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His Secret Love

His Secret Love



Shi Nuan came back from abroad and found out that her sister was engaged to her boyfriend. To vent her anger, Shi Nuan went to get drunk and was accidentally surrounded by hooligans. At this moment, Fu Chengyan came to help her, but he couldn't stop resisting her sweet kiss... When she woke up, this cold-faced financial tycoon actually proposed to her! He also made an offer that she couldn't refuse. "Stay with me and I will help you get revenge." "Make a deal."
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"Ms. Shi? You're back? Did you come back to attend the general manager's wedding on purpose?"

Shi Nuan would not have thought that the first words she heard when she got back would be so harsh.

She just came from the airport. For the last one year, she had been studying abroad for an entire year, representing the company.

She toiled all hours of the day and night to return early to surprise Fu Xicheng on their third wedding anniversary, which was in a few days.

She thus skipped her nap and jumped in a cab to go to Fu Xicheng's business right away.

However, Xiaoyu, the receptionist, asked her in amazement as soon as she walked through the main entrance.

What did that mean?

Shi Nuan frowned, unable to understand what Xiaoyu was saying. "The general manager's wedding? What are you talking about, Xiaoyu?"

"It's the engagement party of Mr. Fu and your sister!"

"What did you say?" Shi Nuan was stunned, and the joy on her face disappeared. "Whose engagement party are you talking about?"

Looking at Shi Nuan's face, Xiaoyu seemed to realize that she had probably said something wrong. She couldn't help but swallow her saliva. "The general manager and your sister..."

"Where is it?"

"Jin...Jinyi Hotel."

Shi Nuan felt like she had received a fatal blow. She turned around and left. "Mister, please take me to Jinyi Hotel."

Shi Nuan got out of the car at the entrance of the Jinyi Hotel. Before she entered the place, she saw a big group photo at the entrance of the hotel. Fu Xicheng was hugging Shi Wei, who was wearing an elegant dress. They looked at each other with affection in their eyes.

On the way here, Shi Nuan prepared herself mentally. Fu Xicheng was her boyfriend. How could he be engaged to her sister? However, reality had given her a fatal blow. 

When she walked in, she happened to see Fu Xicheng lowering his head and whispering something in Shi Wei's ear, which made Shi Wei blush.

This scene immediately caused Shi Nuan's eyes to turn red.

What a joke! Her boyfriend, who she had dated for three years, was about to get engaged to her sister while she was abroad.

Shi Wei was toasting the guests with Fu Xicheng. She caught a glimpse of Shi Nuan, who had suddenly appeared, out of the corner of her eyes. Her face instantly turned pale and she unconsciously tightened her grip on Fu Xicheng's arm.

Fu Xicheng also saw Shi Nuan and was only slightly stunned. He immediately gave Shi Wei a comforting smile and walked toward Shi Nuan. "Nuan, are you here to attend my engagement party with your sister?"

At this moment, the man's gentle voice was like a sharp knife piercing through Shi Nuan's heart. She gritted her teeth and said, "The engagement party between you and my sister? Fu Xicheng, how could you let me down? And you, Shi Wei, are you so short of men? You know that Fu Xicheng is my boyfriend, but you guys..."

"B*stard!" Suddenly, someone slapped Shi Nuan, which hurt her cheek. 

Shi Nuan covered her face, and her eyes were red. "Mom!"

"Don't call me mom. How could there be such a daughter and sister like you? Your sister is engaged today. It's fine if you don't give her your blessings, but you come here to make trouble. Did you do that on purpose?" Jiang Yu gnashed her teeth and glared at Shi Nuan.

Shi Nuan's heart skipped a beat. "Mom, what are you talking about? Fu Xicheng is my boyfriend."

"What nonsense? Xicheng is your brother-in-law. Why do you want to compete with your sister for everything? You let me down."

"Ha! Ha!" Shi Nuan suddenly burst out laughing. She looked at Jiang Yu, her mother, who could confuse right and wrong that way. She then turned to look at Fu Xicheng. "Fu Xicheng, tell me, whose boyfriend are you?"

Fu Xicheng frowned. His face was a little indecisive when he looked at Shi Nuan, but the strength from his arms instantly woke him up. "Nuan, I'm sorry. I only ever loved one person from beginning to end, and that's your sister."

As Shi Nuan listened to Fu Xicheng's light words, she suffered excruciating pain.

How wonderful! It was extremely ironic. 

"Fu Xicheng, get this. I'm the one who doesn't want you." It took Shi Nuan a lot of effort to hold back her urge to tear the shameless couple apart. "I wish you guys a lifetime of sorrow and unfaithfulness to each other."

Shi Nuan ran out of the hotel. Just now, she was still pretending to be strong, but at this time, her face was full of tears.

Suddenly, there was a screeching sound. It was the sound of tires rubbing against the ground. The sudden stop of the car scared Shi Nuan so much that she fell to the ground.