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Girl, That Baby Was A Trap

Girl, That Baby Was A Trap



After being tied up after drinking, she was sent to the castle of the mysterious man as a dessert. Fortunately, she escaped and tried her best to forget the crazy night. But when she was relieve, she was drawn into a greater conspiracy and she was forced to escape. Six years later, her son suddenly disappeared, and a handsome and cold man stood in front of her. "Woman, you stole my child!" "Sir, I don't know you!" The man sneered and reached out for a small milk bag from the car. "Bastard, let my son go." "You can let him go, but you have to perform well." The man reached out his hand evilly and directly rubbed her into his arms...
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This couldn't be true!

Hand torture? Feet? The soft bed was on her back, and the transparent webs that were as thin as cicada's wings only covered the key parts. What the hell was that?

Yang Shishi struggled hard a few times, and the pain came from her wrist, adding a bit of real feeling.

Not long ago, when she was celebrating her birthday with her classmates at KTV, the waiter entered the room and told her that someone was looking for her outside and wanted to give her a surprise.

She thought it was a gift prepared by her friend, but she didn't expect that she was invited into luxury cars by several strong men in black as soon as she went out.

When she realized that she had been kidnapped, she started to struggle desperately. In the end, a handkerchief with a strange fragrance covered her mouth.

Then, she knew nothing.

Thinking of this, Yang Shishi could not help shivering and felt a chill on her back. She began to look at everything in front of her uneasily.

Every decoration in a luxurious bedroom was priceless.

The gauze curtain swayed slightly. The empty room looked even stranger because it was too quiet!

"Hello... is anyone there?" Yang Shishi wanted to call for help, but she only made a weak and broken voice.

Only now did she realize the strangeness of her body. It was hot, really hot!

A strange hot current ran through her body.

Her skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat. Her head felt groggy and her limbs were weak, as if she was drunk.

At this moment, the door was opened.

There was a loud noise, and Yang Shishi was scared to tremble. She heard the hurried and noisy footsteps.

Then she saw a figure swaying in front of her. Several women who looked like servants came over and quickly opened her hand and ankleband to pull off the net that could not cover her.

"Save me..." Yang Shishi said, but she heard a cry.

The maid didn't seem to hear her voice. She dimmed the light and covered her with a thin blanket before quickly leaving the room.

"Don't go!" Yang Shishi struggled to stand up, but what responded to her was only the slight sound of closing the door!

Yang Shishi almost sat up with all her strength and leaned against the soft headboard breathlessly.

The door was suddenly pushed open again.

She had thought that the servants had returned, but to her surprise, several men in black had walked in succession.

They respectfully stood in two rows to greet the last young man.

The man elegantly walked to the front of the bed. His figure was tall and straight. That strong and cold aura instantly permeated the entire room, giving people a feeling that they were about to suffocate.

"Is that her?" The male spoke, his voice low, a bit unhappy.

"Yes, Young Master. The Old Master has personally chosen for you. It must be the most suitable person for you."

The man stared at the man on the bed for a few seconds and said, "Is he an adult?"

The middle-aged man behind quietly wiped his forehead and replied, "Young Master, today is her 18th birthday."

The man was silent!

A moment later, he waved his hand. After all the people in the room respectfully saluted and left, the room fell into silence again.

Yang Shishi's eyes blurred. She shook her head, trying to see the man's face clearly.

But when the black shadow attacked her, her petite and weak body fell into a broad embrace.

Before she could react, her nose was filled with a pleasant masculine smell...