call you gorgeous for a reason. Right?”

I blush more. He is right, though. Even though I am fat, I still get many compliments.

“You are fucking cute. Once Lena dumps me, you are my next stop,” He says and Lena smacks his arm.

Yes, I have heard this compliment many times, too.

“Surprise your fiance with some sexy time! Being a man, I can vouch that every man loves sex. “

My eyes widen. “yea sure…” I choke out words in embarrassment and rush out. Lena and her boyfriend chuckles behind me.

“Don’t be crude Sophie. Have Sex tonight!” Lena yells to embarrass me even more.

My cheeks burn, but I get the message.

It’s just a dry spell. I should surprise Caleb tonight and have some sexy time.

Everything will be fine.


I wear my sexiest lingerie and a beautiful white dress with deep cleavage. I leave for Caleb’s place when I am happy with my makeup and hair.

My dirty blond hair, soft as silk, falls on my shoulders. I am wearing a corset to make my curves visible.

Jake was right. I look good if I pay attention to myself.

As I start driving towards Caleb’s place, a strange nervousness rises inside me.

I am bold, blessed, and beautiful.

I repeat my affirmation in my mind to keep myself calm. I reach his place and notice his car isn’t there. He hasn’t reached home yet. I unlock his door and wonder if I should surprise him naked or just lay in his bed in lingerie.

But for some reason, my cheek burns even thinking about it. The idea seems exciting, but I have lost significant confidence after that operation last year.

I take a deep breath and repeat my affirmation again and again.

I am bold, blessed, and beautiful.

I am bold, blessed, and beautiful..

I am bold, blessed, and beautiful…

I am looking good in this dress. I should wait for him in the living room.

After sometime, the main door unlocks, and I hear a girl laughing with him coming through the hallway. I suck in a breath when I see my half-sister Nikkie. They stop on their track, seeing me in the living room.

“Oh, Wow Sophie… What a surprise!” Caleb comes near me to kiss. I rise on my tiptoes to kiss him, but he avoids that and kisses me on the cheek.

On Cheek...

Doesn’t he want to kiss me anymore?

I shake my head. I am overthinking. There is nothing like that.

I pay my attention to Nikkie and look at her with questions in my eyes.

What is Nikkie doing here?

She is quiet. I am not sure if I am imagining it or if she is looking at me and my outfit with disdain.

“We were about to grab some drinks. I was about to ask you too.” Caleb clarifies.

They work together. They go out for lunch and drinks together all the time. That’s alright. I shouldn’t overthink it. I tell myself.

Why is she looking at me like that?

But who cares? She never liked me, anyway. That’s all it is.

I am bold, blessed, and beautiful.

He is my fiance. I shouldn't feel ashamed for trying to spend some time with him. I take a deep breath and say, “I was hoping to have some private time with you, Caleb.”

Caleb’s smile falters for a second, but he smiles again and says, ”Sure.”

“Let’s have our drink here and we can have an early night off,” He says to Nikkie.

“No, that’s alright! I should go. Have some private time!” She says with a hardened expression and leaves.

I shake my head. She always behaves shallowly toward me.

She can fuck herself.

I don’t need to ruin my mood for her.


After dinner and some drinks, we sit on the sofa while watching tv. I am feeling more bold and sexy. I lean for a kiss, and Caleb kisses me back. I feel his hard cock with my hands. When I fumble to open his trousers, he holds my hand and says, “Sweetie... I am too tired today…”

I swallow and nod. Don’t overthink this.

Be bold. Be bold. Be bold.

“I know how to take care of that.”

I wet my lips and drop to my knees. He sucks in a deep breath when I open his trousers and lick his cock with the tip of my tongue. That’s the affirmation I need. He wants me. It was just a dry spell, and I am about to end it.

I have control over my life.

I get wet just at the thought and blood rushes to my clit.

I wrap my lips around his cock and suck it as if my life depends on it. With each lick I take with my mouth, I feel a rush inside me. My clit is throbbing too. I slip my hand inside my panties to relieve myself while pleasuring him. He groans and rolls his head back. I bob my head in rhythm for a long time. When he is almost on edge, he grabs my hair and moves my head faster. His legs shake as he unloads his cum inside my mouth. I rub myself fiercely to come and soon I fall over the edge, too.

He pulls me up and says, “That was the best blow job I have ever received in my life!”

I smirk and I get up to hold him. We sleep next to each other at night. We don’t have sex but I am content.