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Two Sugar Daddies

Two Sugar Daddies

Author:Author miriamm


Two older men who want to share, To punish, and train, and make me theirs. Four firm hands to spank and tease, Two big daddies are what some brats need… She’s off limits in too many ways to count. Too young. Too untouched. Too much my deadbeat sister’s step-kid. Five-foot nine and one-hundred and eleven pounds of pure. F-ing. Temptation. She’s got no business living in this big old house with me and my best friend – two rough, hardened ex- marines more than twice her age. But she’s here, under my roof and under my rules. …and she’s breaking every one of them. Staying out late, flirting with boys, acting out, and being a royal brat every chance she gets. She’s been pushing her luck and getting away with murder the last month but that all stops now. Because in this house, we have rules, and it’s time Kenzie Gates learned what happens to bad girl who break the rules. This brat might need more than just a firm hand of discipline. Good thing there’s two of us…
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The growl caught low in my throat — a deep, primal, animalistic sound that rumbled through my broad, muscled chest.

She was late. And we’d been over this. In this house, there were rules, and when rules were broken, there would be punishment.

So far, I’d —we’d— been lax on that front, and that was what the root of this problem was. We’d allowed her insubordination and rebelliousness to grow, unchecked and unpunished.

Not anymore.

But then, this wasn’t just about “punishing” her, or keeping her in line, and I fucking knew it. Lincoln and I both knew it, even if at that point, we hadn’t spoken it out loud, even to each other. This was about lust. This was about wanting her willing obedience and her sweet submission. This was about wanting to claim and dominate every single square inch of her sweet young body. I’d been hiding it away since the day she’d fucking arrived, but no longer.

I couldn’t take anymore. I doubted any other red-blooded man could’ve taken what I’d held strong against for an entire month. No way. No man could resist temptation like that.

Not with Mackenzie.

Kenzie had arrived at my house a month before that day, dropped off by the Child Protective Services from two states over, even thought she’d already turned eighteen.Just. She had a full ride to the state school here — paid for in advance by a rich aunt or grandmother or, fuck, I don’t even know who, before they’d passed. And after CPS had taken her away from my deadbeat sister and Kenzie’s deadbeat father, they’d decided it was in her best interest to remain with family until she started school.

That’d beme.

You could call her my niece, but she wasn’t — not really at least. I wasn’t really“family” to her — not in the blood relations way, thank fucking God. Kenzie was my sister’s dipshit boyfriend’s kid. Her dad and my sister were never married, and she was his kid from some other chick anyways, before he and my dumbass sister had gotten together like a match made in hell. Those two were like Syd and fucking Nancy, without the rock music or the fame. They were junkies, and when they’d been busted a week before Kenzie’s eighteenth birthday trying to rob a pharmacy for Oxy, that’s when CPS had stepped in.

The dickbag boyfriend had no family, and the only family my sister had left was me. Since I also happened to be, for one,not a fucking junkie, and two,very very wealthy, I guess the state just made the decision that family or not, I was a far better choice than “the system” for Kenzie.

I’d said yes over the phone, glancing at the picture they’d emailed over of the gawky little ten year old I’d seen maybe twice, and probably not since the picture was taken.

Big. Fucking. Mistake.

Because if they’d sent a picture of her the way she was now? Yeah,hell no. I’d have taken one look at eighteen year old Kenzie Gates and seen how monumentally stupid it would be to invite a girl like that to live with a guy likeme. Because Kenzie Gates hadgrown the fuck up. Hard.

Because the girl who’d been standing on my front porch next to the social worker when I’d opened the door was five-foot nine inches and one-hundred and eleven pounds of pure. Fucking.Temptation. Long, auburn hair, pouty, coy pink lips, and big, sultry blue eyes that screamed “bait.” All legs, small, perky tits, and a tight little ass that was begging for someone to take a bite out of it. Curvy hips, and a flat, supple little tummy that’d been peeking out from under a belly-shirt that first day and hadn’t actually stopped ever since.

She’d been here for one month, four days, and eleven hours. And I’d been hard as steel for her for one month, four days, ten hours and fifty-nine and a half minutes.


I gritted my teeth and glanced at the Cartier watch on my wrist. Late. I growled again, feeling the blood roaring like fire inside of me. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I couldn’t deny myself any longer.That night, I wouldn’t be denying myself any more.

I knew it was wrong — so very wrong — but I didn’t give a shit. Not anymore. Not after swallowing back the lust, and need, and the raw desire to make her mine for so long. Her tight, hot little body made me craveher, and the teasing, flippant,brattyway she sashayed her way around this house had had me living on edge for amonth.

And she fucking knew it. This wasn’t some innocent girl who didn’t yet understand the effect she had on men.Nope. Kenzie was a grade-A, flirty, bratty, barely- legal little cock-tease, and she fucking knew it. And on top of all of this, it wasn't just me she was teasing…

Lincoln was my best friend in the world — a man closer to me than a brother. We’d served together way back. We’d started Hammer and Spark together afterwards, and when we’d sold the mercenary contractor outfit we’d built with our bare hands to another, bigger, company and cashed out, we’d both gotten filthy rich together.

I’d bought my enormous house immediately, but Linc was in the middle of custom building his dream home. And since it was close to mine, and since my place was almost literally a castle, he’d spent the last few months living with me…Including when Kenzie had shown up.

So, yeah, the whole thing would’ve been bad enough if it was just me that she was fucking with, and flashing her tight little body to while wearing next to nothing all the fucking time. But it was Lincoln too. And like I said, the little cock-tease knew exactly what she was doing, to both of us. She was pushing her fucking luck because she knew I was hesitant to act because of how hard she made me. And she knew it was the same damn thing with Lincoln.

Staying out late, missing curfew, fucking off on all the summer workload she had before she went off to college in the fall — she’d gotten away with murder the last month.

But the buck was going to stop that night. No more of me being a pussy pushover, and no more of her getting away with it. The little brat had pushed me too far.And that night, I was going to take matters into my own hands.

There was the rattle of keys in the front door, and I glanced at Lincoln across the kitchen island, seeing the hard, heated look on his face, which mirrored mine.

“Easy, Wild,” he growled, his jaw tight.

I shook my head, hearing the front door kick open.

“No.” I tensed, my muscles bunching, my hands clenching to fists, and my cock throbbing rock fucking hard between my thighs.

“No more easy with her. Tonight, we’re doing it the hard way.”