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Sweet Revenge, My Billionaire Alpha

Sweet Revenge, My Billionaire Alpha



"Sister, your mate is FUCKING me now!" Lea Ariane has been betrayed by her mate and sister. Her family, her mate were all taken by her step-sister. She determined to get revenge on everyone who had hurt her! But a one night stand with a dominant alpha leaves her pregnant and she must step aside to save her child. Five years later she's back with a child and ready to take back what's rightfully hers and shake off her haters. The dominant alpha, the father of her child has been waiting for her return. "Mate! I will never let you run away again!" Lea was pressed tightly against the door by this man, feeling his flaming breath. "Those who once hurt you, I won't let them go easily!!!"
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The Windclaw pack is preparing to hold a mating ceremony between the alpha's daughter--Lea, and her mate, Garry-- who is the new alpha of the Lakeclaw pack. 

After some negotiation between the two packs, they finally reached that Garry would mark Lea as a token of the bond of cooperation between the Windclaw and Lakeclaw packs which would later be led by Garry as alpha. 

Meanwhile, on the second floor in her room, Lea Ariane Braiven, the beautiful young woman, blooming to perfection at the age of 18, gazed at her reflexion on the mirror, wearing a wedding dress for the mating ceremony between herself and Garry--the man she has loved since she was in high school.

It's a very beautiful dress, a white with floral ornaments affixed from the waist to the ankles. The V-shaped neck with transparent sleeves, make Lea look slimmer in that dress.

Finally, today her wish to be mate with Garry is about to come true. Lea has always believed that Garry is her destiny mate and mating by him was her biggest wish after her dream of becoming an international model began to bloom.

Lea is the daughter of an alpha and even though she is a woman, she has qualities that are not inferior to men. 

She is not only beautiful, has a shapely body, but she is also smart, tough, and independent.

Lea has always believed that a woman can lead as well as a man and because of that she is always diligent in training her strength so that one day she can lead a Windclaw in place of her father. 

Lea believes that combining her strength with Garry's will bring glory and prosperity to both packs. They will fight together and work hand in hand to build strength together. Lea feels lucky that the man she loves is her mate.


Lea held her heavy head. She was headache and trying to remember how many glasses of wine she had at last night's bachelor party. 

A lot, too many as she remembered, because her friends who attended the party, including Nina--her manager, and Feli--her half-sister, kept asking Lea toast. 

Lea stood with difficulty, trying to keep her balance as she stumbled into the bathroom. She had to get rid of this residue of drunkenness right away, because she still had a lot to do all day until it was time for the wedding which was to be held this afternoon. 


Lea covered her mouth, trying not to spit out the contents of her stomach all over the room. 

She staggered into the bathroom and emptied her stomach into the toilet.  Lea washed her mouth and face in the sink. Vomiting made her feel a bit relieved, but she needed to lie down a bit longer as the dizziness was still bothering her. 

She returned to her room and sank down on the sofa. There was a knock on her bedroom door and Eris entered, carrying a tray with a glass on it. 

"Miss Lea, you still feel drunk?" asked Eris in a polite tone. "I brought you milk for get rid your hungover." 

Lea felt a little relieved, though she was slightly surprised that Eris had brought her milk without her asking. 

"Why did you bring two glasses?" Lea asked, pointing to the tray. 

"You were very drunk last night Miss," Eris replied softly. "Today you are getting married, so you must be fully aware."

Lea took one of the glass from Eris's hand and drank it quickly. 

"Everyone is in the hall for the rehearsal for your wedding to Mr. Garry."

"Has Garry arrived yet?" 

"Yes, Miss Lea. You should see him soon," Eris replied with a smile. 

Lea held her head. After drinking the milk, she even felt nauseous and dizzy. Lea ran into the bathroom again. She came out a few moments later and lay down on the couch with her eyes closed. 

"Just let me lie down for a bit longer. I'll come down after I get less dizzy. Oh my God, what kind of drink can someone get this drunk?" 

The door to Lea's room was wide open and Feli--her half-sister, came in with fake graceful steps and an annoying fake sweet smile. 

Fely looked at Lea with her chin up and glanced at the empty glass of milk on the table. "So, you've finished the milk I poisoned it. Good!" 

Lea was surprised. "What do you mean Fely? What poison are you talking about?" 

Fely chuckled. "The poison from the venom of a dying wolf, I put it in the milk you finished." 

Lea's face turned pale. In the werewolf world, the poison extracted from the fangs of a dying wolf is the most dangerous. The poison will disrupt the blood flow and work of the organs of people who drink it and have a terrible effect. 

"Once the poison takes effect, you will lose your ability to transform and lose the power you are always proud of, Lea," snorted Fely sarcastically. "You will become weak and useless." 

Lea tried to get up and grab Fely, but Eris pushed her so she fell back down. "Miss Fely, you better call those people immediately so they come here immediately," Eris said to Fely. 

Lea growled angrily.  "Hey, what are you two planning now?"

"Sshhh... don't move too much, Lea, or the poison will make you weak faster," Fely said cheerfully. She took out her phone and handed it to Erin. "Tell them to get ready. A delicious meal for them will be ready to eat soon." 

Lea exerted strength to slow down her blood flow in order to slow down the effects of the poison. "Fely, don't mess with me! Stop whatever you're doing!" 

Fely laughed loudly and put her hands on her hips with her face beaming like a maniac. "What? Stop? That's impossible, Lea. You know, three werewolves who are in heat and starvation are waiting to mate with you. They are rogues who will not care about the laws, as long as they being able to satisfy their desires. I will record how you and them make love and Garry will see his mate betray and he will hate you."

"You like Garry so much or what, to think of doing all this to me? Does he know how sneaky you are, little liar?"

Fely snorted hatefully and pointed at Lea. "You will be an outcast, Lea, because after Garry sees you betray, he will not only throw you away, he will also bring you humiliation. No one would be willing to be the mate of a cheap and savage she-wolf like you!"

Fely beckoned to Eris. "Call them. The poison has started to work. This arrogant she-wolf will soon turn into trash!"