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Have Babies Only With You

Have Babies Only With You



It was a day of ups and downs. It was my third wedding anniversary, yet also the third love anniversary of my husband and his mistress. It was the day I was five months pregnant, yet also the day I lost my baby forever. After experiencing the betrayal of my husband and the pain of miscarriage, I went abroad. Six years later, I returned as a top game director. On the first day of work, I received an impossible task that requires me to work with my scum ex-husband, Tang Yubai. "So you're the CEO who hired me back at a high price?" "Yes. Any problem?" "Sorry, I just bought this company and you're fired."
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"Miss Ye, the baby is very healthy. Looks like it's been five months, isn't it? During this period of time, you can walk around casually, it's good for delivery of the baby. But remember, don't fall or injure yourself. You are too weak!" The doctor said kindly.

Ye Qingxi looked at her bulging abdomen and nodded with a smile. "Thank you!"

After the check was completed in the hospital, Ye Qingxi was about to take a taxi back. At this time, she received a text message on her mobile phone. However, after reading it, Ye Qingxi's eyes suddenly narrowed.

"Miss Ye, I'm celebrating the 7th anniversary with your husband this day. I sincerely invite you to join us. It is on the 7th block of Huacheng Apartment.

Ye Qingxi clenched her fists and hesitated for a moment. Then she looked up at the driver in front of her and said, "Go to the Huacheng Apartment."


Half an hour later, Ye Qingxi reached her destination.

The small detached villa was exquisite and stylish. At this moment, the door was open and there were many people coming in and out.

Since she was here, she did not plan to run away. Ye Qingxi clenched her fists and walked inside.

At this moment, the decoration of the small villa was particularly warm. Everyone inside was all holding champagne. The atmosphere was very lively.

As soon as she entered, Ye Qingxi saw the person in front of her, Tang Yubai, the man who would be recognized at a glance even among tens of thousands of people, was dressed in a suit and leather shoes. His every move was noble and elegant.

At this moment, he gently held a woman with one hand. The woman was wearing a champagne-colored silk dress. Her figure was curvy and sexy. It couldn't be told what they were talking about, but it could be seen that Tang Yubai's gaze was full of doting and love, which was the tenderness she had never seen before.

After joking for a while, the woman turned around and saw Ye Qingxi standing at the door. When she saw her, she looked surprised.

Obviously, Tang Yubai was also startled by her gaze. They looked at each other at the same time.

What made Ye Qingxi happy was that when they saw each other, their gaze became exceptionally... strange.

Tang Yubai's eyes narrowed, and the tenderness in his eyes disappeared in an instant. He strode over.

"Why are you here?" Tang Yubai lowered his voice, but even so, Ye Qingxi could still hear the anger in his words.

Looking at him, Ye Qingxi smiled slightly. "Of course I'm here to attend your love anniversary!"

Looking at her slightly bulging belly and the pregnant woman's outfit, even a fool could see that Tang Yubai's eyes were fixed on her belly, and it seemed that his eyes were about to burst out of fire. "What's going on?"

"Have you forgotten? It was your masterpiece after you got drunk that night!" Ye Qingxi said frankly. Even though she was so angry that her hands and feet were trembling, her face was still full of smiles.


Seeing that he looked particularly embarrassed, Ye Qingxi had a kind of pleasure after revenge.

Everyone present might know that they were in love, but they didn't know that she was Tang Yubai's wife, and they had been married for three years!

Just as Tang Yubai was about to say something, the woman came up from their back and held his arm intimately. "Yubai, there are so many people here. Let's go in first!"

"Miss Ye, let's go in first!" She looked at Ye Qingxi and said calmly.

Ye Qingxi knew who she was. Tang Yubai's friend since childhood, Xia Jingxi, the name that Tang Yubai would murmur when he slept.

Five years ago, Xia Jingxi broke up with Tang Yubai for the sake of her career, and then Ye Qingxi married Tang Yubai. Unexpectedly, Xia Jingxi came back two years later, and then the two of them had a new relationship. She became the third party.

However, Ye Qingxi also admired her temperament. Seeing her coming like this, she was indifferent apart from surprised.

"No, I have delivered my words. I have something to do. I am leaving!" After that, Ye Qingxi turned around and left.

"Miss Ye..." Xia Jingxi chased after her.

At this moment, someone rushed in from the outside. The speed was so fast that he couldn't stop at all. So, he bumped into Ye Qingxi...